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Ed Shultz – The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead.

Ed Schultz:

“Hold it right there! The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead. They’d rather make money off your dead corpse. They kind of like it when that woman has cancer and they don’t have anything for her.”

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Rep. Alan Grayson on the Republican Health Care Plan –

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Rare Sighting! A Democrat With Cajones

Hat Tip to Real Clear Politics for this one. RCP commentary tends to lean disproportionally to the right, but unlike a true conservative site they also publish opinions from the left. As such, there are some real gems there like this one from –

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL):

“I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America. I yield the rest of my time.”

Rep Grayson is using the 47,000 a year number developed by Harvard researchers which is limited to people WITHOUT any health care. That number doesn’t take into account the tens of thousands who die because of LIMITED Health Care, SUBSTANDARD health care, or lack of PREVENTATIVE care…

It also doesn’t include how many African Americans die each year because of racial differentials in care within the current system.

When you start looking at Infant Mortality rates, which seem to be intentionally jumbled such as to prevent coming up with real bottom line numbers (unlike crime statistics), you start seeing that something between 2 and 4% of all black babies in some areas of this country die due to inadequate pre- and post natal care before their first year of life…

It looks a lot like Genocide.

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Right Wing Targeting… Who?

Rachael … Again!

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Let’s take a look at those Right Wing Targets…

Van Jones

Van Jones

ACORN Presidnet Bertha Lewis

ACORN Presidnet Bertha Lewis


Patrick Gaspard

SEIU - We are the Service Employees International Union, an organization of 2.1 million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.

SEIU - 54 percent of all full-time Black workers in the United States receive low wages, working for $12.87 an hour or less - Unionization raises African American workers' wages by $2.00/hour (11.2 percent)

Naaaaaaahhhh! There couldn’t possibly be any similarity here!

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Uncle Tom Alert! The HNIC to the Defense!

Thomas L, Friedman recently wrote an OP-ED piece in the NYT entitled Where Did We Go, discussing the chilling similarities between the current status of right-wing efforts to de-legitimize President Obama and the same efforts against Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin leading to his assassination…

Kennedy Assasination

I hate to write about this, but I have actually been to this play before and it is really disturbing.

I was in Israel interviewing Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin just before he was assassinated in 1995. We had a beer in his office. He needed one. I remember the ugly mood in Israel then — a mood in which extreme right-wing settlers and politicians were doing all they could to delegitimize Rabin, who was committed to trading land for peace as part of the Oslo accords. They questioned his authority. They accused him of treason. They created pictures depicting him as a Nazi SS officer, and they shouted death threats at rallies. His political opponents winked at it all.

And in so doing they created a poisonous political environment that was interpreted by one right-wing Jewish nationalist as a license to kill Rabin — he must have heard, “God will be on your side” — and so he did.

Others have already remarked on this analogy, but I want to add my voice because the parallels to Israel then and America today turn my stomach: I have no problem with any of the substantive criticism of President Obama from the right or left. But something very dangerous is happening. Criticism from the far right has begun tipping over into delegitimation and creating the same kind of climate here that existed in Israel on the eve of the Rabin assassination.

Notice two things about Friedman’s piece:

  1. He limits his criticism to “far right”, and “extreme right”.
  2. He says nothing about race.

Along comes Uncle Mikkie, stumbling all over himself to suck conservative weenie, and defend his conservative Massas – even though the “far right” and “extreme right” make up (theoretically) only a small segment of the Party his HNIC for – Read the rest of this entry »


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The Father of Black Invention

National Clothesline, a Trade magazine of the clothing industry is reporting that the inventor of Drycleaning was actually an Africa American man, who quite possibly received the first US Patent awarded a black person for the process in 1821. His name was Thomas L. Jennings –

Jolly, a French tailor, has long been credited with an accidental discovery that led to drycleaning as we know it today. After spilling the contents of a paraffin lamp onto a greasy tablecloth, he watched as the stains disappeared. He went on to open the first drycleaning shop and the craft grew from there. So the story goes, with variations, including the date of the discovery, which is reported as 1825 in some sources and as the 1840s in others.
dry clean
But an American received a patent for a drycleaning process well before even the earliest date attributed to Jolly’s discovery. This was brought to light at last month’s International Drycleaners Congress convention by Masashi Shimenoki of the Textile Care Information Service Inc. in Japan.
Speaking during a convention session in Beijing, China, last month Shimenoki reported that Thomas L. Jennings received a patent for his drycleaning process in 1821. According to the U.S. Patent Office, Jenning’s process, which he called “dry scouring,” is likely the first U.S. patent awarded to an African-American. Read the rest of this entry »
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Rep Trent Franks – Obama “An Enemy to Humanity”

Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) is a member of Congress, and as such a member of the US Government. Here, he is seen demonizing President Obama at a radical right wing meeting as “An enemy of humanity”, legitimizing actions against President Obama, up to and including attempting to assassinate him…

Methinks the boy needs a serious sit down with the Congressional Ethics Committee – followed by some quality time with the Secret Service.

