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Right Wing Targeting… Who?

Rachael … Again!

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Let’s take a look at those Right Wing Targets…

Van Jones

Van Jones

ACORN Presidnet Bertha Lewis

ACORN Presidnet Bertha Lewis


Patrick Gaspard

SEIU - We are the Service Employees International Union, an organization of 2.1 million members united by the belief in the dignity and worth of workers and the services they provide and dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families and creating a more just and humane society.

SEIU - 54 percent of all full-time Black workers in the United States receive low wages, working for $12.87 an hour or less - Unionization raises African American workers' wages by $2.00/hour (11.2 percent)

Naaaaaaahhhh! There couldn’t possibly be any similarity here!

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The Acorn Murders

This is a riot. Glenn Back, desperately needing to bolster ratings to survive the Color of Change Advertiser boycott,  grasps at straws –  getting “outraged” when an ACORN employee tells a fake news crew trying to perpetrate a sting – she doesn’t beat her children…

But she murders her husbands.

Sending Beck into a veritable apoplexy of fake rage on air against the evil ACORN for advising people to kill their spouses…

The problem? The ACORN employee’s husband is alive an well. The employee, recognizing the ridiculousness of the Faux News team…

Decided to play a joke on them.

Faux never back checked the story to make sure it was valid.

Indeed, Faux apparently failed to back check any of the videos for fraud. The amateur video makers are now accused of dubbing in voiceovers to make the material more sinister, and the actions of ACORN employees more perverse specifically to bolster their financial value in selling them to Faux News.

Now – that isn’t saying there may or may not be something “wrong” with ACORN, or the actions of some of it’s employees. It’s not a categorical exoneration…

But it is a categorical indictment of Faux News, and their willingness to manipulate, massage, and fabricate stories which fit their political agenda.

I feel an investigation of ACORN may be in order – at the locations identified as problematic. Since the organization has already been looked at, under a giant microscope for 2 years by Republicans grasping at any infinitesimal act of malfeasance, and – as a government contractor on a much more rigorous basis than say, a Halliburton, or General Dynamics – the chances something is systemically wrong is fairly small.

However, I believe the Justice Department should open a RICO investigation into Faux, where there appears to be substantial evidence of a continuing criminal enterprise.


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