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Orange Jumpsuit Garlic Thieves?

This intrepid team of crooks swiped several truckloads of …Garlic! Now, I have to believe short of a Vampire infestation in the local town – stealing a truckload of freshly harvested Garlic is about as stupid as it gets…

These guys get BTx3’s – “Orange Jumpsuit of the Week Award”!

Cops Nab Thieves —With 9.5 Tons of Garlic

It’s a heist that didn’t exactly require sniffing dogs: Austrian police stopped three overloaded and sagging vans about to cross into Hungary from Austria today and found them packed to the roof with allegedly stolen garlic—about 9.5 tons of the pungent cargo. After questioning the five men—all Romanian nationals—in the vehicles they charged them on suspicion of receiving stolen goods.

Police say the garlic apparently came from Spain and estimate its value at $37,500. The Austrian Press Agency cites one officer as saying it was clear what the vans were carrying even before their doors were opened. “All three vehicles really stunk like garlic,” he says.

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Martial Law in Patterson, NJ?

OK – This one starts with Faux News trying to make a “News” Issue out of a proposal presented before the City Council of Patterson, New Jersey. Never mind the fact that the proposal was voted down…

It’s a good opportunity for some right-wing righteous fact free indignation!

The start of this one is a riot, with the Faux News “reporter” informing us that the other Faux News “Reporter” is (gasp!”…


Now, this one has apparently spawned some reaction, purportedly by some of the citizens of Patterson, NJ – and thus the following video posted on YouTube –

Maybe it’s just me… But is the woman in the video, opposing a night curfew…

Sporting a set of canines (fangs!) that would make Count Dracula melt in envy?

OK… Obviously the proposal wasn’t going to get the “vampire vote”.

(And I apologize to the Sister, because I sure as H, don’t want to get “shanked” by one of her “older friends” …

Or was that fiends?



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