Virginia Governor McDonnell Declares April as Confederate History Month

07 Apr

Confederate History Month was a “tradition” started by Former Republican Governor and Senator George “Maccaca” Allen. Celebrating the confederacy is a big thing in right-wing circles…

As is hanging around with the Council of Conservative Citizens, or th KKK lite.

Looks like the New Republican Governor has come out of this closet as well.

BTx3 thinks it’s time to start seriously considering a recall election in Virginia.

McDonnell’s Confederate History Month proclamation irks civil rights leaders

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, reviving a controversy that had been dormant for eight years, has declared that April will be Confederate History Month in Virginia, a move that angered civil rights leaders Tuesday but that political observers said would strengthen his position with his conservative base.

The two previous Democratic governors had refused to issue the mostly symbolic proclamation honoring the soldiers who fought for the South in the Civil War. McDonnell (R) revived a practice started by Republican governor George Allen in 1997. McDonnell left out anti-slavery language that Allen’s successor, James S. Gilmore III (R), had included in his proclamation.

McDonnell said Tuesday that the move was designed to promote tourism in the state, which next year will mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the war. McDonnell said he did not include a reference to slavery because “there were any number of aspects to that conflict between the states. Obviously, it involved slavery. It involved other issues. But I focused on the ones I thought were most significant for Virginia.”

The proclamation was condemned by the state’s Legislative Black Caucus and the NAACP. Former governor L. Douglas Wilder called it “mind-boggling to say the least” that McDonnell did not reference slavery or Virginia’s struggle with civil rights in his proclamation. Though a Democrat, Wilder has been supportive of McDonnell and boosted his election efforts when he declined to endorse the Republican’s opponent, R. Creigh Deeds.

“Confederate history is full of many things that unfortunately are not put forth in a proclamation of this kind nor are they things that anyone wants to celebrate,” he said. “It’s one thing to sound a cause of rallying a base. But it’s quite another to distort history.”

The seven-paragraph declaration calls for Virginians to “understand the sacrifices of the Confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens during the period of the Civil War.”

McDonnell had quietly made the proclamation Friday by placing it on his Web site, but it did not attract attention in the state capital until Tuesday. April also honors child abuse prevention, organ donations, financial literacy and crime victims.

After a fall campaign spent focusing almost exclusively on jobs and the economy, McDonnell had been seen in recent weeks as largely ceding conservative ground to the state’s activist attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli II. The proclamation could change that view among Republicans who believe appropriate respect for the state’s Confederate past has been erased by an over-allegiance to political correctness, observers said.

“It helps him with his base,” said Mark Rozell, a political scientist at George Mason University. “These are people who support state’s rights and oppose federal intrusion.”

Said Patrick M. McSweeney, a former state GOP chairman: “I applaud McDonnell for doing it. I think it takes a certain amount of courage.”

The Virginia NAACP and the state’s legislative black caucus called the proclamation an insult to a large segment of the state’s population, particularly because it never acknowledges slavery.

“Governor McDonnell’s proclamation was offensive and offered a disturbing revision of the Civil War and the brutal era that followed,” said Del. Kenneth Cooper Alexander (D-Norfolk), chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. “Virginia has worked hard to move beyond the very things for which Governor McDonnell seems nostalgic.”…

The state’s new governor campaigned relentlessly on improving the economy and creating jobs and received the strong backing of the business community. But the attention that Virginia will receive from the proclamation might take away from that focus.

Rozell said the proclamation is a “distraction” from McDonnell’s desire to attract companies to Virginia. Businesses might begin to perceive McDonnell’s latest decision — combined with Cuccinelli’s decision to sue the federal government over health-care reform legislation and his advice to state colleges and universities that they remove sexual-orientation language from their anti-discrimination policies — as a pattern of behavior not conducive to relocating in the state.


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4 responses to “Virginia Governor McDonnell Declares April as Confederate History Month

  1. EnglishAmerican

    April 7, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    I am not even close to being a Confederate; however, I wonder if Americans really want to shut down expression, speech, assembly, thought, groups, beliefs, etc. that are inconsistent with their own. Blacks, women, Hispanics, all want a month dedicated to honor thier history, but when some group with thoughts inconsistent with thier own wants the same, somehow that is wrong. So, are now now advocates of amending the First Amendment? Such freedoms may be exercised only when they are consistent with those who already have the stage? I guess we better change the national anthem too. We’ll have to take out the part about the land of the free.


    • btx3

      April 7, 2010 at 12:51 PM

      In Virginia we celebrate Lee-Jackson day, where State Offices are closed.

      In the City of Richmond, there are dozens of statues in the middle of the streets to dead confederate Generals.

      There are dozens of Battle fields, and in virtually every one of the older towns – a memorial to the confederate dead in the town square.

      On the white side of my family, one of my great-great uncles was a Confederate Colonel in the Army of Virginia. He was a slave holder, and plantation owner. I don’t celebrate his choice – nor his “service”. In fact, I’m glad he’s dead. On the other side of the family, my Great-Great Grandfather was a freedman – who shot every confederate he could, and “buried” them out back in a limestone cave as a proxy for being able to serve in the Union Army.

      In Richmond there are only 2 (two) Memorials put up by the City to famous black citizens, Arthur Ashe, and William “Bojangles” Robinson – neither of which were erected until well after the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and after Virginia’s “massive resistance” to Civil Rights for black Americans.

      There are NO Monuments to German, Japanese, or Italian Americans who decided to go back and fight for Hitler, Hirohito, or Mussolini. And yeah – some did…

      So why exactly should we be celebrating Treason? Especially that committed for a cause every bit as despicable as Hitler’s genocide?


  2. detaylor65

    April 10, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    Bob McDonnell might think the Confederacy is something to celebrate. Maybe he looks back on it as the good old days, but there are quite a few of us that still find what it stood for to be morally reprehensible.

    I am proud to say that my great-great-great-grandfather fought on the right side of the Civil War. He was in the 122nd New York, fought in several battles including Gettysburg, received a battlefield promotion, and was discharged because of wounds received in battle. He and thousands of others made these sacrifices, many many of them giving up their very lives, in order to rid this country of the slavery and secessionism that Bob McDonnell wants to celebrate.

    I find Governor McDonnell and his celebration of slavery and secessionism to be obscene.


    • btx3

      April 10, 2010 at 2:17 PM

      I’m a native Virginian…

      And I have serious heartburn with it!



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