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Televising the Revolution – Red and Not Dead

Watched this one with amazement. Someone out there is still quoting Chairman Mao. The half-truth here is that untrammeled Capitalism has brought the world economy to it’s knees – twice.

Untrammeled communism brought the world millions of dead people, typically killed by their own government.

The real issue here isn’t Capitalism as such, it’s the Cowboy Corporate Capitalism of conservatism in the United States, whose view of the government role is as a wholly owned subsidiary of and completely for and to the benefit of major corporations…

Instead of as a watchdog and representative for the citizenry – ALL the citizenry, corporate and corporeal citizen alike.

Without that watchdog function any system falls to corruption – just as the communist state in the Soviet Union did…

And just as greedy corporate criminal have nearly flatlined the world economy under capitalism.


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