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HBCUs and Trump

Interesting interview. Not sure where, other than Leli Baskerville, Roland dug his panel up from. The woman on the right hand side of the table, who isn’t identified is a world class Auntie Tommette, lying about what President Obama did for HBCUs.

The facts…

Under the Obama Administration, 1 million more African-American and Latino students have enrolled in college. What’s more, black and Hispanic students earned more than 270,000 more undergraduate degrees in 2013-2014 than in 2008-2009. This Administration remains focused on continuing to increase the number of students who successfully complete college. To that end, the Department has worked to make new opportunities available to HBCUs.

Federal funding to HBCUs has grown each year since 2009. Through the Higher Education Act, HBCUs received a $17 million funding increase this year—the largest increase for the federal Strengthening HBCUs program in six years. And President Obama’s FY 2017 budget seeks to maintain and strengthen these opportunities for HBCUs to build their capacity. The FY 2017 budget proposes $85 million in mandatory funding to HBCUs, an increase of $5 million from FY 2016, plus an additional $244.7 million in discretionary funds for Title III.

The Administration has also fought for and won a historic commitment to fully fund Pell Grants and expand student aid for millions of low-income students. Pell Grant funding for HBCU students increased significantly between 2007 and 2014, growing from $523 million to $824 million. This year, President Obama announced a plan to make sure that Pell Grants are fully funded, including inflationary adjustments, and used strategically by students to reduce time and cost for receiving a terminal degree. The President’s 2017 budget also proposes a $30 million HBCU and Minority Serving Institution Innovation for Completion Fund, to help students from low-income backgrounds overcome challenges and persist through graduation day.

The other facts –


The brutal truth is, at least the bottom half of these schools either need to be shut down or no longer receive federal support and funding. I would cut everything except the top 10 or 20. Close the doors on the rest, absorb them into their respective State Junior College System…Or install a granite marker where they used to be. Investing money in the top 20 schools would likely make a difference – especially in not throwing away money at the bottom 30. Spellman, Howard, Hampton, Morehouse, and Fisk have the capability to become competitive with the very best schools in America.

Time to cut bait or fish.

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Former President George W. Bush Slams Trump Racism

Yesterday, former President George W. Bush gave an interview. He wound up slamming the Chumph

Last night, he gave an interview to People Magazine and really opened up.

‘I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling’: George W. Bush continues political assault on Trump

On the heels of an interview filled with back-handed comments about President Donald Trump, former President George W. Bush outright slammed the president and his administration for its “racism” and “name-calling.”

In an interview with People magazine, Bush went beyond the subtle jabs at Trump to accuse the new president of alienating people.

“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” Bush began. “Nobody likes that.”

He went on to call the climate in Washington, D.C. “pretty ugly,” emphasizing, “I’m not going back nowhere!” Still, the former president said that he is “optimistic about where we’ll end up” as a country. He explained America has been through difficult periods before and figured its way out.

Bush also said that he is speaking out about Trump now because he didn’t “feel like” doing it before.

“I didn’t want to complicate the job and I’m not going to this time. However, at the Bush Center we are speaking up,” he said. “There’s a lot of ways to speak out, but it’s really through actions defending the values important to Laura and me. … We’re a blessed nation, and we ought to help others.”

The Bush Center is better known as the George W. Bush Presidential Center and serves as the former president’s library. The work will focus on immigration ceremonies, women’s reproductive-health programs in Africa and leadership training for Muslim women they bring from the Middle East to Texas. All issues that are significant contrasts to Trump. Despite Trump’s “Muslim ban,” the Bushes plan to push forward on their program to bring in women from the Middle East. “But we’ll figure out how to bring them over.”


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Oval Office Furniture And – the Low Class Trumpazoid

Anyone old enough to remember this –

Image result for plastic covered furniture

Is going to have a visceral reaction to this –

If you are a child of the 50’s until the 70’s – you probably remember the “sacred” living room.

The typical setup was formal Living room that NOBODY ever sat in. The furniture was covered in plastic , as were the lamp shades, It was kept in spotless condition for formal occasions but it was never used. There was a separate family room with the TV and an old couch, etc. Everybody spent all their time there and in the kitchen. Then there was the living room/parlor  with the fancy couch that the kids were never allowed to sit on.

Now in my house growing up as a child, you learned very quickly said plastic furniture was off limits. Momma caught you sitting with your feet up on the plastic covered furniture – and it was one of those “Go out and get a switch which I am going to wear your ass out with” times in my household. Lord help you if you were visiting friends or family and didn’t sit perfectly straight, especially when Grandma was in attendance. That was worse, because she’d swat you with whatever was handy – hairbrush, spoon, granddad’s old belt! I was pretty happy they kept the tire iron out in the garage!

So Kellyanne sitting like that, on a couch in the Oval Office doesn’t strike a good chord. Bad manners, not to mention disrespect for the Oval Office and White House. Those Presidents of HBCU’s there for a photo-op…are not looking  impressed. Most of those men and women know what she is doing is gauche.

