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Why Republicans are Happy Obama Can’t Run Again

Obama rips Republicans a new one…

Yup…He’d beat them again.

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Republicans Threaten To Impeach Georgia Attorney General for Following the Law

How stupid are Republicans?

The right-wing morons in Georgia are now threatening to impeach their Attorney General…

Because he refuses to waste the state’s money on filing a frivolous lawsuit against the Health Care Reform Bill.

Considering that such lawsuits have only about a .005% chance of succeeding – even in a stacked SCOTUS whose 5 member majority puts politics and ideology over the welfare of the country and the Constitution, and the fact that most states are cutting back on everything from schools to policing due to budget shortfalls…

You have to ask if the bozos who are joining in the Lawsuits to attempt to overturn the Law shouldn’t be charged with criminal malfeasance.

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Obama Finally Goes Gangsta… And Rethugs Run

Further evidence that acting “civilized” and “bipartisan” is a waste of time with Rethuglys in the Senate –

After Threat, Obama Gets His Nominees

The president said in a statement Thursday evening that he is encouraged by confirmation earlier in the day of 27 high-level nominees and will not need to make recess appointments — for now.

President Barack Obama dropped his threat to bypass the Senate and install nominees to their positions through recess appointments — at least for now.

Recess appointments can be made while the Senate is out of session and are a way for presidents to get around the need for a confirmation vote. The president said in a statement Thursday evening that he is encouraged by confirmation earlier in the day of 27 high-level nominees.

On Tuesday, Obama threatened to make the recess appointments to get around senators who had placed “holds” on his nominees, which prevent, or at least delay, the Senate from moving forward with nominations. By the White House’s count, at the start of the week, 63 nominees had been stalled with holds.

At a meeting with top congressional leaders on Tuesday, Obama told Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that he would use his recess appointment power if Republican senators did not release their holds.

“Many holds were motivated by a desire to leverage projects for a Senator’s state or simply to frustrate progress,” the president said in a statement Thursday evening. “It is precisely these kinds of tactics that enrage the American people.”

Since then, the president said he was gratified that Republicans released their holds and allowed 29 nominees to receive votes. Nominees confirmed on Thursday include appointees to the Treasury Department, Pentagon, Health and Human Services and Justice Department, among others.

“While this is a good first step, there are still dozens of nominees on hold who deserve a similar vote, and I will be looking for action from the Senate when it returns from recess,” Obama said. “If they do not act, I reserve the right to use my recess appointment authority in the future.”

This calls for a little celebratory Gap Band!

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Republcians Destroy Democracy – Abuse of Fillibuster and Rules

One Republican Senator was able to hold up the nomination of 65 of President Obama’s nominations…

112 Bills before the Senate are currently being filibustered by Republicans.

Maddow is on a roll, exposing Rethugly Terrorism.

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None dare call it Treason…

But they should.

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Obama Wusses Out… Again

The chickenshit Dumbocrats gave the Rethuglys yet another victory yesterday – chickening out on what was a very important fight.

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Rethuglys only care about winning political points…

And don’t give a damn how many Americans die as a result.

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Conservative’s Recomendation to President Obama for Fixing Counterterrorism: ‘Use the Word Terrorism More Often’

Republican solution to solving Terrorism?

Use the word more often in your speeches, President Obama!

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That’s right – President Obama is soft on Terrorism…

Because unlike the Bushit, he doesn’t use it as a sound byte 30 times in every speech.

Now these are the same folks who have hijacked and blockaded Health Care Reform, blocked the appointment of a new head of the Transportation Security Administration, and whose wanking their weenies to the war drum on Iraq provided better “service” to Al Quaeda and the Taliban…

Than a Republican Senator on his knees under the desk of a Health Insurance Executive.

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Republican Congressman Provided Hit List For Terrorists

Hey Al Quaeda! Why don’t you kidnap the Mayor’s daughter?

I’ve always been of the belief that there should be a qualifications test to hold office. You have to take a driving test to prove you can drive safely…

Why shouldn’t Congressmen be required to take an IQ test to prove they can drive the country?

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The HNIC – Some White Republicans Are Scared of Me

Can’t believe he said that!

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I mean – no WONDER America is in such a jam, after 8 years of these folks in charge.



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Fox Anchor: If You’re Depressed, ‘You Take Yourself Out’

One can only hope, after the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill in the Senate…

Conservatives will heed their own advice!

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Republican Fumbles Pledge of Allegiance

If you are going to make a big deal about the Pledge in a speech, and especially the History of America – then it behooves you to get a few things right…

Unless you are addressing some really ignorant conservatives whose knowledge of the Constitution, and American History is tenuous at best.

