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World Cup… Soccer 1 – Sex 0

It would seem that some of the predictions and dire warnings didn’t pan out…

Soccer fans shun hookers for art’s sake

The influx of thousands of soccer fans would increase demand on South African sex workers; at least that was the belief of a leading expert prior to the start of the 2010 World Cup.

But it seems fans of the beautiful game that traveled to the Rainbow Nation have created a flop in sex-worker business — leaving prostitutes out-of-pocket and out of work — in favor of more high-brow pursuits.

“The World Cup has been devastating. We thought it was going to be a cash cow but it’s chased a lot of the business away. It’s been the worst month in my company’s history,” the owner and founder of one of Johannesburg’s most exclusive escort companies told CNN.

“No one is interested in sex at the moment. I think we’ve had three customers who traveled here for the World Cup which has seen my group’s business drop by 80 percent. I enjoyed watching the games, but I can’t wait for everyone to just go home now!” the madam, who works under the alias of “Tori,” added.

The behavior of fans in South Africa has run contrary to what was predicted prior to the start of the tournament after David Bayever told World Cup organizers in March it was feared that up to 40,000 extra prostitutes could converge in the host nation to meet the expected demand.

Bayever, deputy chairperson of South Africa’s Central Drug Authority (CDA) that advises on drug abuse but also works with prostitutes, warned: “Forty-thousand new prostitutes. As if we do not have enough people of our own, we have to import them to ensure our visitors are entertained.”

But the tournament in 2010, if anything, has seen the modern-day soccer fan attracted to art galleries and museums over brothels.

A trend that has seen a drop in revenue across the board for the prostitution industry, which is illegal in South Africa. “Zobwa,” the chairperson of Sisonke — an action group representing around 70 street prostitutes in Johannesburg — said business had been down over the last month. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ok – So I’m not a soccer fan…

But I couldn’t resist!

Another plus for the American Team?

On the U.S. team, 11 of the 16 players who’ve taken the field played in college. Not only has the U.S. matched England’s record—each team has two draws—the U.S. has scored two more goals (three actually, if you count the one that was inexplicably invalidated).

None of the players on England’s team even finished the equivalent of US High School – leaving school at 15 to join professional teams.

It’s better to be good…

And Smart.

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World Cup – Dutch Beer Babes…What’s Wrong With This Picture?

women in orange dresses at the Holland v Denmark World Cup game

Only Blonde "Beer Babes" in South Africa?

On Monday a group of 36 women attended the game between Holland and Denmark wearing orange dresses available from the leading Dutch beer brand Bavaria, although they bear no logo. As one of the Holland fans tells The Star newspaper in Johannesburg: “We were sitting near the front, making a lot of noise, and the cameras kept focusing on us.”

At this point, accounts diverge. According to the women, they were surrounded by stewards, who took them to be questioned by Fifa and the police. The officers warned their mini-dressed suspects that they could be arrested for ambush marketing and spend six months in jail. Then they drove them home after making copies of their passports and vowing to investigate further.

Only blonde haired blue eyed people drink beer?

In a country which is 90% black – do you think they could have afforded at least one black “Beer Babe”?

What? Black girls don’t look good in orange?

Obviously Bavaria isn’t interested in marketing to the non-white world.


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