Atlanta Woman Arrested and Jailed Wrongly For 2 Months

25 Oct

It took the Police 2 months to figure out this woman wasn’t the suspect they were after?

While the news crew apparently had no problem finding the woman they were after!

Apparently the Police didn’t even bother to confirm the identity of the woman they had arrested, Ms. Culpepper, with the victim to make sure that they had arrested the right person.

Woman spends 53 DAYS in jail because she was ‘mistaken for another woman with the same first name’

A woman has claimed she was jailed for almost two months because of a mix-up with another woman with the same first name.

Teresa Culpepper was locked up after police suspected her of being involved in an aggravated assault.

Despite not having the same surname as the alleged suspect, as well as a different birth date, she was held for 53 days.

Her lawyer Ashleigh Merchant said police in Atlanta held her simply because her first name matched that of their prime suspect.

‘She had medical records. She had numerous other documents that showed her name and proved her actual identity, but nobody bothered to check, and they arrested her and took her to jail,’ said Ms Merchant.

‘Her birth date didn’t match. Her address didn’t match. Her description didn’t match. Other than the name Teresa, nothing matched.’

Ms Culpepper was released after the victim of the alleged assault appeared in court to reveal Ms Culpepper was not the person who assaulted her.

Officials with Atlanta Police in Georgia  have launched an investigation while Ms Culpepper is planning to sue for wrongful arrest.

Her arrest nightmare began on August 21 after she called police to report her pick-up truck had been stolen.

When officers arrived at her home in Atlanta they took down details of the car theft.

Later they returned and arrested her for an aggravated assault they were investigating.

Despite her protestations of innocence she was held in Fulton County jail and prosecutors brought charges against her.

According to records, Ms Culpepper was arrested under her real name, although the incident report lists her as Teresa Gilbert – the woman wanted for the assault.

After being freed on October 12, Ms Culpepper found herself homeless and her car in the impound lot.

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