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Whoopie goes Off on Uncle Ben

Oh My!

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The View – Heated Discussion over the N-Word

Sheri Sheppard goes off over Brbara Walters use of the N-Word reporting a story about Rick Perry’s Ranch…

And here in Part 2, things get a bit heated…

Whoopi keeps it together.

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View Hostess Hammers Tar Baby Comment

Think she’s pissed off…

Reminds me of this one…


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Whoopi Goes off On Racist, Sanctimonious Republicans

Whoopi goes off on Bachman et al…

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Whoopi and Polanski

Not sure where Whoopi is trying to go with this one. It appears to not only off the reservation, but off the universe of common sense…

People who do what Polanski did – PEDOPHILES – have one of the, if not the highest recidivism rates of all criminals. Chances are, Polanski raped a lot more than just one 13 year old girl. Indeed, a pedophile with his wealth could have done this to hundreds of girls – not only in the child rape fleshpots of Thailand, and Limbaugh’s hideaway the Dominican Republic, or Eastern Europe…

But in the places he has been hiding, where law enforcement is dependent on how much money you have to bribe your way out of trouble.

WTF is Whoopi defending this scumbag?

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Jesse Ventura Smackdown of Hasselbeck on “The View”

Jesse Venture rips the Rethugs a new rectal orifice! Cutting through the Pelosi BS, Ventura points out that waterboarding is torture – the very same sort of torture we, as a country decried during the Vietnam War when it was done to our soldiers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To be honest, Pelosi has been a lousy Democrat leader. If the Rethugs are sucessful in pulling her down – a lot of oflks on her side of the isle will cheer. I find it utterly amazing the Rethugs could impeach Clinton for a blow job, and the Dems couldn’t, and wouldn’t impeach the Dick for treason, and the Bushsquat for lying not only to Congress…

But the whole damn country.

With Rummy’s inclusion of bibilical quotes on the covers of Pentagon Briefings, it’s fairly plain that this country was in the thrall of our very own American Taliban. An American Taliban who sunk our country to the lowest levels in persuit of a self inflicted Jihad in Iraq, and who fractured or broke every law that inconvienced their immoral and brutal tactics.

The country is not going to push past this by covering it up. There needs to be a full and public accounting, complete with long jail terms for the guilty, and the purgatory of American Public Opinion for the abettors.


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