Thi is way over the top for a Government official.

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Chavez and Faux News

Now, my Spanish is a bit rusty – but I believe the interpreter here “cleaned up” a bit of the language for broadcast…

That smell of suphur…


Back to your think tank, Faux News!

Faux cropped


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Cory Booker Slams Conan O’Brien With No-Fly Penalty!

Fortunately for Conan, he’s in LA…

I think Booker has a sense of humor, as well…

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A Fool and His Money

An electronic SPAM Fax to 51 people costs…

About $0.08.

Putting an electronic name on a petition costs…

About $0.01.

Late Night Infomercial on a 3rd Tier Station…

$100/half hour.

Production cost of the video…$200.

They only need 8, dumb as bricks “Birthers” to get on the “Gravy Train”.

Miss Cleo – Where are you?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “A Fool and His Money“, posted with vodpod
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Hsu Goes to Jail, Delay Does the Tango

Democratic fundraiser sentenced to 24 years

NEW YORK — A federal judge has sentenced former Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu (shoo) to more than 24 years in prison for violating campaign finance laws.

Hsu was sentenced Tuesday at a federal court in Manhattan.

His donations became an embarrassment for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign. His arrest led Clinton to return more than $800,000 to donors linked to Hsu.

Prosecutors say Hsu obtained millions of dollars from investors by claiming clothing or high-technology ventures would pay returns of 14 and 20 percent. Instead, he spent the money on himself.

Hsu’s decade-long Ponzi scheme collapsed in September 2007.

Meanwhile Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, who has been under indictment for election fraud for 4 years – Dances with the Stars…

That “Special Justice” for “Special (white) People”…


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More Information On Lynching In Kentucky

Maddow breaks additional evidence in the case of a Census worker found lynched in Kentucky –

The pregnant elephant of a question here is whether this man’s killing had anything to do with the right-wing crazies that have been enticed out of the woodwork by the Republicans Party and their propaganda outlet, Faux News. We have a similar circumstance in 1994 with the Murrah bombing by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma, fueled and abetted by the over the top hate Americans rhetoric of the very same right wing outlets and propagandists.

None dare call it… Treason.

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Bank of America Drops ACORN

Bank suspends dealings with ACORN housing entity

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bank of America Corp. is suspending its work with the housing affiliate of embattled community organizing group ACORN. The decision comes as three Republicans in Congress ask Bank of America and 13 other financial institutions to give Congress a complete accounting of their dealings with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or its affiliates.

In a statement, Bank of America said it would not enter into any further agreements with ACORN Housing Corp. until the bank is satisfied all issues have been resolved. ACORN Housing Corp. and Bank of America have worked together for years on mortgage foreclosure issues.


You will have to excuse me on this one, but this is like Bernie Madoff calling your local WallMart Shoplifter who has been caught…

A thief.

Bank of America, as the largest US Bank –  stole a goodly part of the $38 BILLION collected from consumers last year in “Overdraft fees” on their checking accounts by banks. Overdraft fees, which were often manipulated into existence – by the bank. And that doesn’t even get into the predatory sub-prime lending of some of their subsidiaries.

The only real difference between Al Capone and Bank of America, is while Al was able to buy protection from  a Mayor and a Governor…

Bank of America’s corrupt enterprise has enabled them to buy protection from Congress.

If America weren’t the 13thon the list of corrupt nations in the world (the Economist)…

The senior executives and senior financial staff of Bank of America would be spending 20 years of jail time next to the “common” thieves…

Teaching them how to steal big.

Making America a real “Land of Opportunity”.

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Beatings, Beat Downs, and Just Plain Murder

OK – I’m going to go there, to the playground of black conservative race pimps…

I’m sure this one is STORY ONE, not only on every single black conservative site, every white supremacist site, and good majority of the the bleeding hearts black folks sites…

So why go there?

Simple. More black babies will die in Chicago due to inadequate, unavailable, or poor neo-natal and post natal care in the first year of their lives than are killed by these street thugs.

So where’s the outrage?

The yearly murder rate for young black males was 152 for every 100,000 people (between the ages of 14 and 29) between 1987 and 1989. Hispanic males were slain at the rate of 102 per 100,000, six times the 17 per 100,000 rate of whites that age.

