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Republican wants MLK Day to Honor Gunmaker

Utah Martin Luther King Day Bill: Senator Mark Madsen Wants To Add Honor For Gunmaker

Utah state Senator Mark Madsen (R-Eagle Mountain) wants to honor gun maker John Browning with a state-recognized holiday and he wants to do it on Martin Luther King Day.

And in a quick turnaround

Ogden gunmaker John Browning won’t share a state holiday with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

“We don’t want to go where we’re not wanted,” said Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Eagle Mountain. “I had an idea to honor an international icon and a favorite son of Utah and got backed into race politics.”

After the proposal surfaced Wednesday, local NAACP leader Jeanetta Williams said it was “a very mean-spirted act” to consider honoring a gun manufacturer on the same day as King, who was shot and killed by an assassin.

Even Madsen’s fellow Republicans had their doubts. Madsen’s bill to establish the Browning holiday was discussed during Thursday’s closed-door Senate GOP caucus.

“I think there was a general feeling among the caucus members that we look at a different date,” Senate Majority Whip Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, said, adding he was not surprised about the controversy.

Madsen, though, said he thought Browning, born in January, was a good fit with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, celebrated on the third Monday of January.

“Both made tremendous contributions to individual freedom and individual liberty,” Madsen said, noting Browning’s contribution towards winning World War I, a 1911 model handgun. Read the rest of this entry »

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Would MLK Have Embraced the Tea Baggers?

Interesting and cogent argument being made here at Truthout by Mike Elk – Martin Luther King Would Have Loved the Teabaggers, Not Called Them Racists. What Mr. Elk is saying is that a good part of the Tea Bagger movement is being driven by nothing more than fear, a good part of which has been developed through the 30 year decline in real income and purchasing power of the working class. I agree with some of his argument – but there are a couple of sticky points along the way –


A few weeks ago, I attended the teabagger protests in DC. The thing I noticed the most about the folks there was that, for the most part, they were friendly, nice, hardworking people. Sure, there were some crazies; sure, there were some racists. For the most part, though, they looked like the type of folks I grew up with in the labor movement, coming to DC to enjoy a protest and spend the rest of the weekend taking in some monuments and museums. These weren’t rich suburbanites; the teabaggers I saw were mainly poor people, whose trip to DC were probably the only the vacation they would be able to afford this year.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I had known many poor white people, but they all seemed to vote for Democrats because they had manufacturing jobs and were union members. Gradually, though, the unions – which were a means of educating people about politics – evaporated under the anti-union policies of Democrats and Republicans alike. I saw more and more strong Democrats turn Republican as they began to distrust a Democratic Party that took away their jobs with policies like NAFTA and one after another massive corporate giveaway.

Even recently, my own grandmother, a lifelong Democrat, admitted to my mother that she was unsure about health care reform because of the “death panels.”

Is my grandmother some sort of stupid, racist, teabagging reactionary? I think not. This is the woman who, after all, told me stories about how she was called a “Mediterranean n**ger” growing up and was sympathetic to the experience of African-Americans. But has my grandmother been lied to by Democrats and Republicans alike and seen her standard of living decline over the past 30 years? Sure. And has this led my grandmother to the point where she is so confused about what to believe that she simply doesn’t trust government because, mostly, what government has done is hurt her over the last 30 years? Without a doubt.

As Sara Robinson argues in her must-read piece analyzing the rise of the teabagger movement among working-class Americans:

No democracy in history has ever survived with our current levels of inequality. There’s no reason for the middle and working classes to trust anything about a system that’s so clearly rigged to suck money straight out of their pockets into the tax-free offshore bank accounts of the wealthy – who, of course, turn right around and use that money to buy off our government, so they can suck up even more of our economy for themselves.People are confused. They are angry, and they have little faith in government. … (more)

No small part of the mess we are in as a country right now stems from the white working class allegiance to conservatism and Republicans, starting with Raygun. This very same group sold their soul to Raygun, largely based on Carter’s failure as a President to preserve national pride. Raygun’s ascension marked the beginning of the massive decline in earning and buying power of the middle class in America. Bush Uno continued that, selling those manufacturing and blue collar jobs to China – ending an era of Post WWII economic growth for the middle class which didn’t show any signs of resuscitation except for a few short years under Clinton. And NAFTA is the problem?

The Bushit massively empowered the corporate hegemony in the country – including massive giveaways to the banks which created credit facilities, and collected interest rates to 36%. Interest rates which the Mafia couldn’t loan money on. The result of this was to burden the middle and working class with a debt structure that stole any possible opportunity to improve themselves. Then conservatives kneecapped the working class with a restructuring of Bankruptcy Laws – creating the modern form of a Debtor’s Prison.

Now, there is no question that some Democrats (in some cases a whole lot of) Democrats sold out along the way, and functioned as enablers – but that isn’t the whole story here. The story goes like this –

As a Progressive, you can sit down with some of the “Tea Bagger” folks, and you can lay out in statistics, and with numbers, and with correlating irrefutable evidence point by point scientifically. The beauty of the Internet is you can research this isht from Universities, Government Agencies, and real economists – and lay out the whole freaking ugly picture of how they have been reamed again and again…

And every single time, their answer isn’t based on the logical, or reason – but the emotional – it is ALWAYS, “I feel pain, and it is Obama who f’ed up”.

Now, MLK also said –

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.

Mark Twain, paraphrasing Ben Franklin said –

You can’t reason a man out of a position that reason didn’t get him into in the first place.

So no – MLK wouldn’t have any respect for the Tea Baggers. And it is in no small part racism which drives them. Just because it isn’t the put on the white hood, and lynch Emmit Till type – doesn’t man it isn’t the same old problem.

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Right Wing Targeting… Who?

Rachael … Again!

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Let’s take a look at those Right Wing Targets…

Van Jones

Van Jones

ACORN Presidnet Bertha Lewis

ACORN Presidnet Bertha Lewis


Patrick Gaspard

SEIU - We are the Service Employees International Union, an organization of 2.1 million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.

SEIU - 54 percent of all full-time Black workers in the United States receive low wages, working for $12.87 an hour or less - Unionization raises African American workers' wages by $2.00/hour (11.2 percent)

Naaaaaaahhhh! There couldn’t possibly be any similarity here!

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Hate Care – The Root of Republican Opposition

First up, Former President Carter clarifies his statements of the previous day at a talk at Emory University –

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration does what they do best…


The administration obviously isn’t going to back Carter’s statements for purely political reasons. The “Post racial” first officially black President of the United States isn’t going to stand at the podium and state that his opponents are in any way driven by racism, short of South Carolina seceding again and raising the Stars and Bars. First and foremost because any cynical observation shows there is unimpeachable proof that some of that opposition is driven by the oldest of political concerns…


Health Care Lobbyists are writing some very, very large checks to anyone willing to sell out America. Using a well trod path, they have purchased an entire political Party, the Republicans – and even acquired some Democrats (Max Baucus, and some dogs showing a “blue” tinge).

So… While Carter is correct in his carefully chosen condemnation – the White House is going to stand pat.


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Rep. David Scott (D-GA) Displays His Hate Mail

Fresh from having a swastika painted over his name on the sign to his office, Representative David Scott shares a bit of the hate mail sent to him by the Town Howlers…

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Any further questions about this whole conservative Tea Bagging brouhaha being about anything except race?

Rep Scott Hate Mail

There is lots more… Read the rest of this entry »


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