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Chris Matthews Hammers Michael Steele’s Replacement

Chris Matthews leaves Reince Priebus wishing he still had Michael Steele around to buckdance up some race cover for his party…

I mean – they didn’t even invite their former Chairman to the convention in Tampa.


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Pink Elephants

One of the unspoken things around Washington is the number of “closet queens” in power positions or influential positions in the right wing hierarchy. What deeply angers the Gay community is that many of these folks gay bash, and support anti-gay positions such as partner rights and the Bushit Marriage Amendment…

The latest to come out of the closet is Ken Mehlman, former RNC Chairman and Bushit advisor.

Mehlman news fuels divisive reaction

Is former top Bush aid Ken Mehlman – who has told friends and family he is gay – a courageous conservative or shameful hypocrite?

That’s the debate raging through political circles and around the blogosphere a day after the former Republican National Committee chairman and 2004 Bush campaign manager told The Atlantic magazine he is gay.

In one corner are those who say Mehlman has arrived at the end of a difficult journey of self acceptance, and should be praised for coming out publicly and pledging to work with groups that advocate for same-sex marriage in the future.

In the other are those whose memory still remains fresh – of the Bush administration’s stance on gay rights in general and particularly Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign, of which Mehlman was a chief architect, that repeatedly used the issue of same-sex marriage to increase conservative turnout at the polls.

R. Clark Cooper, the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans – a group that aims to work within the GOP to advance gay and lesbian rights – says Mehlman should be commended for putting himself on the line and pledging to work toward equal rights in the future.

“I am looking at it from a forward looking view, as in onward and upward,” Cooper told CNN. “Let’s take advantage of this moment. Let’s get the Republican Party back to basics, back to its core values and away from its divisive social issues.”

As for whether Mehlman deserves criticisms for steering the party down a course that embraced a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, Cooper says others should not speculate what Mehlman’s thought process was.

“There’s not an on and off switch [to being gay]. There’s a huge conflict in one’s mind…I don’t know when or where on the calendar Ken started doing the reconciliation process,” Cooper said. “But…when one starts having those conflicts and feelings, there is the immediate reaction to try to fix it.”

Christopher Barron, of the gay conservative group GOPProud also praised Mehlman’s decision to go public.

“Poll after poll shows the most powerful thing we can do to change hearts and minds about gay issues is to come out,” he told CNN, “I applaud Ken for having the courage to take this important step. I think everyone should remember that each of us has our own personal journey as it relates to coming to terms with our own sexuality and coming out.

Meanwhile the Victory Fund, a gay and lesbian political group, issued a more tepid response, saying, “We hope the fact that Ken Mehlman has reached this level of honesty will now encourage other political leaders to reject divisive anti-gay campaign tactics which, as Mr. Mehlman now admits, are purely cynical attempts to manipulate the American public.”

But some more liberal-leaning bloggers aren’t willing to shower the former Bush aide with adulation, no matter how difficult his own self acceptance may have been.

“The three people most responsible for the anti-gay actions of the Bush reelection campaign are Mehlman, Karl Rove and Bush,” wrote Mike Rogers, a liberal blogger who has long sought to out gay Republicans. “Ken Mehlman is horridly homophobic and no matter how orchestrated his coming out is, our community should hold him accountable for his past.”

The Stonewall Democrats, a group of Democratic gay and lesbian activists, expressed a similar sentiment, saying in a statement, “Mehlman presided over the Republican Party at a time when the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans were used to ill ends – marriage amendments in dozens of states, vitriolic attacks on our families, our soldiers, our very lives – all for political expediency, votes at the ballot box, and power.”

Blogger Joe Jervis added, “You don’t have be GAY or OUT to know that discrimination and bigotry is wrong. Don’t let Mehlman’s “personal journey” babble snow you.”


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The HNIC and Harry Reid

The HNIC has conveniently been provided an escape route from his many missteps and problems. In the last several days a book published about the 2008 election quoted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as saying of then Candidate Obama that he thought that Barack Obama could win the presidency because he was “light-skinned” and did not use a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

President Obama, to those who have an ear speaks in Black Brahmin, which is a black dialect using cadences and tones drown from the upper and middle class black community in the South. Famous individuals in the arts who used this dialect were James Earl Jones and Lena Horne – and it is not uncommonly used by well educate black ministers delivering sermons. Martin Luther King used a “southernized” version of this in speeches.

Steele, speaking on Fox News Sunday and NBC’s Meet the Press, said the same standard should apply to Reid as was applied to former Majority Leader Trent Lott in 2002 when Republicans controlled the Senate.

Lott lost his job after praising former Strom Thurmond’s segregationist campaign for President in 1948, saying if he had won, “we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years.” Lott made the remarks at a 100th birthday party for the late senator.

