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Bernie Sanders – Time to Reform Wall Street and Bust the Big Banks!

Bernie unloads in this speech he gave 2 days ago, and outlines what he will do if he becomes president. He is right. Since about 2000, Wall Street became increasingly disconnected from the economic engine of the country, investing in more and more obscure financial instruments resulting in the meltdown of 2008. when the wall between banks and Wall Street was erased with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the recipe for financial disaster was almost assured.

I have small hope at this point enough people will wake up to make Bernie President. But…You never know.

Here is a breakdown of the Key points, from TYT


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Wife Drops Note to President Obama – Husband Gets Arrested

Bureaucracy is a monster! This poor couple got caught up in complex immigration legal wrangling…

Just for asking for help.

Man arrested after wife writes to Obama asking for help


Hervé Fonkou Takoulo and Caroline Jamieson Were Married in 2005

Not everyone expects a response when they write a letter to the president of the United States. But Caroline Jamieson got much more than she expected when her husband ended up in jail and afraid he would be deported.

Jamieson, vice president of marketing at a new-media advertising company, wrote President Barack Obama in January because her husband, Hervé Fonkou Takoulo, was facing deportation to his native Cameroon. Takoulo failed in a bid before political asylum almost a decade ago, and a judge issued a deportation order after they were married.

After he and Jamieson married on 2005, Takoulo applied for a green card based on his marriage to a U.S. citizen. But immigration law requires that the deportation order be lifted before the couple can appear before immigration officials to argue their case that the marriage is legitimate and not a ploy to legalize Takoulo’s presence in the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

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Movin’ On Up! DC School Reforms Gets Some Traction

This has been a long time coming. The DC School System’s performance has been the fodder of conservative racial grist for years, ignoring the fact that for a number of those years Republicans controlled the House which controls the City’s Laws and Budget. Mayor Adrian Fenty, one of a new generation of black elected politicians, made a controversial choice to hire a releative unknown, Michelle Rhee as Superintendant of the City’s Schools.

Rhee has shaken things up, and that is beginning to pay dividends…

DC School Superintendent Michelle Rhee and Mayor Adrian Fenty

Test scores suggest the new D.C. school model is working

Analysis of the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress, better known as the national report card, showed significant progress during the past two years in student reading skills. Fourth-graders — and this does not include those in public charter schools — gained about six points on a 500-point scale, and eighth-graders gained four points. Of the 11 urban school systems that administered the exam, only the District registered significant improvement at both grade levels. The eighth-grade growth outpaced the average growth in the nation, while fourth-grade growth trailed only that in Houston.

D.C. schools still score well below the national average. “We still have a ridiculously long way to go,” Ms. Rhee said. But the changes she is bringing to the troubled system are beginning to make a difference.

Some who questioned Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s takeover of the schools or his selection and steadfast support of Ms. Rhee are beginning to reconsider. Michael Casserly, executive director of the Council of the Great City Schools, had reservations about mayoral control, but — as he writes on the opposite page today — his careful study of the past three years convinces him that the gains achieved under mayoral control are not accidental. Ms. Rhee has been controversial, in some cases gratuitously and in some cases inevitably, given her commitment to change. But, as Mr. Casserly writes, she has made a positive difference for children, which is in the end what matters.


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President Obama Wins – America Wins

Well, they got it done despite the Republican last stand on the Courthouse steps in opposition.

Pickett’s charge on the Capital steps came up short…

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Waters (D-CA) Calls On Obama To Grow a Pair

Bill Moyers, and now Maxine Waters have seen enough of the conservative effort to defeat President Obama at any cost…

And damn what is good for America, or the welfare of Americans.

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Weekly Address – Presidnet Obama Unloads on Nay-Sayers

President Obama “Kicks it up a notch” discussing Health Care Reform. I believe this is the beginning of moving aggressively towards getting the job done.

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