This particular Republican clown, Representative Todd Akin of gets a number of things wrong – starting with the Pilgrims creating the Constitution. The Constitution was based on “The Virginia Plan” based around Virginia’s bicameral legislature and three branches of Government (Locke) and “The New Jersey Plan” which created the structure of the Senate providing each state an equal vote. And while the Pilgrims were supposed to start a colony in Virginia…

They missed Virginia by better than 400 miles. Rep. Adkin was trying to reference The Mayflower Compact, which is amusing – in that it enforced the same religious bigotry, the Pilgrims had fled Europe to escape. Which was roundly rejected in the Constitution. And while the Mayflower Compact was the first governing agreement by white people in what would eventually become the United States – it was hardly the first Constitution. That would have been the Iroquois Constitution predating the Mayflower Compact by 400-600 years. The US Constitution is believed to have absorbed at least three important principles from the Iroquois Constitution – The Iroquois constitution banned the forced entry of private homes by a tribal government, protected freedom of political and religious expression, and imposed the impeachment of corrupt leaders…

All while the Pilgrims were still burning “Witches” at the stake. The other feature of the Iroquois Constitution was protection and participation by women – something the US Constitution wouldn’t get around to for another 140 years.

Lastly, if one is to make a big deal about the Pledge – it’s a really good idea to have memorized the words, besides just the “Under God” added by the Knights of Columbus in 1954…

You… Not choking on the word “Justice”.

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Bad News for Conservatives – Obama Approval Up

Over the last several months we have been treated to giddy predictions by conservatives that the tide was rising against President Obama as his poll numbers sunk to the 50% level – never mind that the Bushit’s numbers were in the 20’s…

It's Not Just a Good Start

It's Not Just a Good Start

Looks like the conservatives overplayed their hand – and this poll was taken before the mass revulsion of the American public at conservatives cheering America losing the 2016 Olympics.

AP Poll: Obama’s job approval rises amid concerns

An Associated Press-GfK poll says 56 percent of those surveyed in the past week approve of Obama’s job performance, up from 50 percent in September. It’s the first time since he took office in January that his rating has gone up.

People also feel better about his handling of the economy and his proposed health care overhaul…

Overall, 39 percent said they disapproved of Obama’s performance in office, down from 49 percent last month.

While a majority of those surveyed remain pessimistic about the direction of the country, that number has begun to improve, too. The poll found 41 percent now believe the U.S. is headed in the right direction, compared with 37 percent in September.

But a large majority of respondents said they remain very concerned about most of the major issues facing the country. The economy was the biggest concern, with 88 percent saying they consider it extremely or very important, followed by unemployment, health care, terrorism, the budget deficit, taxes and the war in Afghanistan.

The increase in Obama’s job approval rating was driven by a more positive view of his handling of nearly all of those issues.

Fifty percent of those surveyed said they approved of the president’s handling of the economy, up from 44 percent in September. And 48 percent said they approved of his handling of health care, up six points and about equal to the 47 percent who said they disapproved. Obama has made health care the signature domestic issue of his presidency…

To be sure, the poll found persistent and deep partisan divisions over Obama. While 88 percent of Democrats said they approved of his performance in office, just 18 percent of Republicans approved. But that GOP figure was up six points since September, when only 12 percent of Republicans said they approved.

Obama’s job approval has also gone up among independents. Fifty-three percent said they approved of the president’s job performance, a nine point increase since September. Even more strikingly, the percentage of independents who said they disapproved plunged 16 points, from 53 percent last month to 37 percent now.

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Betsy McCaughey, Anthony Weiner, and Dylan Ratigan – health care

This is an absolute ass whuppin’!

Betsy McCaughey was the lead conservative who helped destroy Hillary Clinton’s Health Reform effort in 1994. She did that with an article in the New Republic which turned out to be false, and full of deliberately misleading information.

This time around, killing Health Care Reform isn’t so easy –

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The New Republic, in an article entitled No Exit – The never-ending lunacy of Betsy McCaughey, apparently doesn’t like being made fools of the first time around. This time they are doing the background and fact checking – and a really ugly picture has emerged –

Pick an inflammatory, misleading rumor that has sprung up in this debate, and chances are McCaughey had a hand in springing it. She has, for instance, warned that a provision buried in the stimulus bill will soon have computers dictating doctors’ treatment of patients based on government protocols. More notably, she sounded the (false) alarm that the White House aims to ration care based on patients’ value to society–an idea that swiftly morphed into the “death panel” hysteria and then quickly became entangled in McCaughey’s equally outrageous claim that the proposed reforms would force seniors into regular chats with their doctors about how to end their lives. That such claims are untrue in no way dims McCaughey’s zeal. Confronted with conflicting information, she plows ahead with her unique interpretation of reality, leaving critics on both the left and the right nonplussed. One’s only options, they say, are to ignore her and hope that she fades away– or to go negative in the hope of discrediting her.

