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World Stocks Fall On Fears Tea Baggers Will Kill Jobs Bill

Now looking to do for the world what they have done for the US in damaging US creditworthiness…

Foreign Investors join their American counterparts in  no longer believing Tea Party majority US Congress will do the right things for the US or World economy.

The Tea Baggers are idealoges, clinging to a thoroughly discredited mantra bent on destroying the Governemnt – and who are doing, and have done more damage to the United States…

Than Al Quaeda.

That “credible terrorist threat” reported by Law Enforcement on the 10th anniversay of 9-11 isn’t radicalized Muslims…

It’s radicalized Republicans.

World Stocks Fall On Fears That U.S. Jobs Plan Will Stall In Congress

World stocks fell Friday on investor worries that a U.S. plan to stimulate jobs and growth will be held up in Congress and may not be followed fast enough by action from the Federal Reserve.

The euro hit six-month lows against the dollar and the yen with more falls likely after the European Central Bank shifted away from further rises in interest rates, a key driver in the single currency’s rally this year.

U.S. shares were poised for a weaker open, extending Thursday’s falls after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke left the door open for new stimulus measures but stopped short of signaling the central bank would take the plunge.

Markets are concerned that President Barack Obama’s proposed $447 billion package of tax cuts and spending plans aimed at boosting growth and job creation could be hamstrung by political wrangling.

“Investors are holding back…There isn’t any reason to commit until you can see credible policies,” Justin Urquhart Stewart, director at Seven Investment Management, said.

“Bernanke was never going to say anything. He made it clear at Jackson Hole he was pushing it back to the politicians. Obama has come up with this stimulus package. We now have to digest what effect this will have, assuming it is passed.”

European shares fell as much as 1.1 percent, pulling down the MSCI world equity index 0.7 percent. S&P index futures were last down 0.6 percent, pointing to a lower start on Wall Street.

Market confidence has been fragile this week due to growing concerns over the global economy and Europe’s debt crisis, with Friday’s deadline for bond holders to decide on Greece’s swap offer adding to the nervousness.

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Black Tea Day on the Stock Market

In 1987 the stock market took it’s worst hit in over 50 years. That day has become to be known as “Black Monday”.

Well – with the 635 point hit the Stock Market took today, following a 500 pint hit last Thursday, I think we call this was Black Tea Monday – in honor of the folks responsible for it – the Tea Baggers in Congress.

If you don’t have a recall election scheduled in your district, and are represented by one of the Tea Baggers…

I suggest you start a petition, or a more immediate group effort with something like tar, feathers… and a rail.

Battered Dow Ends Down 635

The Dow Jones plummeted under 11,000 today, dropping 635 points as the United States’ downgraded credit rating punished the markets. The drubbing took the Dow down 5.55% to 10,810, reports MarketWatch. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 bled more, shedding 6.90% and 6.66% respectively.

“The initial reaction with most things problematic in the market is to sell and ask questions later,” one investment banker told the Wall Street Journal this morning. The turmoil sent investors scrambling to an ironic place for safety: US Treasuries, which saw big gains despite the downgrade. T-note yields hit their lowest level since January 2009. Gold also soared, closing at more than $1,713 an ounce.



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What if the DOW Crashed… And Nobody Cared?

The DOW hasn’t been connected to any real economy in quite a while. Ergo, DOW up or DOW down, doesn’t have any impact on unemployment, jobs, or any of the day to day livelihood of the American people.

Perhaps it’s time to just let it go… poof.

Then perhaps whatever rises from the ashes will reconnect with the real economy.

Dow Plunges 280+ Points
US stocks plunged today—with the Dow Jones at times down more than 280 points—ahead of tomorrow’s monthly jobs report, after the government announced only limited improvement. Unemployment benefits claims fell by just 1,000 last week,MarketWatch reports. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index plunged 2.6%, bringing it 10%—the level considered to signal a market correction, notes the AP—below its April 29 high of 1,363.

The Dow has now dropped more than 1,000 points since July 21.”You’ve got a weak economy, the aversion of a debt crisis but not a solution, and you’ve got the rest of the globe starting to implode in a lot of areas, especially Europe,” one expert tells the Wall Street Journal. “It’s natural that people would react with fear.”


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