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Wedding Dance – Smooth Criminal

Trends come and go relative to Wedding Parties. One which seems to have caught on in recent years is a new form of Wedding dance which replaces the old style Waltz with a closely choreographed set of steps by the groom, bride or family.

Have to admit – these are fun, and add to the memory of what is a joyous occasion.

My only question though – is 30 years from now…

Do you show this to the kids?

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A Short, But Happy Marraige…

These are virals that have been around for a bit, but if you haven’t seen them – they are a riot!

This is Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Entrance –

Unfortunately, things went so well with the video, that Kevin was kept busy 24 hours a day just answering questions over the WWW, totally ignoring Jill…

This is Jill and Kevin’s Divorce…

Check out Da judge!

What are a bunch of white folks boogieing doing on a black centric site?

Why not?

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