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Countdown: Is Obama abandoning the public option?

I certainly hope what President Obama said about the Single Payer Government Option is a misconstrual or misunderstanding of what he meant.

Because if he really does mean he is willing to abandon this in some misguided attempt to placate the bigots, I’m turning in my Obama card – because his Presidency is over.

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In the process of reading a book I did a blog on a few weeks ago, “The State of Jones which describes the run-up to the Southern States Secession in the first few chapters. Much of the rhetoric used to justify the secession, and the war is so similar to today’s Tea Bigot Tirades it’s almost scary. Even more similar is the fact that the people who most loudly supported secession, were wealthy slaveholders who ultimately forced the vote through, even though a majority of people in many parts of the South opposed it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Rep. Dennis Kucinich Catches Think Tank Liar in the Act

This is an oldie but goodie. For the past few months the Manhattan Institute, a conservative organization misnomered as a “Think Tank” has been fronting some fake numbers and statistics about Canada’s Health Care System for conservatives to parrot.

The conserva-clown being shredded by Kucinich is supposed to be a “Health Care Expert”…

Nothing like the smell of toasted conservative in the morning…


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