According to a 2006 report from the Chicago Department of Public Health, the infant mortality rate (from birth to 1 year old) in Chicago stood well above the national rate at 9.6 deaths per 1,000. That converts to a figure of 960 per 100,000. When you add in the number of babies who die before they are born – that number doubles.

The next argument you are going to hear from black conservative race pimps is that we are in a “crime wave”. That’s a crock as well.

Black Murder Rates 1976 to 2007

Black Murder Rates 1976 to 2007

According to U.S. Census data, the number of blacks aged 15 to 19 rose by about 15 percent between 2000 and 2007.

So even if any individual black teen’s propensity for crime was unchanged over this time period, the aggregate amount of black-teen crime would have risen by 15 percent. In other words…  just based on changes in population, the number of perpetrators would have been expected to rise from a little over 800 to nearly 1,000. Knowing that, the actual rise to roughly 1,150 doesn’t seem that noteworthy.

The Mortality rate for teens – 15-19 in Wyoming, 85 per 100,000 due to automabile accidents, the majority of which are fouled by DUI is the same as the black murder rate in Chicago for the same age group.

The crack epidemic, fueled by the availability of cheap crack cocaine was a crime epidemic – not what is going on today.

Now, to make the conservative race baiters happy – there is this video –

This thug officer has been fired, and charged with 4th Degree Assault, and is on trial currently…

Just like the black thugs who murdered Darrian Albert.

Real SOB when the system works like it’s supposed to in getting criminals off the streets, or off our Police Forces.

Now, about reopening Devil’s Island…


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About Those Black Names

One of the bittersweet legacies of slavery in the black community is the giving of names to children. Social psychologists believe it started as a way to at least assert some control over slaves lives in a era when slaves didn’t normally have last names. A gifting of a small “uniqueness”, in a world where black people were seen as chattel.

Along the way, black mothers have created a number of distinct, and sometimes unique “black” names.

Is Your Name Limiting Your Career?

Is Your Name Limiting Your Career?

Folks my age remember way too much employment discrimination during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to feel quite comfortable with the new job hunting techniques such as visual resumes and social networking. Potential employers, through medical databases, background checks, and credit bureaus have way too much power and ability to potentially discriminate as it is.

The prospect of giving them even more information opens the door  to some truly frightening abuses.

Youth unemployment today is at it’s highest level since the Great Depression, 52%. Unemployment in some cities is pushing 20%. White Collar unemployment, for people with College Degrees and demonstrated skills is over 7%.

Many companies now use search engines and sophisticated software to parse through potential candidates. The simplest of these programs search for “keywords” such as accreditations sponsored by outside companies or organizations. These might include for instance a network certification for someone looking for an IT job or a finance certification from someone looking for a job in the financial services industry. The negative trade off of this is that these tools discount real on-the-job experience in favor of certifications. But these are gatekeeper hurdles faced by all job seekers. There are “special” hurdles for black job seekers…

Hat Tip to The Grio on this one – Read the rest of this entry »

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What’s Really “Indefensible”

Representative Arthur Davis

Representative Arthur Davis

Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.), an often contrarian member of the Congressional Black Caucus, on Sunday called proposed penalties against small business that do not provide their workers health insurance, “indefensible.”

The congressman addressed insurance mandates that would levy fines against small businesses of 25 or more employees that do not provide health insurance or would require a business to offer health coverage based on the size of its payroll.

“Frankly, the House leadership seems wedded to keeping that in,” Davis told the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser. “And the more you look at it, the more indefensible that is.”

Davis has long been critical of current health reform proposals, a stance that makes him an outlier in the CBC, which overwhelmingly support reform.

The fourth-term Democrat also criticized the public health insurance option, a top CBC priority, as unworkable.

“Public option can’t pass the Senate…I’m interested in something that can pass and Barack Obama can sign,” Davis said.

Davis was an early backer of President Barack Obama in last year’s election, serving as Alabama state campaign chairman. The lawmaker is running for governor of Alabama, a state GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) won handily in 2008.

Not sure I agree with Mr. Davis on a number of points. First, it seems to me it would be a lot more productive to develop a Health Care Reform which has a Plan which is actually affordable for Small Business.

Mayhaps a “Davis Amendment” to the current Health Care Bill?

Otherwise Mr. Davis is just pissing into the wind, and not doing anything constructive.

Good Luck to Mr. Davis on his run for Governor of Alabama. One would hope Mr. Davis does not feel the need to become a Republican in Democrat clothing to sway the white voters, especially after the untrammeled record of Republicans in leading the state to being at the ass end of damn near everything.

I think the folks of Alabama deserve better than that.

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