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Chavez and Faux News

Now, my Spanish is a bit rusty – but I believe the interpreter here “cleaned up” a bit of the language for broadcast…

That smell of suphur…


Back to your think tank, Faux News!

Faux cropped


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Libyan President Gahdafi Praises Obama

Fox News telecast the President of Libya, Gahdafi’s entire 96 minute speech to the UN today…

Which is one more speech than they have broadcast recently made by President Obama.

Obviously, Faux News feels whatever President Gahdafi had to say to the UN is far more important to Americans…

Than what our own President has to say.

This bit from Faux, where the reporter repeats himself 5 times in 2 minutes over Gahdafi’s reference to Obama as Africa’s Native Son (Our Son) due to his Kenyan father-

File this one under – Racism, will indeed make you stupid.

Second, don’t let conservative racism fool you into believing Gahdafi is a raving lunatic, or stupid. He has become a force to be reckoned with through investing his country’s oil money in Sub Saharan Africa,  and (belatedly) is in the process of a massive infrastructure upgrade in his country, principally being funded on Libya’s own nickel instead of begging for money like many other countries. Since deciding to re-engage with the rest of the world 5 years ago, clearing up the last of the Raygun era Islamic radicalism, the country has been making moves to try and become an economic power.


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