Now I have been in the Oval Office several times (I used to fix the computers in the White House). You don’t touch the beautiful Fredrick Remington statue on the Credenza behind the desk, you don’t touch the pictures of Dead Presidents…and you don’t leave fingerprints on the desk (Which usually changes with each President). This is sacred ground relative to our country, often used for meetings with Foreign Presidents. The furniture and objects in that room are either extremely high end custom or is antique of considerable historical value – it ain’t the rec room.

The second thing is the racism and disrespect for the guests. They are black, so it’s OK to have no manners.





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Another Yellowback Donkey Fail…DNC Chair Tom Perez

It is what it is, Perez is certainly a qualified person. For a Party rhough, which needs to make a fundamental change faced with rising fascism…

This isn’t good news.

NC Voters Evict Tea Party Bigot School Board

‘Incredibly Disappointing’: Democrats Choose Tom Perez to Head Party

DNC ‘chose to continue the failed Clinton strategy of prioritizing wealthy donors over the activist base’

Democrats on Saturday chose Tom Perez to lead the party, sparking criticism from progressive organizations who say picking the former labor secretary over the other front-runner, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), was a missed opportunity for the party.

Perez’s win was secured in a second round of voting by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) gathered in Atlanta, getting 235 votes to Ellison’s 200.

It marks the end of a race many observers saw as a choice between the establishment and the progressive wing of the party. Ellison had the backing of lawmakers like Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and groups including National Nurses United and the Communications Workers of America; Perez was backed by “many from former President Obama’s political orbit,” as ABC News writes, and “is viewed—with good reason—as a reliable functionary and trustworthy loyalist by those who have controlled the party and run it into the ground,” journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote this week.

Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth Action, which supported Ellison, said the outcome showed “[t]he DNC is out of touch with the American public and their needs. Democratic leaders were at a crossroads and today they chose to continue the failed Clinton strategy of prioritizing wealthy donors over the activist base.”

“This incredibly disappointing result is another missed opportunity for a Democratic Party desperately trying to regain relevance and proves, once again, how out of touch party insiders are with the grassroots movement currently in the streets, on the phone, and at town halls nationwide,” added Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America.

“Nonetheless, the Resistance will persist in showing progressive leaders how to unrelentingly take on [President Donald] Trump, with or without the leadership of the Democratic National Committee,” Dean said.

Ellison, whom Perez chose as deputy, said following the results, “We don’t have the luxury folks to walk out of this room divided.” He added in a statement: “We must be united—because we live in times when the judiciary is under attack, when the press is under attack, and hate groups are desecreating Jewish cemetaries and defacing mosques.”

Ahead of the vote for chair, the DNC’s meeting got off to what one political observer described as a “very, very bad start.” The Huffington Post reports:

Democratic National Committee members on Saturday voted down a resolution that would have reinstated former President Barack Obama’s ban on corporate political action committee donations to the party.

Resolution 33, introduced by DNC Vice Chair Christine Pelosi, would also have forbidden “registered, federal corporate lobbyists” from serving as “DNC chair-appointed, at-large members.”

A majority of the 442 eligible DNC members rejected the resolution after roughly a dozen members rose to speak for and against it.

Voting down that resolution coupled with choosing Perez makes it “[p]retty clear where the official party organ stands on the divide,” tweeted Huffington Post reporter Zach Carter.


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Moving the Donkey…

The difficult job of getting an actual Progressive Party…

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Miller Lite – “Tap the Future”​ Competition – Daymon John, No Equity Angel Investment

Daymond gives some good advice here…

Miller Lite’s “Tap the Future” Contest is underway accepting applications through April 14th. The Contest participants (rules in link above) get $20,000 for being selected in the first round, and can get $100,000 if their idea is selected as an overall winner. As Daymon John points out above, the huge advantage in participation in the competition, is the money does not require giving up equity in the winning companies, giving the a massive leg up should their business move to the point of seeking secondary of tertiary investment. If you can get to the product prototype stage (or are already there) with $100,000, this is far better financially than pursuing “Angel” investors who will want 30-50% ownership. One of the most critical factors to success of a startup is keeping the investor/ownership group as small as possible. Winning this could mean the entrepreneur retaining majority ownership through at least the Venture Capital round.

Go for it!

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Music – Booker T. (Formerly of the MGs, and his Hammond 17

I remember as a kid when Hammond Organs were the staple of a number of local bands. There was nothing at the time that generated to deep base notes. Two of the most famous Hammond playing musicians were Booker T. Jones and Jimmy Smith. When the band got hot, and the Hammond started heating up, was about as good as it got back in the day. The Hammond pre-dated transistor technology, and used Vacuum Tubes, mechanical coils, and an oil trough which made a sound far more complex than today’s digital synthesizers.

Takes me back…


And not to leave him out, Jimmy Smith in 1964 –

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