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Marching in a Straight Line

Maher gets it right sometimes, and in this one he’s dead on –

Maher is beginning to tap into the rising tide of frustration with the inability of Congress and President Obama to get things done. Eight months into this Presidency, a lot of time, good will, and effort has been squandered.

If the Democrat Party were operated like a well run corporation, right about now, the entire contingent of elected Democrat officials in the House and Senate would be locked into one of those large conference rooms at the Hermitage for a “Come to Jesus” meeting…

And wouldn’t be let out until there was complete agreement on accomplishing a list of 5 objectives in the following 7 days.

And no – you don’t serve coffee, tea, or those cute little canapes until it’s done.


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No Cajones Obama

Well, the Rethugs successfully lynched Van Jones…

And it was a lynching in every sense of the word.

Supposedly for his comments about Republicans.

Once again the Dems run like a scalded mutt with its tail between it’s legs.

Be nice if the Dems could grow a freaking pair for a change.

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Orange Jumpsuit Award – William “Cold Cash” Jefferson

Update on Dollar Bill –

The Jury has reccommended that Jefferson forfeit the proceeds of his criminal activity.

A breakdown of the items Jefferson would have to give up if the jury’s recommendation is followed includes:

  • $449,300 in payments to a Dryades Savings Bank Account number in the name of ANJ
  • $21,353.47 in payments to a Liberty Bank account in the name of BEP Consulting Services
  • 30,775,000 shares in iGate stock
  • 1,500,000 shares of stock in W2-IBBS, Limited
  • 600 shares of stock in Multi-Media Broad Band Services, Inc.

The total dollar amount is $470,653.47.

Original Post –

It appears that “Cold Cash” will be headed to the “cooler” with Former Congressman William Jefferson’s conviction by Jury yesterday –

In the event you feel a tear coming on for Congressman Jefferson – think of it in these terms…

Most, if not all of the victims of his extortion and bribery schemes were small black American owned companies seeking to do business in Africa. His corruption was pretty much common knowledge in the Minority business community around the DC Beltway – so his arrest wasn’t really a surprise. Whatever good this man may have done for his constituents is vastly outweighed by the fact he let them down.

Come on down, Cold Cash – and collect your Award! Read the rest of this entry »

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Orange Jumpsuit Award – Monica Conyers

Orange Jumpsuit Award

Orange Jumpsuit Award

There is an update to this post HERE

Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers guilty in Synagro bribery scandal

Detroit — Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers pleaded guilty to a felony today in connection with a city sludge hauling contract scandal. Detroit’s top federal prosecutor said no other City Council members would be charged in connection with the investigation. Read the rest of this entry »


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