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Don’t Mess With Dad’s Girl – Dad Delivers and “Old Tyme” Spanking

Folks can complain all the want about “absentee dads” etc – but in the last few weeks some Dads have shown how far they are willing to go to protect their daughters.

A father in Lavaca Country Texas found his 5 year old daughter being raped by a scumbag, and delivered some “Texas Justice” with his fists. He is not being charged with the killing of the scumbag. This was not a case of vengeance, as the Dad caught the man in the act. No charges are being filed by Police for the beatdown and subsequent death of the perv.

Then there was the case in San Francisco, where Dad – with a little help from Mom, delivered some “.40 Caliber Justice” to a Pimp who was pimping their teenage Daughter. Both parents have been charged and bail has been set at $2 million. Seems to me that if the National Rifle Association (NRA) was really about self protection, instead of providing cover for racist whack-jobs they’d have paid the bail and given Mom and Dad a “Marksmanship Award”.

And then there is this case – caught on YouTube –

Now – I’d hardly call this “brutal” as the Video does. After all, as the father points out – it is a lot better than a full-on ass whipping!

Proving that in at least a few small corners of America, not yet polluted by right-wing sissified posturing, don’t mess with Dad’s Baby Girl.


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LT Innocent of Rape Charge?

Evidence is mounting that LT did not actually have physical sex with the 16 year old prostitute he has been charged with raping. If so – what Taylor did do is morally offensive (financially supporting prostitution), but not a hell of a lot worse than guys who buy a lap dance in a strip club – or buy memberships to Internet porn sites to wank their man meat…

But certainly not a felony.

Further – the girl admits to telling Taylor she was 19 – which backs his story.

Teen Hooker Told Friend She Didn’t Sleep With LT

The teenage prostitute Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor is accused of raping told a friend that she “didn’t even have to f— him,” the New York Post reports. The friend, who drove the girl to meet Taylor at a hotel in Suffern, NY, on May 6, says the 16-year-old told her it was “easy money” because Taylor simply paid her $300 after masturbating. “They didn’t have sex, she’s lying, and he’s innocent,” said the friend, a stripper who lives with the hooker and her accused pimp. The friend’s sworn statement could make a big difference for LT. “This is reasonable doubt,” a source told the Post, adding that if true, it would clear him of third-degree rape, a felony. Taylor’s lawyer declined to comment on the development, but last week he said LT “didn’t have sex with anybody, period.”

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Republican Majority Leader – Nekkid Tubbing With Teenies

Wait a minute – This is in Republican Utah! Shades of Senator Ensign, indeed.


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