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Talking Heads Stir Paranoia Among White Men

Listening to Glenn Beck and Michelle Maliken this week you would have to believe that every old white guy in the country has a bulls eye painted on his back. White victimization is a popular string among the racist set, where a long line of perceived disadvantages manufacture the justification for hate.

Bread Line Statue at Franlin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Bread Line Statue at Franlin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The target audience for this currently is disaffected older white males, who are suffering from the recession/depression which was manufactured by failed conservative policies. Obviously, it is Beck and his kindred talking heads job to point the blame at Minorities – instead of squarely at folks like him who enabled the crippling of the nation’s economy.

Turns out there is some real pain out there to leverage racial hatred from –

Older white males hurt more by this recession Read the rest of this entry »

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Maddow Rips The New Jim Crow – “White men built America”

This one comes courtesy of Tafaraji, in reponse to my post Rachel Maddow Rips Pat Buchanan Over Sotomayor Racism. It is too juicy not to make a post.

The list of contributions, right on down to the original framework for the Constitution, by folks of color in this country are too long to list. That Pat would somehow feel these folks had little to do with the country we are today, is sick…

And racist.

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