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Whitney Houston – Your Brain on Crack…

If you have ever been involved in the addiction treatment of a relative or friend, or volunteered to work in an Addiction Treatment program – one of the most pernicious impacts of drug addiction is it’s long term impact on the brain. The answer to why addiction is so hard to quit, and why addicts do such “stupid” things is – the drugs often damage the brain. And that damage may take several years to recover from.

Now, I’m not going to lay this all automatically on Whitney – I’ve run into several situations over the last year, particularly on Delta where some of the flight crew were waaaaaay out of bounds, discourteous, and downright rude.

So here is the case of Whitney – reportedly sans crack –

Whitney Houston – Flight Crew Threatens … Fasten Your Seatbelt, Or Else

Whitney Houston isn’t on drugs anymore … she’s just crazy — and yesterday she almost got kicked off a Delta Airlines flight … because she refused to buckle her seatbelt.

Multiple sources tell us … Whitney boarded a flight in Atlanta Wednesday afternoon … and when she settled into her seat, a crew member asked her to buckle up.

We’re told Whitney refused and “got diva” on the crew member … until another crew member came over and warned Houston that if she didn’t buckle up, she would have to get off the plane.

Whitney eventually allowed one of the crew members to grab the buckle and fasten it for the singer — and the plane was then cleared for takeoff.

Sources close to the singer tell us … Whitney “overreacted a little bit after missing an earlier flight but she’s still 100% sober and was on the way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a new movie.”

It’s not right, but it’s OK …

And the opinions expressed in this article aren’t mine. I really hope she can stay with it – and that beautiful voice comes back…


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Diva Failure

What the heck is going on with our 80’s Divas?

First, Whitney Houston’s comeback tour is being widely panned, as she is barely able to grunt out the lyrics (when she can remember them), much less display the stunning voice which made her a superstar…

Now Anita Baker, who never had quite the dynamic range of Whitney, but had stunning control, stumbling over the Star Spangled Banner last night at the NBA finals sounding like a reject from American Idol doing Karoke –

We know Whitney’s problems stem from Bobby Brown and Drugs…



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Taiwanese Talent Show Contestant, Lin Yu Chun Covers Whitney

Check this young guy out! He sounds far better than Whitney does anymore!

This kid has some serious chops…

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Has Whitney… Lost It?

I wasn’t impressed by Whiney Houston’s performance at her free concert in New York to herald her return. Despite substantial electronic help – her voice appeared to be a shadow of it’s former strength and timbre…

Apparently her fans in Australia agree –


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