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Release of New Thelonious Monk Album!


Been a century since Jazz Great Thelonious Monk was born. Jazz fans are about to be in for a treat, the release of some Monk material previously thought lost.

Jazz Wizard Thelonious Monk’s Lost Masterpiece

To mark his centennial, the jazz legend’s lost album, ‘Les liaisons dangereuses 160,’ has finally been made available. And boy, is it special.

Ask any group of even token jazz fans who the best composer is in the history of the medium, and a series of hearty cries will go up for Duke Ellington. But are we being wayward if we suggest that Thelonious Monk might be in the runner-up spot?

There is good reason to kick around that notion: this is Monk’s centennial year, with a zesty little Monk treat for Record Store Day on April 22 coming courtesy of the release of the 2LP set, Les liaisons dangereuses 1960—a discovery in one part, a wonder in another….

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Old Vinyl Collection

OK  – I’m a Pack Rat. I admit it!

Decided to break out the entire Album collection, which consists of 4 of the large plastic storage tubs of 33’s, a box of 78’s, and about 600 or so 45’s.

And I have no idea how many CDs. I’ve even got a few old 8 Tracks! Not to mention a Reel to Reel…

Copped an IKEA cabinet, which was the only cabinet I could find deep enough for the 33’s (actually I got 2).

Anyway, the collection goes back to the 30’s and 40’s – mostly, that  stuff I inherited or was given by a friend who has long departed.

Got me to thinking of a few things in the collection –

To start off Wes Montgomery with Nica’s Dream, written by Horace Silver –

Wes Montgomery is accompanied by a group of young Dutch musicians, probably all still in their early twenties. Although unknown in the larger part of the world these are Pim Jacobs piano, his younger brother Ruud on bass and drummer Han Bennink.

Dave Brubeck from 1961, Take 5

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five (1961) Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Joe Morello and Gene Wright

And last but not least – the immortal “Trane” – Read the rest of this entry »


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