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Tiger Caged!

Not good for Tiger Woods…

Tiger’s perp shot – definitely not on the green.

Tiger Woods Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI In Florida

Early Monday morning in Jupiter, Fla., Tiger Woods was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Booked for DUI in a Palm Beach County jail at 7:18 a.m. ET, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the golf legend was released on his own recognizance at 10:50 a.m.

Jupiter police spokesperson Kristin Rightler did not immediately offer further detail about the arrest.

The 41-year-old golfer has won 14 major tournaments and 79 PGA Tour events — which is enough to rank him second on the list of all-time winningest golfers, The Associated Press reports — but his most recent major win came nearly a decade ago, in 2008.

Since then, Woods has struggled with a raft of headline-grabbing off-the-course incidents, which Sports Illustrated details here.

More recently, health concerns have kept him off the links. Just last month, Woods underwent his fourth back surgery in about as many years.

“I could no longer live with the pain I had. We tried every possible non-surgical route and nothing worked. I had good days and bad days, but the pain was usually there, and I couldn’t do much,” he wrote in a blog post last week. “Even lying down hurt.”

Still, Woods expressed optimism about the results of the surgery and his chances to get back to the game.

“All I can do is take it day by day. There’s no hurry,” Woods wrote last week. “But, I want to say unequivocally, I want to play professional golf again.”


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He’s Baaaaaak! Tiger Wins the Memorial

For the first time in a long time – Tiger looks like Tiger…

Tiger Woods’ Chip Shot On 16th Hole At Memorial Propels Him To Win (VIDEO)

Cue up the “Tiger Woods is back” conversations!

On the 16th hole at the 2012 Memorial Tournament, Tiger Woods made an absolutely amazing shot to tie Rory Sabbatini for the lead at 8-under par on Sunday. The stunning 50-foot chip shot for birdie had the term “Vintage Tiger” trending on Twitter in no time. And, in true vintage fashion, Tiger celebrated the shot with a fierce fist pump.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better one. That was the most unbelievable, gutsy shot that I’ve ever seen,” raved golf legend Jack Nicklaus, who founded the tournament, after Jim Nantz of CBS asked if anyone had hit a better shot at the Memorial. “It was really, really unbelievable, particularly because of the position he was in. He hits it short the tournament is over. He hits it long the tournament is over. He put it in the whole. Unbelievable.”


After making this stunning shot, Woods went on to putt for par on 17 and then birdie the 18th hole as Sabbatini faltered down the stretch. Woods finished the final round at the Memorial at 5-under 67 and celebrated his fifth win at the tournament with a handshake from Nicklaus, who was waiting near the 18th green.

With this win, Woods ties Nicklaus with 73 career PGA Tour wins. They now share second place on the all-time list, trailing Sam Snead (82)

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Epitaph For Tiger?

Wow… This article certainly seems to me to have run out far on a limb…And kept going. Certainly seems a heady recipe to have to eat some humble pie at some point – because despite Tiger’s current difficulties, there isn’t anything physical which might keep him from returning to form.

Tiger Woods Is Finished

Tiger Woods Is Finished

Tiger's recent game has been atrocious, suggesting to one author that he has lost it forever...

Tiger Woods didn’t win the PGA Championship yesterday, or any major this year. Get used to that sort of thing happening, because Tiger Woods will never win another major championship again.

He’s finished. He’s not catching Jack Nicklaus. He’s won what, fourteen majors? Well, that’s what he’ll stay on for the rest of eternity. It’s a shame, because he has put his entire being into chasing Nicklaus, and we, as fans, have followed him for over a decade assuming that the record would eventually be in his grasp, and sooner rather than later. It’s frustrating to get to this point and think that we’ll never reach that moment with Woods. But we never will.

There are a few reasons why.


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PETA Plans a Little Wood Cutting… Tiger Woods That Is…

PETA plans to release a billboard featuring Tiger Woods, despite not having any advertising or contractual relationship with Tiger…

Indeed, the ad is for …”Wood cutting”.

PETA's Tiger Billboard

PETA wants to stop little tigers from getting wood

According to PETA –

“Tiger has no formal affiliation with the organization and has not previewed or endorsed the ad but the image and the idea were too good to pass up when it comes to helping find homes for animals who will otherwise be left out in the cold,” PETA explained in a statement.

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Tiger Woods Apology

“I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior.”


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Hume Doubles Down on Tiger Woods’ Faith

Faux News Correspondent Brit Humes doubles down on his controversial statements that if Tiger Woods was a christian…

He wouldn’t have these bimbo problems.

