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Donna Brazile Exposes DNC

The DNC operated as a financial arm of the Hillary Campaign. And rigged the Primary against Bernie.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bernie? Chicken Drumph!

Trump is too much of a coward to debate Bernie…

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Bernie to Debate Trump?

This could be fun. The Political whatnots and talking heads think this is a bad idea. I disagree. While Bernie is still in the race, I think he is in it more for the soul of the Democrat Party  to win the nomination at this point. Polls have consistently shown that a significant portion of Trump’s support would shift to Sanders should Trump be out of the race. Then again…Bernie may score a knockout.

Sanders camp on Trump debate: ‘We want this to happen’

The suggestion that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump debate in California before the June 7 primaries would appear to be more than just a late-night joke.

“We want this to happen,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs told POLITICO on Thursday, when asked if the campaign would reach out to its counterpart, hours after Trump said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” he would be willing to debate the Democratic candidate if the proceeds from the event went to charity.

Within minutes of Trump’s remarks, Sanders tweeted, “Game on. I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary.”

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but senior adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders told MSNBC that the prospect of the debate “just goes to show that Donald Trump is not afraid of Bernie Sanders nearly as much as Hillary Clinton is who refuses to debate Bernie.”

“If she can’t handle the guys in her own party, how do we expect her to take on foreign leaders that are probably much more aggressive than Bernie Sanders,” Huckabee Sanders added. “Whether it happens or not, I think we’re all waiting to see about that. But Donald Trump certainly is happy to debate Bernie Sanders, I think, at any point.”


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Sanders Hits Electorate Issue With Clinton Dead Center

Bernie Sanders just laid out the reason many Progressives are hesitant to support Hillary Clinton. It is in no way that she isn’t qualified, However it is that “conservative” Democrat and connections to Wall Street thing.

Bernie Sanders: ‘Something Is Clearly Lacking’ In Hillary Clinton’s Judgment

“I have my doubts about what kind of president she would make.”

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Sunday questioned rival Hillary Clinton’s temperament for the highest office in the land.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Vermont senator clarified his criticism of the former secretary of state last week, in which he said she isn’t “qualified” for the White House.

“The point that I was making, which is absolutely correct, is that if you look at where she is getting the money from Wall Street, another powerful special interest, she voted for the war, she cited Henry Kissinger, in a sense, as a model for her,” Sanders said. “I think those issues will tell the American people that in many respects, she may have the experience to be president of the United States. No one can argue that. But in terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.”

In a separate interview that aired Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sanders again took a swipe at Clinton and her qualifications as president.

“I have my doubts about what kind of president she would make,” he said.

The two candidates jockeying for the Democratic presidential nomination both spent the weekend campaigning in New York, which holds its primary contest on April 19. According to a Fox News poll released Sunday, Clinton leads Sanders 53 percent to 37 percent in the state.


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Sander Wins Big in Wisconsin, Cruz Takes Trump Down

Sanders has won the last 8 primaries. There is trouble in Clintonland.

Trumps mouth has finally got the best of him.


Presidential Primaries, April 5, 2016


92.1% Reporting

Delegates Allocated: 81/96


Winner B. Sanders 56.3% 45
H. Clinton 43.4% 36
M. O’Malley 0.2%
Uninstructed 0.1%

92.1% Reporting

Delegates Allocated: 36/42


Winner T. Cruz 48.5% 33
D. Trump 34.9% 3
J. Kasich 14.1%
M. Rubio 0.9%
B. Carson 0.5%
J. Bush 0.3%
R. Paul 0.2%
Uninstructed 0.2%
M. Huckabee 0.1%
C. Christie 0.1%
C. Fiorina 0.1%
R. Santorum 0.0%
J. Gilmore 0.0%
Updated: 4/6/16 12:51 AM ET | Source: AP


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Free Hug Project – Sanders/Trump Rallies

What sort of people attend Trump and Sanders events?

How do the attendees handle social contact?

Ken Nwadike started his “Free Hugs” campaign after the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. The response was both warm and amazing and made the National News.

This year he attended both Sanders and Trump events…The differences in response were amazing and say a lot about the people who support each candidate.



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Sanders Wins Big in Idaho, Washington, and Alaska

Bernie Sanders has won big in 3 of the 4 States voting in the Democratic Primary this weekend. He also may well take Hawaii, making it a sweep this week.

Bernie Sanders Wins Washington State and Alaska; Hawaii Democrats Are Also Voting

Senator Bernie Sanders handily defeated Hillary Clinton on Saturday in theWashington State and Alaska caucuses, infusing his underdog campaign with critical momentum and bolstering his argument that the race for the Democratic nomination is not a foregone conclusion.

Mr. Sanders found a welcome tableau in the largely white and liberal electorates of the Pacific Northwest, where just days after routing Mrs. Clinton in Idaho he repeated the feat in Washington. With a handful of precincts still reporting, he was leading Mrs. Clinton by more than 40 percentage points. He performed even better in Alaska, winning 82 percent of the vote.

Washington, with 101 delegates in play, was a vital state for Mr. Sanders, whose prospects of capturing the nomination dimmed after double-digit losses to Mrs. Clinton across the South and weak showings in delegate-rich Ohio, Florida and North Carolina this month.

At a rally in Madison, Wis., late Saturday afternoon, Mr. Sanders assured more than 8,000 supporters that his victories had cleared a viable path to the nomination. “We knew from Day 1 that politically we were going to have a hard time in the Deep South,” Mr. Sanders said. “But we knew things were going to improve when we headed west.”

oting the “huge” voter turnout — in Washington, Democratic Party officials estimated more than 200,000 people participated on Saturday, close to the record set in 2008 — he told the crowd, “We are making significant inroads into Secretary Clinton’s lead.”

The victories in Washington and Alaska, which awarded 16 delegates on Saturday, slightly narrow the gulf with Mrs. Clinton in the quest for the 2,382 delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. As of Saturday evening, Mrs. Clinton had roughly 280 more so-called pledged delegates, who are awarded based on voting, and 440 more superdelegates — party leaders and elected officials — than Mr. Sanders.


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