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Conservative Gangbanger Kills Doctor

When black folks kill each other – they are gangbangers or thugs…

Visit any of the black conservative sites for the sick freak parade of angst.

When conservatives murder someone…

Why aren’t they thugs or gangbangers?


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You KNOW It’s Bad When – They Cancel the Job Fair Due to Crowds

Job Fairs Have Become Crowded

Job Fairs Have Become Crowded

A weekend job fair at a Dedham shopping center

“The volume of expected attendees was much larger than we had initially anticipated,” said David Fleming, marketing director for W/S Development, which was planning to host the job fair tomorrow at the new Legacy Place retail and entertainment complex.

Fleming said his firm and Dedham officials became concerned when they started receiving a high volume of telephone calls about the event, which they did not advertise. He said W/S Development is now searching for a different venue for the event, which will be re-scheduled for a date within the next few weeks. was postponed today after organizers became concerned that a flood of job seekers would snarl traffic and create safety problems. The event was expected to connect job seekers with 14 retailers that plan to hire hundreds of workers before they open stores in Legacy Place this summer. The retailers include Apple, City Sports, L.L. Bean and Showcase Cinema De Lux.

The high level of interest in the event drew parallels to a recent job fair in New Hampshire, where officials were overwhelmed with more than 10,000 attendees. They had initially expected 5,000.

Can’t wait until one of the typical conservative types comes up with – “The reason unemployment is so high, is Americans don’t want to work.”

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When The Pres Needs a Burger

President Obama has been a boon to the Burger joints in the DC area. Friday, the Prez made a run to 5 Guys to pick up burgers for the staff and himself.

President Obama Picks up Some Burgers For the Crew

President Obama Picks up Some Burgers For the Crew

I guess it was Roosevelt who had his “Chicken in every pot”…

But this Prez, has a burger for lunch, and remembers the crew.

President Obama Toting Lunch for the Staff

President Obama Toting Lunch for the Staff


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White People’s Problems | Sing-Alongs|Atom Originals | Atom

A song for our Republican fellow countrymen… 🙂

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Tancredo and Hating People of Color

The (current) leading hater for the Republicans has a bit of explaining to do – and not only because of this interview on Faux News –

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Here is an interesting little nugget about the company Tancredo employs…

Executive Director Of Tancredo’s PAC Guilty Of “Karate Chop” Assault On African-American Woman

Tancredo’s outlandish cries of racism are difficult to take seriously considering his own well-documented bigotry. However, the conservative blog Little Green Footballs has flagged a lesser known story demonstrating Tancredo’s embrace of intolerance. Apparently, the executive director of Tancredo’s anti-immigrant Team America PAC (also executive director of Pat Buchanan’s group, The American Cause) pled guilty to “verbally and physically assaulting a black woman” and will be sentenced in July. According to the Factual Proffer from the case:

Had this case gone to trial, the Government’s evidence would have shown beyond a reasonable doubt the following facts:

On July 7, 2007 at approximately 7:15 p.m., at Jefferson and M Street, Northwest, in Washington, D.C., defendant was walking down the street when he encountered the complainant, Ms. [Redacted], who is African-American. The defendant uttered, “[N*****],” as he delivered a karate chop to [complainant’s] head. Ms. [Redacted]’s [redacted] attempted to detain defendant, but defendant was able to escape. Ultimately, the defendant was stopped and arrested by Secret Service officers.

The defendant, Marcus Epstein, is still featured prominently on Team America’s website nearly two years after the crime.

Little Green Footballs, who broke this story is a conservative blog – so if Tancredo’s racism reaches the bar for conservatives to get offended…

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Confederate Flags and the NAACP

NAACP Branch Readies for Confederate Flag Fight

Published : Thursday, 28 May 2009, 3:46 AM CDT

nascar0209A flag fight is brewing in southern Florida.

Members of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP want the Confederate flag banned from the Homestead-Miami Motor Speedway, and they will meet Thursday to decide whether to boycott a NASCAR race slated there for November.

Debra Toomer, the branch’s chairwoman of press and publicity, said a planning session has been scheduled to decide on a course of action regarding the display of the flag at the Nov. 20-22 event, as well as its presence at city-sponsored events like last year’s Veterans Day parade.

“The concern is there,” Toomer said of Confederate flags. She declined to comment further before the meeting.

I hate to be the one to say this – but can’t these folks find something better to do?

I mean, like cutting a deal with NASCAR and the Speedway that black owned businesses get a share of the concessions, a share of the advertising revenue, or some of the venue contracts?

If Bubba wants to buy a confederate flag, this black businessman is more than happy to sell one to him, considering the markup on those sort of things at an event is 5000%.

Hey Bubba – we got you new EN-viromentally Friendly con-federate flag with the little green sticker on the bottom for only $50!

Don’t like the sticker? You can peel it off.

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Peaches And Herb Return!

