A Point by Point List of Why Trump Is Guilty of Treason

14 Feb

Really good summary of Putin’s Bitch’s ownership by the Russians. AKA – Treason.

What is not said here is that we also know:

  1. Trump Election servers were connected to Russian FSB(KGB) servers and information was exchanged back and forth prior to the election.
  2. The Russians conducted a “disinformation” campaign through Wikileaks to discredit Clinton.
  3. Said disinformation campaign was coordinated between Trump and the Russians.
  4. There were more conversations between Trump people and the KGB than have been made public, including both by telephone and in face to face meetings (re:Carter Page)
  5. Trump has business relations, and apparently a large debt owed to Russian “Investors” with direct connections to Putin
  6. While studiously denied, there is substantial evidence that Russians indeed hacked the voting machines in several states in Trump and Republican favor

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Why Flynn’s Resignation Matters

A senior American official was compromised by his relationship with a foreign government. Who else has ties to the Russian state?

…To put the story in simplest terms:

1) Russian spies hacked Democratic Party communications in order to help elect Donald Trump.

2) Donald Trump welcomed the help, used it, publicly solicited more of it—and was then elected president of the United States.

3) President Obama sanctioned Russia for its pro-Trump espionage.

4) While Russia considered its response, its ambassador spoke with the national security adviser-designate about the sanctions

5) The adviser, Flynn, reportedly asked Russia not to overreact, signaling that the new administration would review the sanctions; Russia did not respond.6) As president-elect and then president, Donald Trump has indicated that he seeks to lift precisely those sanctions caused by Russia’s espionage work on his behalf.

All of this takes place against the background of Donald Trump’s seeming determination to align U.S. foreign policy ever closer to Russia’s: endorsing the annexation of Crimea, supporting Russia’s war aims in Syria, casting doubt on the U.S. guarantee to NATO allies, cheering on the breakup of the European Union.

It takes place, too, in the context of Trump’s murky corporate financial obligations to Russian entities. “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Donald Trump Jr. told an investor conference in 2008. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Exactly how much money is unknown to anyone outside the Trump Organization, because of the president’s repeated refusal to embrace financial transparency. But the pattern of Trump wealth-seeking in Russia has been widely reported, including the multimillion-dollar windfall profit gained from the sale of a Palm Beach mansion to a Russian oligarch at a particularly tense time in the Trump family finances—the same period when he was lending his name to such shabby operations as Trump University and Trump Steaks.

Michael Flynn spoke at the 10th anniversary dinner of Russia’s global propaganda network, RT, in December 2015—after the Russian annexation of Crimea, invasion of mainland Ukraine, and the shooting down of a Malaysian civilian airliner by Russian-backed militias.

Flynn is the third Trump associate to resign because of the revelation of close connections to the Russian state: Paul Manafort and Carter Page preceded him. Will more follow?

The question here is not about the Logan Act: “Did Flynn conduct U.S. foreign policy in a too hasty way, without waiting for his formal swearing in?”

The question is whether a senior American official was compromised by his relationship with a foreign government. And, even more troublingly: Are there others? And even more urgently: How high up the chain of command does Russia’s influence go?

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