Of course the recent scandals surrounding the “Christian Brotherhood” politicians such as Governor Mark Sanford, and Senator John Ensign makes a mockery of that.

Power indeed corrupts, absolutely.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The first question of course is —  “WTF is Hume doing proselytizing while pretending to be a News Reporter?”  Shades of the Taliban…


Now I’m likely going to piss a whole bunch of folks off with this – but I’m going to put it out there anyway.

One of the major problems in this country since the evangelical Christians aligned with the right in this country is they stopped being a religion…

And became a cult.

Now this isn’t in any way to excuse Tiger Wood’s despicable moral behavior.


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CNN’s Rick Sanchez Confronts Sen. Ensign’s “Tiger Woods Problem”

Now, Senator Ensign has a bit of a Tiger Woods problem…

For those who missed this one – the Senator is under investigation for actions surrounding being exposed boffing and adultery of/with another man’s wife who was an employee of his office…

Turns out the cuckolded husband, also was an employee of Senator Ensign.

Now Tiger has been accused of trying to pay his Bimbos off, to get them to crawl back into the woodwork. Seems that Senator Ensign also made large cash payments – AND illegally obtained very high paying jobs for the couple as part of the hush money…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Sly, the slick, and the Wicked… Indeed…

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What President Obama Can Learn From Tiger?

I would hope they put this cover in production waaaaaaay before the Tiger scandalrama. The January 2010 issue of Golf Digest has a cover article and picture of President Obama and Tiger Woods on a Golf Course, and an article entitled “10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger”…

Tiger and the Prez Lining Up a Shot

I’m not sure all the President’s men, along with the might of the US Military…

Could get Tiger’s behind out of the trouble he’s gotten himself into.

And 9 of the 10 “Tips” President Obama would give Tiger?

“Keep your pants on.”


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Just When You Thought Tiger Couldn’t Get Any Deeper Into the Rough

Tiger Woods in the buff? Playgirl claims to have naked photos of golfing star

Next Month's Tiger Cover?

Tiger Woods’ putter could be the next thing on public display.

A spokesman for Playgirl says they have what appear to be nude photos of the Woods and they plan on publishing them if they can confirm they’re the real deal.

“We were approached by a third party who wanted to know our ‘interest level,” Daniel Nardicio claims in several published reports. “Our lawyers are currently going over them, the source, the entire package.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Tiger Saga Gets Stranger…

The Tiger meltdown continues. Those jilted “Viking” women may be tougher than sisters…

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Wanda Sykes – On What Really Happened to Tiger

Wanda is a riot on this one! This is waaaaaaay too cold.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Predictable Bimbo Eruptions For Tiger

Note to Tiger – when you are rich and famous, there is no such thing as ONE Bimbo eruption…

BUZZ: Cocktail Waitress Claims Affair with Tiger Woods

A second woman has stepped into the spotlight in the Tiger Woods controversy – and this one whole-heartedly claims that she and the champion golfer had an affair.

Jaimee Grubbs

Jamie Grubbs, a cocktail waitress who appeared on the VH1 show Tool Academy, tells the British tabloid the Sun that she and the pro golfer had a 31-month fling that included around 20 sexual encounters, the first just days before Woods’s wife, Elin Nordegren, gave birth to the married couple’s first child.

“He told me just last month, ‘Quietly and secretly we will always be together,’ ” Grubbs, 24, says.

According to Grubbs, the two met in Las Vegas in 2007, and Woods, 33, flew to see her in San Diego every few months thereafter. She says she still has text messages and voicemails to prove the relationship – including one in which he asks her to take her name off her cell-phone ID because Nordegren was starting to become suspicious.

“Hey, it’s Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor,” Woods allegedly said in one voicemail obtained by the newspaper. “Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you. So if you can, please take your name off that.

“Just have it as a number on the voicemail. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye.”

Second Note to Tiger – You are married to one of the most beautiful women in the world. There is no shortage of beautiful women who will trade their favor for an association with fame and wealth…

Don’t go downhill. This one is like “three putting” after hitting 4 Eagles in a row.

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Tiger Gets the 9 Iron Treatment!


Now TMZ and the gossip rags have already jumped in with stories of another honey on the side, resulting in our boy Tiger getting the 9 Iron treatment from wife Elin Nordegren. A few places such as SF City Lights have even managed to publish a picture of said dalliance, Rachel Uchitel –

Rachel Uchitel, being reported as Tiger's woman on the side...

Yup… Looks like a 2 Wood…

Followed by a 9 Iron to me…


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