Now I know the cyberspace is excited about the new Sade album due in November (Let’s hope she gets a better mix job than the last one which was acoustically a disaster)…

But Move Over Sade – for some real legends (although this is the third Peaches)…

Great article by hometown paper Washington Post on Herb, whose real name is Herb Feemster and who is a lifelong resident of Washington, DC. Apparently, this time around, Herb is not quitting his day job!

Looking forward to the release!

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Hispanic Haterade from Tommie Tancredo

The white hoods come out…

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Last year at a speech at American University

Tancredo was invited to speak at American University by the newly established national organization Youth for Western Civilization – a national right-wing organization that aims to reverse policies perceived as being anti-American – which YWC President Kevin DeAnna said will likely attempt to establish a chapter at this university in the near future.

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Cyber Katrina

President Obama wants to appoint a Cyber Tsar.

There are major issues with the Internet and the proposed build-out of networks to support everything from the Power Grid to the National First Responders (Fire/Police/Rescue). The issue really revolves around the fact that the core communications technology utilized in the Internet was developed at a time where Security wasn’t a driving issue – survivability in the event of nuclear attack was.

As such, the technology is inherently insecure – and the ability to secure it is an ever steeper mountain as the number of users of the technology increases.

Most recently, Chinese Government spies cracked into the Joint Fighter program, and possibly stole the plans to one of our most advanced weapons systems. Personal information on the Internet might as well be public, as even moderately sophisticated hackers are able to defeat many of the “security” systems employed by commercial entities.

As the country moves along the path of interconnecting more and more functionality across the Internet, the risk of Cyber-terrorism rises exponentially. The ability to remotely shut down significant portions of the electric grid. The ability to shut down communications between various Law Enforcement Agencies. The ability to shut down the telephone system. All of these are capabilities gained by Cyber-Terrorists as these systems are migrated onto the Internet infrastructure.

Instead of getting harder to attack systems, when you tie them all to one technology and infrastructure – the bar is lowered.

Significantly lowered.

Be interesting if President Obama picks someone who is going to look at this with a new set of eyes – or someone who will follow the program.

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Wanda Sykes on a Roll – Waitin’ for Weezy!

Here’s Wanda again, challenging the mainstream press’ fascination with Michelle Obama…Waiting for Weezy…Indeed.

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Red State Update! Sotomayor racist?

Never let it be said that BTx3 doesn’t give t ime and space for conservative opinions!

As part of BTx3’s grassroots effort…

Here’s a REAL Red State update on the conservative accusations about Sotomayor being “racist”…

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Rachael Maddow vs. the Oxycontin Cowboy

Gingrich, Coulter, and Drugbo calling Sotomayor a racist?

Now THAT’s funny!

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First Black Woman F-500 CEO

Congrats to Ursula Burns!

Xerox Appoints Ursula Burns as CEO

CEO Ursula Burns
CEO Ursula Burns

In a widely expected move that is nonetheless remarkable, Xerox on May 21 named Ursula Burns its next chief executive. Not only is Burns one of the very few female CEOs, she is also the first African American woman to head a public company as sizable as copier maker Xerox, which had sales of $17.6 billion last year. And to have one woman, outgoing CEO Anne Mulcahy, handing the reins of one of the largest U.S. companies to another woman is unprecedented.

The promotion of Burns, 50, was a long time in the making. Like General Electric and Johnson & Johnson, Xerox is known for an emphasis on executive development. “It’s about meritocracy and meritocracy writ large,” says Ilene H. Lang, president and CEO of Catalyst, an advocacy group for women in business. “Here is a company that over decades has been able to see talent wherever it is, even in nontraditional places. That takes work and care and attention.”

Burns’ engineering capability and her experience in a range of Xerox businesses, including supply-chain management, will no doubt serve her well as she navigates in a recession that’s cutting into sales. Having a nontraditional background may also help Burns better develop the next generation of leadership at Xerox, analysts say.

As a former “Xeroid” myself, and engineer – Ms. Burns, you make us proud!


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Conservatives Play the Race Card

Never ones to shy away from a fight — even a losing one — the Holy Trinity of the GOP — Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh — have taken to calling the Supreme Court justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor a ‘racist,’ with Gingrich even going so far as to ask her to withdraw.

Now… THAT’s funny!

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Harvard Student Booted … She Claims Racism?

This is the strange story of Chenequa Campbell, an Honors student at Harvard set to graduate June 4th.  Impossible to tell what is really going on here – other than the fact she’s been kicked out of school…

Chanequa, BTW is a New York Times scholarship winner, a Coca-Cola scholarship winner and a member of the National Honor Society.


From the Boston Globe

A Harvard University honors student said last night she has been wrongly linked to last week’s murder on campus, and she accused university administrators of unjustly barring her from graduating next month.

Chanequa N. Campbell said in a telephone interview monitored by her attorney, Jeffrey T. Karp, that she was ordered off the Cambridge campus last Friday and told she will not graduate June 4.

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