So it is that Aaron finds himself standing in the Crystal Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, running through PowerPoint slides that detail–quote by excruciating quote–McCaughey’s reputation as among the most irresponsible, dishonest, and destructive players on the public stage. He starts with’s categorization of her commentary as “Pants on Fire,” followed by New York Times articles debunking her assertions, followed by complaints from economist Gail Wilensky (adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign and head of Medicare financing under the first President Bush) that “these charges of death panels, euthanasia and withholding care from the disabled give rational, knowledgeable, thoughtful conservatives a bad name.” Next comes a denunciation of McCaughey’s “fraudulent scare tactics” by John Paris, professor of bioethics at Boston College; AARP executive vice president John Rother’s protest that her statements are “rife with gross–even cruel–distortions”; a scolding editorial by The Washington Post about McCaughey’s characterization of White House health policy adviser Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel as “Dr. Death”; and, to wrap it all up, Stuart Butler, vice president of domestic policy at the conservative Heritage Foundation, expressing dismay that the “personal attacks on good people like Zeke are outrageous. There are real policy issues that should be debated vigorously, but slandering a good person’s name is beyond the pale.” At one point, the debate moderator felt moved to reach over and give McCaughey’s hand a comforting pat. She dipped her chin and stuck out her bottom lip in good-humored appreciation.

Betsy, not surprisingly is the source who was quoted by the Sno’ Ho’, when she cited “Death Panels” in her post goodbye broadside after resigning as Governor of Alaska. Betsy is a favorite of the Tea Bagger groups.

So like the foul-mouthed androgynous “Awful Annie” Coulter, McCaughey’s stock in trade is lies and distortion albeit with a mouth that doesn’t need washing out with lye soap. And it is real hard to generate any sympathy whatsoever for yet another “blond conserva-bimbo” whose stock in trade is lies and fake outrage.

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The Cos Weighs In

Bill Cosby, the darling of conservatives when he gives that tough-love to the segment of the black community that is falling down – is likely to draw conservative ire with his post on his Facebook –


I agree with President Carter that racism is playing a role in recent outbursts against President Obama. During President Obama’s speech on the status of health care reform, some members of congress engaged in a public display of disrespect. While one Representative hurled the now infamous “you lie” insult at the President, others made their lack of interest known by exhibiting rude behavior such as deliberately yawning and sending text messages.

Health care reform is the most important domestic issue facing America today. Disease does not discriminate. African American, White, Asian, Latino, Republican, Democrat, no one in America is immune. So it seems obvious that a debate on health care reform should not include views born solely of partisanship or bigotry.

Various polls prior to the election indicated that between five and ten percent of Americans would never vote for an African American president. That number, of course, only includes those who actually admitted to their prejudice. How many others harbored such feelings but did not respond honestly when asked the question? And how many people oppose Obama’s plan because the President is African American?

In “Birth of a Nation,” D.W. Griffith used white actors in black face to portray black legislators as having low intelligence and acting like fools. Today, we have a band of real life congressional fools seemingly bent on blocking any meaningful reform of the health care system. But if we allow even one American to die simply because he or she cannot afford treatment, we are creating a shameful scenario that could aptly be called “Death of a Nation.”

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We’re Number 37

Well… It’s not R&B, but it does have a catchy Hook.

The US is ranked 37th in the world in quality of health care by the World Health Organization which measures health care in countries around the world.

Conservatives rant and rave about “Dumbing Down” the US Education System because the US trails other countries. The US Health System trails other countriesby a far greater measure than our children trail the top performing countries children

Consistency however, isn’t a Republican value – as they should be screaming about …”Dumbing us to Death”.

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Your Brain on Conservatism

This is the death of America…

This is an example of how certain belief sets are propagandized and engineered on an issue, in this case supporting racism –

This is the result of the frequent application of propaganda to misinform, and to form belief sets in the populace in direct opposition to plainly available evidence to the contrary –

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This from a longer piece published as Fascist America, Are We There Yet?

From proto-fascism to the tipping point
According to Paxton, fascism unfolds in five stages. The first two are pretty solidly behind us — and the third should be of particular interest to progressives right now. Read the rest of this entry »


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