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Justice At Street Level

Two videos of some really stupid folks, starting conflicts they shouldn’t have.

The first is filmed in San Fancisco on a MUNI Bus in the Chinatown section of the city. Apparently the black woman in the video was taking up two seats, and the Chinese woman asked her to move over – then the trash talk and signifyin’ starts…

Sista in this one had an ounce of brains, she would have just apologized and moved over making room for the other woman.

Courtesy costs nothing, and returns much.

Second, she should have noticed she was in Chinatown – not Oakland, leading to a decisively different mix of folks on the bus, limiting the number of folks who might have any motivation whatsoever to plead her case – especially with her being in the wrong.

The second video is in London, apparently in a section of town where Transsexuals or cross dressing people congregate. Two, probably drunk, clowns decide it’s a great place for a bit of gay bashing…

The person in the miniskirt, happens to be a Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighter.

Really bad decision on the part of the two clowns.

Now, this sort of “street justice” may indeed have it’s parallel in the political arena with the way conservatives have tried to brow beat, threaten, and obstruct everything associated with Obama – much in the same way the black lady in the video is talking trash about what she is going to do to the Chinese woman…

I’m looking forward to the political “Beat Down”, as is much of America apparently – looking at the falling poll numbers for Republicans…


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