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A Real Case of Swine Doo

I suddenly realized what the pig farming industry does with all that pig-doo in the United States…

They dump it in conservative heads!

Olberman last night … UNLOADED on two of the most obscene excuses for legislators in the US – all time favorite Michelle Bachman…

And swine-doo for brains Representative Virginia Foxx from North Carolina –

Who – in debate over the Hate Crimes legislation before the Congress – The Matthew Shepard Bill – actually had the temerity to state that Matthew Shepard’s death was the result – “of a robbery gone bad”…

In front of Matthew Shepard’s mother!

Yeah… And Emmit Till’s death was a result of trying to steal, by chaining himself to a 70 lb cotton gin – and trying to swim across the river…

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Brother … Can You Spare a Dime?

This just in. The world famous Bronx Zoo is laying off…


Yeah... And the recruiter promised me "3 Hots and a Cot" too!

Yeah... And the recruiter promised me "3 Hots and a Cot" too!

According to an article in WalletPop – Animals and money: Bronx Zoo lays off hundreds of ‘unpopular’ animals

Hundreds of the furry guys are getting the axe.

The Bronx Zoo, the largest city zoo in the country, is facing a $15 million shortfall, and so hundreds of animals are being evicted.

It’s a real loss. The 114-year-old zoo, run by the Wildlife Conservation Society, is getting rid of animals based partly on which ones are popular with its 2.1 million annual visitors. That means four exhibits and a whole slew of rare animals are on the chopping block (only figuratively — don’t worry). Unique creatures like the Arabian oryx and blesbok, two types of antelope, must go. In fact, the zoo’s whole Rare Animal Range will soon go, as will foxes, deer, and the guanaco, a relation of the llama. More common animals like elephants and giraffes can stay because kids like them.

And thus, by catering to popularity, a zoo gets dumbed down, hampering its educational mandate.

The 5 little guys above are a species called Night Monkeys, or dourocoulis.  They average about 2.5 lbs – and are really small.

You know it’s bad …

When the Zoo fires the animals.

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Dumbing Down America- Why consevatives Can’t Count

This one from Byron York over at the Washington Examiner proving why he’s a “journalist”…

And not a rocket scientist.

On his 100th day in office, Barack Obama enjoys high job approval ratings, no matter what poll you consult. But if a new survey by the New York Times is accurate, the president and some of his policies are significantly less popular with white Americans than with black Americans, and his sky-high ratings among African-Americans make some of his positions appear a bit more popular overall than they actually are.

Hmmmmm…  So the only public opinion in America that counts…

Is white folks.

The Only Votes That Count

The Only Votes That Count

York continues –

Asked whether, in the next four years, Obama’s presidency “will bring different groups of Americans together,” 55 percent of whites say yes, while 94 percent of blacks say the same. Thirty-one percent of whites say Obama’s presidency will divide people, while just three percent of blacks agree.

Probably never occurred to the mathematically and racially challenged Mr York that the 31% of whites who dislike President Obama remarkably mirrors the 31% of whites who identify themselves as conservatives…

And the 6% of black folks who dislike President Obama is about the same number of black folks who voted against him…

Because they are Republicans.

What’s amazing about this is none of our conservative “writing heads” gave a damn about white support of a white President when the Bushit was in office with  sky high approval numbers post 9-11…

While in the black community the Bushit was viewed as being slightly more popular than 6 guys wearing sheets bearing a can of gas and a wooden cross showing up in your front yard.

Dang over-sensitive black people!

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No Faux!


Fox not granted a question at Obama’s press conference.

In tonight’s press conference, Obama spent nearly a full hour answering questions from reporters, who represented media organizations such as the Detroit News, the Associated Press, BET, and all three cable networks — ABC, NBC, and CBS. One outlet that didn’t get a question? Fox News, whose affiliate was the only network station that decided not to air the prime-time news conference. Obama called on Fox News White House Correspondent Major Garrett in his previous two press conferences.

Back to the outhouse, Faux!

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Obama Seeking To Correct Sentence Disparities

“Jails are loaded with people who look like me,” U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, an African-American, told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said the administration believes Congress’ goal “should be to completely eliminate the disparity” between the two forms of cocaine. “A growing number of citizens view it as fundamentally unfair,” Breuer testified.

“The Obama administration joined a federal judge Wednesday in urging Congress to end a racial disparity by equalizing prison sentences for dealing and using crack versus powdered cocaine” – according to an article from Ap entitled – Obama seeks to change crack sentences.

The first step towards the ending of sentencing disparity between black folks and white for the same crime.Over 80% of the people convicted for using crack are black, although black folks make up less than 25% of the users. Possession of one gram of crack gets the same sentence as possession of 500 grams of chemically identical (and typically purer) powdered cocaine.

