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The New Jim Crow – Plessy vs. Ricci

Not groundbreaking Рbut a solid talk about race in America in view of the recent Ricci New Jim Crow, justifying racial discrimination, by the Supreme Court 5 РThugs in Robes. Professor Robert Jensen on The color of the race problem  is white.

If one was looking to hire a History Teacher, you could indeed design a test asking questions about certain events or figures in History. If such test included a requirement to name 5 Emperors of the Han Dynasty, or 5 Shoguns in feudal Japan – it would indeed test the knowledge of history beyond the standard Western European History taught in the US. A well studied American college graduate could answer the question – however, so could a Chinese born or Japanese born individual who had studied grade school or high school equivalent national history as part of their primary education in their native country. Ergo, if one were to pick a random group of 50 American born college graduates with History Degrees, and 50 Chinese or Japanese born people who had completed High school equivalent education in their birth countries – it is likely the Chinese or Japanese born applicants would test as more “qualified” than their higher educated American competitors. Despite the lack of college degrees. Read the rest of this entry »


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President Obama on Affirmative Action, Post Supreme Court 5-4 Ricci Decision

President Obama tries to be politic about the recent 5-4 Supreme Court abortion on Ricci today in an AP Interview –

This is how then future President Obama responded to George Stephanopolos last year –

Obviously the Ricci decision was politically motivated, making law from the bench – instead of a narrow reading of the Constitutional Law as it applied to the case.The issue here isn’t what should have been done relative to Ricci and the other 19 firefighters – the issue here is how the court attempted to make law by making that decision relevant to other cases.

The New Jim Crow… Indeed.

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A Tale of Two Discrimination Lawsuits

This vid is about a discrimination case in the Police and Fire Departments of Baltimore –

This vid is about Ricci in New Haven-

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Uncle Tommie Clarence… Again.

If you think this is about Ricci – You’re wrong (mostly).

The election of a black President of the United States has sent shock waves through the ever shrinking conservative Republican community. The sort of thing not seen in this country since 1929 when the Stock Market Crash resulted in folks jumping out of windows in high buildings…

The fear and loathing on the part of white conservatives has been palpable, with talks of secession from the Union being bandied around in conservative circles in several states.  After all, what white conservative could stand being subordinate to a black man?

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