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Instant Karma for Tailgater

The most aggravating drivers are those that tailgate in a situation where there is no possibility of going faster. Right lane full of slower cars – left lane full of cars passing, and despite 15 cars in front of you – ¬†you have a clown behind you riding your bumper. Had something similar happen some years ago when a clown in a big old Dodge Ram pickup truck decided to tailgate me on a 4 lane rural highway. Guy in front of me was in a pickup carrying a washer and dryer, which he had not secured properly and flew out in the middle of the road. Had just enough time to avoid the hurling appliances because there was a long left turn lane I could dodge into and go around.The “Guts and Glory” moron behind me couldn’t see what was going on because he was so close to my SUV’s rear bumper. That big, supposedly intimidating grill wound up eating the washer…and dryer.

Sometimes…There is justice.

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“Nekkid” Carjacking Alert!

You think the politics in Arizona is weird, and the politicians there are certifiable nut cases…

Wait until you hear about this republican!

Naked Carjacking!

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