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Notorious Yogi-X …Pizza Bandit! :)


If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I have been tracking the exploits of the “Notorious Yogi-X” – a black bear that has been on a crime spree starting in Maryland last year,  having to leave New Jersey after being falsely accused and being shot by an over aggressive officer, checked out the nightlife in New York City, stopping for a snack in New Hampshire – and finally winding up in Canada where he fell in with the wrong crowd a had a run in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Maybe it was a bad upbringing. Yogi’s cousin was even accused of a carjacking in Colorado, escaped to Montana whereupon he conducted a one bear crime spree, and after the law got close, he was arrested trying to catch a flight in Missoula!

Here – Yogi stops by for his favorite snack -Pizza, and gets an earful from the patrons!

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Notorious Yogi-X Crew Drug Gang!

The Notorious Yogi-X has been in trouble with the law before. After being thrown out of New Jersey last year, he apparently immigrated to Canada, where he has formed a gang and taken over a Drug operation!

Why can’t it be a brown bear, or a Grizzly – why does it have to be a black bear?

An RCMP officer poses with two of the bears found at a marijuana grow-op in southeastern B.C.

Yogi-X (r) Stops By to Tell the Officer "You mean those were marijuana plants?"

Bears guarded B.C. grow-op: RCMP

Police in southeastern B.C. have raided a marijuana grow operation that was apparently guarded by black bears.

Officers conducting the raid two weeks ago at Christina Lake found a property with two residential buildings and a fenced-off grow-op with about 1,000 plants, police said Tuesday.

But they also found about 10 bears that the owner appeared to be using to keep people from stealing any pot plants, said RCMP Sgt. Fred Mansveld.

“[Officers] soon noticed the bears were docile and tame,” Mansveld told CBC News. “One of them jumped on our unmarked car for a while. But it soon became apparent they were habituated to the grow operation.”

It was evident the animals had lived on the property for some time, police said.

The woman accused of running the grow-op has been feeding the bears for years, one neighbour said.

Police are recommending that the woman face charges related to marijuana cultivation.

Conservation officers now have to decide what to do about the bears, which might have to be destroyed because they have become too used to human food and contact, police said.

Christina Lake is about 350 kilometres east of Vancouver.

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The Notorious Yogi-X Carjacking!

Yogi-X is a bad black bear. He’s been in trouble with the law before…

Bear gets stuck in car, goes on brief ride

A Colorado man says a bear got into his car and took it on a short joyride before trashing the car's interior.

Yogi-X, filmed here on a carjacking spree, already has the CD Player and Nav Unit stripped, on the dash and ready to go, as he works on the "fine Corinthian leather".

If you think you’ve heard it all, follow this tale of a hungry black bear who went for a ride, literally.

Douglas County (Colorado) Sheriff’s deputies early Friday got a call about a honking car and a commotion inside. Perhaps it was teenagers or a thief, they thought as they approached Ralph Story’s 2008 Toyota Corolla.

It turns out it was a thief, albeit the furry variety.

The deputies’ first clue to something unusual was that the car was 125 feet below its normal parking spot in the driveway of the Storys’ Larkspur home, which sits on five acres.

Imagine their further surprise when they turned on their flashlights and got a peek inside.

It was a full-grown black bear, also known as ursus americanus.

The deputies had earlier received a call from a neighbor. She had heard honking and came up to the Story home, where the family was asleep. She noticed the car was rocking back and both and she called deputies shortly after 3 a.m., according to spokeswoman Michelle Rademacher of the Sheriff’s Department in the community 45 miles south of Denver.

Story said the bear was probably drawn to a peanut butter sandwich left inside by his 17-year-old son Ben. He said the family didn’t realize what was going on until deputies arrived and the neighbor came back and called them. By then the car was no longer in the driveway.

Incredulous, Story, his wife and three teen children — who have lived in Larkspur for 17 years — rushed outside to see the red Toyota down the hill and near a tree.

Somehow, the bear had either opened the unlocked back door or pushed a window down to get inside. Understandably agitated, it bumped into the horn repeatedly and eventually knocked the car’s gear into neutral. The Toyota rolled down the hill. The door added to the bear’s indignity by closing at some point during the ordeal.

A sergeant and two deputies who arrived on the scene “were stymied on how to proceed,” Story said.

They considered a tranquilizer or shooting the bear, whose gender is unknown. “Public safety is our primary concern,” Rademacher said.

Finally, the officers decided the best outcome for all would be to keep everyone safe and let the bear live to see more adventures.

After taking pictures, one of them tied a long rope to a door handle and pulled. After a few moments, Story said, the bear bounded out around 5 a.m., at least two hours after it had gotten inside.

It left a foul-smelling “present” on the front seat.

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Notorious Yogi-X Undergoes “Harsh Interrogation”

You think they are tough on foreign terrorists at Gitmo – wait until you see the treatment suffered by Notorious Yogi-X!

You don’t see them doing this to Brown Bears (Except in Arizona) and White (Polar) Bears!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Notorious Yogi-X Gets Gitmo Treatment“, posted with vodpod
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Toto – We Ain’t In Kansas!

Two videos, proving that just when you thought the human capacity for stupidity was exhausted – some folks will dig a whole new well.

This guy, who has already had more than a few to many, trying to buy a few more –

These news people, blocking the road to the “Balloon Boy’s” home, as well as blocking the neighbors from being able to get to and from their homes.

Old timers to the blog may remember the story of the Notorious Yogi-X. Well, it appears he’s at it again, seen here wandering into a grocery store and climbing into the beer cooler –

Yogi-X didn’t drink any of the beer – it seems he was just looking for a place to chill…

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