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Rev Mack Daddy on … “Freaky White People”

Rev Mack Daddy on “Freaky White People”…

Including Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell, and John Boehner!

“Tying up white women! Ya’ll white people crazy!”

This is a classic!


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Morning Comedy – Rev. Long Legged Mack Daddy

Yet more evidence of the brain rotting properties of conservatism on the black conservative brain…

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Rev. Mack Daddy Pimps It…Again!

This guy has got to get a full time gig on Faux News with Hannity! He is a far more entertaining fruitcake than Jesse Lee, and the usual Tom Show.

Rev Mack Daddy admits he spent 3 1/2 years in prison…”Surrounded by thousands of black men”…



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Rev. Mack Daddy’s At It Again!

Rev Mack Daddy Manning is at it again. Somebody done replaced the communion wine again with something containing hallucinogenic agents. The funny thing about this is Rev Mack Daddy questioning President Obama’s degree from Columbia University. What is funny is that the Rev. Mack Daddy publishes that he has a Phd, and goes by the honorific the Revered Doctor Mack Daddy…

The problem? The Revered Doctor’s Phd was awarded to himself by himself, though his own “church” – not any accredited College or University, or even a Seminary.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I wonder if Rev. Mack Daddy also awarded himself a Birth Certificate?

Come on down and get your award, Rev. Mack Daddy!

Lawn Jockey of the Week - Rev. "Mack Daddy" Manning

more about “Rev. James Manning Back on Alex Jones…“, posted with vodpod


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Rev. Mack Daddy Manning At It Again!

Now Mack Daddy is claiming to have been visited by the CIA, which “are part of the Department of Homeland Security”…

Only two small problems with that…

  1. The CIA is not part of DHS.
  2. The CIA has no authority to operate within the United States.

He expects to be arrested in the next few days!

Oh My!

This is a black person’s brain on conservatism.


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Rev. Mack Daddy – Only Black People are Racist

Lot of competition this year from black conservatives, but Rev. Mack Daddy Manning has not only moved into the house…

He’s got a room on the 3rd floor.

Come on up Rev – and get your Lawn Jockey of the Year Award.

The Rev. Mack-Daddy Manny Award

The Rev. Mack-Daddy Manny Award

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Rev Long Legged Mack Daddy (Other -Brother) is At it Again!

Here he goes again! This time on Michael Jackson’s funeral – demanding President Obama bump the Jackson family out of the way and take a front row seat!

You know – I now think I know what happened to Geraldine after Flip Wilson passed away!

Geraldine has a brand new gig!

Geraldine has a brand new gig!


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