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There are No Trees in Haiti… Because the Kids Ate Them!

There is no shortage of food in Haiti.

There a a very many other things screwed up in the country, including ¬†an obscene “Container Tax” which makes it impossible to sell their foodstuffs overseas…But there is no shortage of food.

You will find one of the below on almost every commercial block in Haitian cities –

Image result for Haiti Food Vendors

There are almost no trees left in Haiti, although there are half a dozen groups that have been successful in replanting some areas.

So this is a bit of a surprise…

The kids ate them?


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Hurricanes, Tornados, and Uh-Oh Derechos!

No…That isn’t Doritos.

Wave cloud pattern of a Derecho

Survived two of these things. Once on the water when I saw it coming 10-12 miles away across the river and figured I couldn’t outrun it looking at the movement of the lead cloud. Had just enough time to get the bow into it, drop and set the hook, and get the hatches battened (boater talk for make like a big anchored cork) before getting hit with the first 70 MPH gust, which sustained for a good 10-15 minutes. Because the tide was slack, there were no real waves to fight as the wind was blowing everything flat or into spray. Lots of “knock downs” that day of guys not watching the weather who got caught with their sails up, and guys in the power boats who hadn’t quite figured out that a planing hull, which uses air to lift…

Does some real squirrely things when the air perpendicular to the boat (not the direction the boat happily travels) is moving under the boat faster than you can go.

Why you keep the nose into the waves –

And just in case that “Cruise Ship” is going to save your non-nautical ass in the middle of the ocean –

The second was last year here in the Washington DC area, where it came across the beltway like a freight train making the vegetation look like it went through the world’s largest wood chipper… With the prediction of potential for a Derecho type storm from the Ohio Valley on east… Might be a good day to bunker up.


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This is a picture of my Dock as it appears normally –

May 2007 050

Normal Conditions. The Dock extends about 150 yards to a deep water creek. There is about 3 miles of marsh over to the barrier islands, which are the mounds right on the horizon. The structure to the left is a Coast Guard Station on one of the inlets. Yesterday, the waves out there were 20+ feet.

This is what it looked like yesterday morning after the HIgh Tide had passed –

IPHoneFlood 007

This was taken about an hour after high tide. At high tide, it was too dark to get a picture - but the water was over the top of the poles - about 8' above the ground.

This is part of my back yard taken from the entry door. In the center of the pic next to the shovel is the well head. After this pic was taken, I raised the well head 3′ to protect it from flooding.

Driveway circle behind house

This is what it looked like yesterday AM –

IPHoneFlood 014

Totally under water. The boat on the left belongs to the neighbor. My boat fortunately is at the dealers getting a winter tune up. Things have grown up since the previous picture was taken - I have planted Bayberries and Cedars to screen the house from the road. There is a new house about 500 yards back on the entry road.


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