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President Obama’s War For the Judiciary

Republicans are up in arms about the nomination of Goodwin Liu to the US 9th Court of Appeals. The question is – Why?

To get an understanding of what this is really about – check out the title and context of the following video circulating in Tea Bagger and right wing circles –

So, the issue isn’t whether Goodwing Liu is qualified – it’s that he might be a judge who is favorable to minority rights.

Faux News lets the cat slip out of the bag about 1/2 way through on this faux “expose” –

“He is in favor of Affirmative Action”…

Now – this is going to get real interesting when Justice Paul Stevens retires (as he has hinted he will from the Supreme Court and President Obama makes another appointment.

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Jobless Betrayal

Talking about screwing over your electorate. 16 Rethugly Senators, whose states are struggling with Double Digit unemployment…

Voted against an extension of jobless benefits.

Not coincidentally, these are the same guys who oppose Health Care Reform.

I think there should be a national campaign to buy up every billboard in their states – to remind their constituents what these guys stand for next election. Something like this –

16 Senators From States With Double-Digit Jobless Rates Vote Against Extending Unemployment Benefits

Today, the Senate passed a bill extending jobless benefits for the rest of the year by a 62-36 vote. Extending unemployment benefits following a recession like one the country just experienced should be a no-brainer, but as Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) and his supporters displayed last month, such a step is by no means a slam-dunk. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Real News Network – Van Jones and who’s next

Representative Donna Edwards of Maryland lays out in clear terms the right’s opposition to anything President Obama proposes, talk shows, and the Van Jones resignation.

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Waters (D-CA) Calls On Obama To Grow a Pair

Bill Moyers, and now Maxine Waters have seen enough of the conservative effort to defeat President Obama at any cost…

And damn what is good for America, or the welfare of Americans.

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