Spokane Bomb Suspect Right Wing Ties

11 Mar

In this undated handout photo provided by KXLY 4 News, bombing suspect Kevin William Harpham is shown.You have to ask yourself – why Cong. Pete King didn’t want to talk about the “other terrorists” in his hearings yesterday on “Muslim terrorism”…

Just another Tea Party Terrorist… Indeed.

In the event you think this scumbag was only targeting black folks – look at the mixed group of people at the Spokane Parade… And the number of little children in the video below.

Why are these guys a bigger threat? Because, you let a swarthy Middle Eastern dude with a beard walk into your average NRA Member owned gun shop, and ask for a pair of Glocks with spare 30 round clips…

That owner is 1) going to do a real background check, and 2) place his very first call ever to the FBI. And that’s if the owner doesn’t pull a gun on him, and hold him for the authorities.

Gomer here to the left, can walk in to the same gun shop, buy a pair of semi-automatic assault rifles, extended 45 round clips, the Glocks and clips…

And get free instruction and a kit on how to convert the rifles to full automatic, and directions on where he can but armor piercing rounds – because he’s one of “the boys”.

Fortunately, there aren’t too many of these all-American scumbags walking around… Just enough for 2-3 Mass Murders a year.

And how many times has the US been attacked by Middle-Eastern Terrorists since 9/11, again?

Spokane Suspect’s Neo-Nazi Ties Run Deep

The man arrested today in connection with the attempted Martin Luther King Day parade bombing in Spokane, Washington, appears to have longtime connections to the white supremacist movement.

Kevin William Harpham, 36, was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and receiving and possessing an improvised explosive device.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Harpham was a member of the National Alliance, an infamous neo-Nazi organization, in late 2004. It’s not clear when he joined the National Alliance or whether he’s still a card-carrying member.

But an individual identifying himself as Kevin Harpham, who says he’s a neo-Nazi who lives near Spokane, has been active on the crudely racist, anti-Semitic website Vanguard News Network since joining the online forum in November 2004.

Since then, Harpham has posted 1,069 comments to VNN using the moniker Joe Snuffy, slang for a low-ranking U.S. soldier. (Kevin William Harpham was apparently in the army in 1996-1997 and was based at Fort Lewis, Wash., the Southern Poverty Law Center reported earlier today.)

Harpham last posted to VNN on January 16, the day before the attempted MLK Day parade bombing.

Ten days before that, Harpham offered shelter to violent neo-Nazi activist Craig Cobb, a part-time resident of Kalispell, Montana who is a fugitive from justice in Canada, where he’s wanted on hate crimes charges.

“Craig, if you read this and you need a place to stay for the winter I have an empty basement with a couple rooms, a bed and bathroom you can live in till spring,” Harpham posted. “I live in Washington not too far from Kalispell.”

Kevin William Harpham was arrested today in a rural area south of Colville, Washington, just across the Idaho panhandle from Montana.

A white supremacist website founded by Cobb in 2007, Podblanc, features tribute videos to “lone wolf” white supremacist killers, including Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, who in July 1999 went on a three-day shooting rampage targeting Jews and non-whites. Smith killed two people and wounded nine before turning his gun on himself.

On Jan. 8, Cobb apparently posted a message to supporters on VNN encouraging them to follow the examples of lone wolf terrorists such as Joe Stack, who flew a small plane into a building housing IRS offices in Austin, Texas in 2010, and James von Brunn, the neo-Nazi who killed a security guard after he opened fire at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. in 2009.

“Ask all to seriously internally take direct personal action upon furthering Our Cause, doing something they haven’t yet done before, or repeating something that has been highly effective,” Cobb wrote.


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