“There’s a big double standard here,” Steele said on NBC. “When Democrats get caught saying racist things, an apology is enough . If that had been (GOP Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell saying that about an African-American candidate for president of the United States, trust me …the DNC would be screaming for his head very much like they were with Trent Lott.”

Nor surprisingly, Steele fully dons his Uncle Tom mantle in defending Trent Lott, whose support of then staunch segregationist Stom Thurmond whose Dixiecrat Party’s platform supported a rollback of every iota of desegregation and rights of black people – including anti-lynching legislation. The Dixiecrat Party was a third party, whose racial policies directly opposed those or the Republican Party of the time, and were angry Norther Democrats supported Civil Rights. The States’ Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrats) opposed racial integration and wanted to retain Jim Crow laws and white supremacy. The party’s slogan was “Segregation Forever!” Dixiecrats organized in response to President Harry S. Truman’s proposed 1948 civil rights package, based on the what was believed by many whites as the greatest threatened federal intrusion into the South since Reconstruction – drawing from the same “state’s rights” concept as the the current Tea Party. The Civil Rights Act of 1948 consisted of four primary pieces of legislation: abolition of the poll tax, a federal anti-lynching law, desegregation legislation, and a permanent Federal Employment Practices Committee (FEPC) to prevent racial discrimination in jobs funded by federal dollars.

So, Trent Lott’s statement in support of Strom Thurmond is directly in support of white supremacy, segregation, and the right to punish black people extra-legally by lynching as white citizens saw fit.

Compared to Reid’s correct observation that America is far too racist to accept a President that is “too black” – either in skin color or speech.

With the cost of Gold nowadays, I’ll have to forego presentation of a Gold Plated Uncle Tom Award of the Decade for Uncle Mikkie – so he’ll just have to do with this Stepin Fetchit award –

Uncle Tom of the Decade - Stepin Fetchit Award for Michael Steele, the HNIC


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The Uncle Mikkie Show – The HNIC’s Last Days?

Uncle Mikkie is in the middle of a firestorm. It appears he isn’t “staying on message”… Or at least the message some conservatives want.

Mikkie puts his foot in it, with a prediction Republicans will not take back the House in 2010.

GOP aides clash over Michael Steele

GOP tempers flared during a routine conference call when House and Senate leadership aides confronted Republican National Committee staffers over recent comments by party chairman Michael Steele.

At issue was Steele’s prediction earlier this week during his nationwide book tour that the Republican Party would not take back the House in November — comments that infuriated Republican strategists on Capitol Hill, who decided to broach the topic during the Wednesday call.

The dispute — first reported by Hotline On Call — occurred on a daily strategy call with aides from Republican leadership offices in the House and Senate, along with RNC officials.

According to a senior House aide who was on the conference call, a Senate staffer said the chairman was trampling on the GOP’s message in a week that saw several high-profile Democratic retirements. The Senate aide told RNC staffers to do a better job controlling their chairman.

Mikkie tries to dig himself out of the hole –

“He is digging himself deeper,” the Senate aide griped about Steele, according to the House source. “He’s got to stop and put an end to this thing.”

RNC Research Director Jeff Berkowitz jumped in and “offered a hard defense of Steele,” according to the senior House aide. Berkowitz shot back that the Senate official was “out of line,” which then set off a round of “bickering,” the House aide told CNN.

When questioned about the issue – Uncle Mikkie claims – “Brother’s still here!” –

From – Someone Forced Michael Steele to Become a Mediocre RNC Chair

After largely slipping out of the headlines for a while, Michael Steele is once again facing dissent from within his own party about his leadership as the chairman of the RNC. It all seemed to flare up anew a few weeks ago with the news that Steele was being paid up to $20,000 to give speeches, something former RNC chairmen reacted to with a healthy dose of curmudgeonly grumbling. Earlier this week he angered more Republicans when, during an interview about a new book nobody knew he had written, Steele told Sean Hannity that he wasn’t sure if the GOP was “ready” to control the House. Still with us? Good, it gets better.

Yesterday, Steele sassed his critics in an interview with ABC News radio, saying, “If you don’t want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up.” In a separate interview with Dennis Miller, Steele claimed that the role of RNC chairman is a burden that was unwillingly thrust upon him, as if he were compelled to take care of the GOP after its parents were killed in a car accident. “I mean, I didn’t ask for, I didn’t seek this job, I didn’t ask for it,” he said. “It wasn’t part of my, you know, chartered course in life to wind up as chairman of the RNC.” If that’s true, then Michael Steele has even bigger problems than we realized, because some impersonator who looks exactly like him went around campaigning for the RNC chairmanship a year ago.

And then Chris Matthews “Goes Street” on Uncle Mikkie –


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