Now I KNOW my Obama doubter brothers like (ahem) Field Negro – and the true Obama hayta crew are going to have conniptions (Well, probably not Field) who I keep hearing rumors  still has to make a cold…cold… run.

I searched around for an image of these black haytas who have been throwing anything on the wall to see if it will stick – with the “What has Obama Done For Black Folks?” line…

Finally being “bathed” by the light… And came up with this –

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Bad Day for HNIC Steele

Fresh from having his cajones removed by the Drugbo, Michael Steele is in for another …”trimming”…

Mikkie Loses 'em to Limbaugh

Mikkie Loses 'em to Limbaugh

Stteele didn’t do too well the last time he had control of campaign money. Apparently even Republicans are smart enough to figure out his sister, an MD… Isn’t exactly experienced in the world of political marketing…

Steele may lose purse strings

A battle over control of the party’s purse strings has erupted at the troubled Republican National Committee, with defenders of Chairman Michael S. Steele accusing dissident RNC members of trying to “embarrass and neuter” the party’s new leader.

Randy Pullen, the RNC’s elected treasurer, former RNC General Counsel David Norcross and three other former top RNC officers have presented Mr. Steele with a resolution, calling for a new set of checks and balances on the chairman’s power to dole out money.

The powers include new controls on awarding contracts and spending money on outside legal and other services.

Mikkie started out soundin’ like Barry White…

Now he’s beginning to sound like ex-brother in-law Mike Tyson.

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60… 61… 62… And Counting

I was thinking about things which most epitomized the conservatives versus America. The big ship America, deciding it has had quite enough of being pushed to the right…

Anchors Away… Indeed.

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Terrorist “Hotbeds”… HBCUs

This shocker from BET.Com News

A 200-page analysis produced by the Virginia State Police singles out Black-college campuses in Hampton Roads and Richmond areas at potential hotbeds for terrorist activities and urges that they are carefully watched.

While the report does not identify the institutions by name, there is no question that the reference is to Norfolk State University, Hampton University, Virginia State University in Petersburg and Virginia Union University in Richmond. Campus groups “are recognized as a radicalization node for almost every type of extremist group,” the report says.

I’m stunned. I mean… The Reich ended last January 21st.

I decided to do a little investigation to find out if the annual “Punch Bowl” had become a mass meeting ground for the secret Al Quaeda in America…

And I was shocked!

I mean… There were some very angry looking black men, with Omega signs on their foreheads – marching in a straight line in some obvious sort of paramilitary training exercise or initiation!

Angry Black Radicals - The Omega Faction

Angry Black Men - The Omega Faction

And then there are the Kappas, with secret code names and handshakes… (Sorry Nupes)

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60 Votes – Picture Word Association

With Arlen Specter contradicting himself in becoming a Democrat…

Why do I get this picture association with the Republican Party?

Conservative Republicans

Conservative Republicans

The Road to America's Future

The Road to America's Future

Conservative Republican Future

Conservative Republican Future

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What I’m Talkin’ About! Tony Hansberry II Gifted Young Inventor

If you’ve enjoyed any of the posts on my blog, you may have realized that a consistent theme is “wasted talent”. Wasted talent is that portion of American kids who don’t or aren’t able to achieve to their fullest because of lack of political will – or “isms” limiting their opportunity (including poor white kids).

Being a “techie” – when I see something like this… It makes my heart glad…

14-year-old ‘surgeon’ to present findings today
The ninth-grader developed a new technique for sewing up hysterectomy patients

Tony Hansberry II - 14 Year Old Inventor

Tony Hansberry II - 14 Year Old Inventor

A Jacksonville researcher has developed a way of sewing up patients after hysterectomies that stands to reduce the risk of complications and simplify the tricky procedure for less-seasoned surgeons.

Oh, and he’s 14 years old.

Feel free to read that again.

Tony Hansberry II is a ninth-grader who, as it happens, will be presenting his findings today before an auditorium filled with doctors just like any of his board-certified – and decades older – colleagues would. He would say he was following in the footsteps of “Doogie Howser, M.D.” – if he weren’t too young to have heard of the television show.

Instead, he says that his remarkable accomplishments are merely steps toward his ultimate goal of becoming a University of Florida-trained neurosurgeon.

“I just want to help people and be respected, knowing that I can save lives,” said Tony, the son of a registered nurse mom and an African Methodist Episcopal church pastor dad.

Kudos, Tony!

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Revenge of the Nerds

I’ll always associate the age of the monster truck with conservatism in the Bushsquat administration. Republicans passed a tax deduction which allowed the purchase of utility vehicles up to $65,000 as a writeoff against a business…

Even if that business was electronic greeting cards over the internet.

The result was an explosion in Giant Useless Truck sales…

Road/Energy Hog

Road/Energy Hog

Which will likely stand to epitomize the screwing of America and the environment by the Bushsquats.

While sometimes there was good news…

Don't Mess With a Bus!

