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Obama Finally Goes Gangsta… And Rethugs Run

Further evidence that acting “civilized” and “bipartisan” is a waste of time with Rethuglys in the Senate –

After Threat, Obama Gets His Nominees

The president said in a statement Thursday evening that he is encouraged by confirmation earlier in the day of 27 high-level nominees and will not need to make recess appointments — for now.

President Barack Obama dropped his threat to bypass the Senate and install nominees to their positions through recess appointments — at least for now.

Recess appointments can be made while the Senate is out of session and are a way for presidents to get around the need for a confirmation vote. The president said in a statement Thursday evening that he is encouraged by confirmation earlier in the day of 27 high-level nominees.

On Tuesday, Obama threatened to make the recess appointments to get around senators who had placed “holds” on his nominees, which prevent, or at least delay, the Senate from moving forward with nominations. By the White House’s count, at the start of the week, 63 nominees had been stalled with holds.

At a meeting with top congressional leaders on Tuesday, Obama told Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that he would use his recess appointment power if Republican senators did not release their holds.

“Many holds were motivated by a desire to leverage projects for a Senator’s state or simply to frustrate progress,” the president said in a statement Thursday evening. “It is precisely these kinds of tactics that enrage the American people.”

Since then, the president said he was gratified that Republicans released their holds and allowed 29 nominees to receive votes. Nominees confirmed on Thursday include appointees to the Treasury Department, Pentagon, Health and Human Services and Justice Department, among others.

“While this is a good first step, there are still dozens of nominees on hold who deserve a similar vote, and I will be looking for action from the Senate when it returns from recess,” Obama said. “If they do not act, I reserve the right to use my recess appointment authority in the future.”

This calls for a little celebratory Gap Band!

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Republcians Destroy Democracy – Abuse of Fillibuster and Rules

One Republican Senator was able to hold up the nomination of 65 of President Obama’s nominations…

112 Bills before the Senate are currently being filibustered by Republicans.

Maddow is on a roll, exposing Rethugly Terrorism.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

None dare call it Treason…

But they should.

more about “Video: Filibuster, abuse it and lose it?“, posted with vodpod
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Speed Skating Into Treason – ‘Military Coup’ Newsmax Column

This one about a NewMax article –

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Now admittedly, Rumsfeld pretty badly polluted the command structure with syncopates during his tenure, and eliminated anyone who didn’t march to the neo-con tune. But that is a far leap from Treason.

Think those folks over at NewsMax must have found a a whole warehouse full of crack left over from the Raygun days…

And smoked it.

NewsMax is funded (partially) by the RNC – so this level of treason runs deep in the party of wing nuts and bigots.

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Bill Moyers Makes a Plea for Obama to Grow a Pair

Moyers distills our current politics right down to the bone –

It is long past time for President Obama to quit playing Pansie, and let the damn dogs loose. This a “full speed ahead, an Damn the Torpedoes” moment for his Administration if there ever was one.

In my “humble” opinion 5 things need to happen, and they need to happen in a hurry, Mr. President  –

  1. President Obama, his staff, and the Dems in Congress need to forget about the 2010 elections. They have already f’ed themselves on that one, by trying to play tosies with the rabid right wing scumbags. Continuing down the current path of wussing out at every turn has not only provided ammunition, but inspiration to the Rethugs – which has turned into gaining traction. Rolling over the Rethugs isn’t going to make things any worse. So get the freakin’ steam tractor out – and get the damn job done on Health Care Reform.
  2. Wake up to the fact that Rethug opposition to Health Care Reform doesn’t have a damn thing to do with any “honest disagreement”. It is driven by two things a) large cash infusions by the Health Care Mafia masquerading as corporations, and b) racism. The folks driven by racism are the ideological descendants of the folks who thought a good lynching was a Saturday Night family entertainment. There is no amount of reason which is going to get these folks to see the light – because reason didn’t make them racists in the first place.  The others are the sort of folks who will only see reason at the receiving end of a 2 x 4 between the eyes – greed is a powerful motivator.
  3. There is a great deal of unfinished business from the previous corrupt and criminal administration. This is supposed to be a nation of Laws. The reason we have jails and prisons isn’t just to punish and rehabilitate criminals – it is to warn potential criminals of their fate. When the biggest criminals in American history get away scot free – lawlessness ensues. It’s time to establish the fact that the King’s men are no more or less immune to the Law than the average citizen. Time to prosecute the previous administration’s corrupt minions – up to and including the former President and Vice President if they are guilty.
  4. The principal methodology of opposition to your administration isn’t through the normal political process. It is enabled through corporations controlling the airwaves and communications systems in this country who are under no liability to tell the truth. It’s time to make those corporations, and their talking head savants accountable. There are historical precedents for doing so.
  5. Nearly half of the positions in the Obama Administration remain unfilled. Further, the Government apparatus remains crippled by ideologues placed in positions of power by the previous Administration, who may or may not on an individual basis operate and conduct their jobs with the best interests of the American people in mind. Many of these people got their jobs through extra-legal manipulation, or complete disregard of Federal Laws, including Civil Service and the Executive Service. Attorney General Holder as leader of the Department of Justice is the most visible victim, although the corruption was spread throughout the Government. Your Administration’s position appears to be that the folks who were put into those jobs in complete contravention to Civil Service Laws, are now protected by Civil Service.  You need to cut the bullshit, and cut the string. In a country where real unemployment is near 16%, and over 6% of people with Bachelors Degrees or higher are un/under – employed, there is no shortage of folks who want real jobs working for the betterment and advancement of their country.

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Beck’s Wreck

The Beck-wreck continues…

Going to be an interesting two weeks. With Obama finally figuring out that the Republicans aren’t interested in bipartisanship, the Dems – if they develop the cajones – can move into steamroller mode.

The attempt at working with these rabid dogs has given them a platform completely out of proportion with their importance and numbers, and provided undeserved traction for Rethugs in the mid-term election cycle.

Way past time to drop the hammer, and move forward without them.

Once President and the Democrats do that, the public howling recedes back down to the background noise level.


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