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The American Taliban

This one from Maddow on how one company is printing Bible verses on scopes utilized by the US Military and given to our Muslim allies to combat Islamic extremists…

This one reminds me of a lesson the British learned in India, near 150 years ago in 1857 during the first Indian Liberation War. The Pattern 1853 Rifle issued Indian Troops fighting for the British was a muzzle loading gun typical of the time. Because the modern brass cartridge had not been invented yet – the powder and bullet were packed in a paper tube together as a expedient to loading the rifle quickly. The paper was coated with a fat to prevent the paper cartridge from getting wet, rendering it useless. To load the gun, the soldier bit off the end of the cartridge, and poured it’s contents down the barrel. This same rifle, as well as this type of paper cartridge was used extensively during the American Civil War until it was displaced by cartridge based designs.

Hindus are vegetarian, and Muslims do not eat pork. Almost immediately upon the issue of the rifles rumors swirled as to the origin of the fat. British officers were largely unsympathetic to the religious sensitivities of their Indian troops…

The result was The Indian “rebellion” of 1857.

The Obama Administration needs to cancel the contract with Trijicon, and ban them from further Federal business.

They are killing our people, for their own religious vanity.

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