Don't Mess With a Bus!

The sweetest thing is indeed…

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Republicans and Reverse Darwinism

The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than World War I (WWI), estimated victims being between 20 and 40 million people. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. Known as “Spanish Flu” the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster.

The effect of the influenza epidemic was so severe that the average life span in the US was depressed by 10 years.

Camp Fuston, 1918 Flu Epidemic

Camp Fuston, 1918 Flu Epidemic

Scientists in the US and abroad have been predicting the evolution of a new Flu pandemic for years as the virus mutates.  The “Swine” Flu currently ravaging Mexico is feared to be the precursor of a an epidemic.

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Goodbye Little Red Machine

GM has announced plans to discontinue the Pontiac line…

1971 Pontiac Firebird Big Block

1971 Pontiac Firebird Big Block

BT’s first new, new car was a Firebird, almost exactly like this one. The only difference was it had a white Vinyl top… And a 400 CI engine hidden under the hood, all for…

$3200 with taxes and tags.

Have a cousin, who got a ’75 Dodge 340 Duster…

Dodge Duster 340

Dodge Duster 340

Which despite the difference in engines could blow my doors in a straight up drag race. I had purchased the Firebird with a couple of extras – the first being a 2.88 rear end, meaning it wasn’t a drag car (which would have been a 4.11 or higher ration rear end)…

But the top end was north of 150 mph…

If the car didn’t fall apart under you.

In the days of the “Rich Corinthian leather” of the early 70’s, American car manufacturers were making cars of lousy quality – and dealerships treated their customers like isht.

When this little car wasn’t broken… It was in the shop getting fixed. The Mag wheels were only slightly less delicate than plastic, the A/C quit faithfully every Memorial Day – for which they couldn’t find parts to fix until September…

Despite all this, I put in some extensive under the hood mods…

And along with my Dad, bought one for my mom in 1973.

Who says the American public aren’t gluttons for punishment?

Anyway… Pontiac…

Goodbye old friend.


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Obama Rebuilds US With Science

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama promised a new era of science and technology for the nation, telling the National Academy of Sciences on Monday that he wants to devote more funds to research and development.

America has fallen behind other countries in science, Obama said.

“I believe it is not in our character, American character, to follow — but to lead. And it is time for us to lead once again. I am here today to set this goal: we will devote more than 3 percent of our gross domestic product to research and development,” Obama said in a speech at the annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences.

That 3 percent would amount to about $420 billion.

“We will not just meet but we will exceed the level achieved at the height of the space race,” he said.

That pursuit of discovery a half century ago fueled the nation’s prosperity and success, Obama told the academy.

“The commitment I am making today will fuel our success for another 50 years,” he said. “This work begins with an historic commitment to basic science and applied research.”

This will probably come as a shock to the non-technorati, but most of the technologies (cell phones, Internet, Microwave ovens) we enjoy today were initially developed, or draw roots in the 60’s, as part of the “Space Race”.

SR 71 Blackbird

SR 71 Blackbird

The fastest jet aircraft (at least that anyone will admit to building), capable of transcontinental flight across the US in an hour, and NYC to London in less than 2 (with a refuel) – faster than a 30-06 rifle bullet at 33 miles per minute (they will admit to)…

First flew in 1964. (Yes I have heard the rumors about the Aurora.)

Even more amazing, it was designed using slide-rules, not computers – as the first true super-computers hadn’t been invented yet. It has a carbon-fiber skin – which has only now, 40 years later, become part of commercial products. (If you visit DC, you can see one of these at the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Airport.)

The technology developed during the Space Race, commercialized largely after the last Apollo Moon Mission fueled our economy for the next 40 years.

The Bushsquat cut R&D each year of the pResidency – not coincidentally contributing to a huge hole in American competitiveness. The right has fought since the Raygun era against the education of minorities, believing such would benefit white folks with the unintended consequence that there are fewer American born post graduates in the Sciences than at any time in our history. Over 60% of PhD candidates are foreign nationals in the US.

The US desperately needs homegrown scientists (from any ethnic or racial group)…

Time to cut the bullsquat.

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Sweet Potato Sin – Why Your IPOD Sucks

The Sweetest Sounds

The Sweetest Sounds

Now I took a trip down to Sissy’s
She’s a friend of mine
She smiled and asked me in
Well, she drew a box and a big,
fancy question mark
Said, “Brother, which one is you in?”
I told her, “Sister, don’t worry
’bout the mule going blind
You just sit in the wagon and
hold on to the line
‘Cause anyone who’s ever had
sweet potato pie
Don’t want pumpkin again…

Al Jarreau – “Sweet Potato Pie”

This one could be just titled… Your IPOD sucks.

According to the LA Times –

In a digital age, vinyl albums are making a comeback

Sales of such albums were up 89% in 2008, which has fueled a mini-boom in neighborhood record stores.

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