Republican Jokes About Lynching Democrats

Another Republican Appealing to the Base –

You can take a Republican out of the woods, but you can’t take the racist out of the Republican.

CNN Anchor Smacks Down Health Care CEO Funding Anti-Reform Effort

Who is behind the Conservatives Against Health Care Reform?

You betcha!

A guy who made 100’s of millions off corruption.

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Special Justice for Rethuglys?

This one is beginning to give me a lot of heartburn. Why is Attorney General Holder focusing on cases of prosecutorial misconduct and improper conviction of guilty as hell Rethuglys who got wrist slap sentences from Rethugly judges?

Jails - Great Places for White Collar Criminals

Jails - Great Places for White Collar Criminals

Especially when there are tens of thousands of innocent people sitting behind bars who got bad trials due to overzealous prosecutions, prosecutorial misconduct, racially biased juries, or racist Republican Judges. Folks who, got the book thrown at them because they are the wrong ethnic background or color. People sitting in those prisons for decades…

Instead of just a few months. Continue reading


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