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The Dumbing Down of America – “Radio Shacked”

As a young “nerd”, one of my favorite places to visit was the local Radio Shack. A reliable source of parts and components for projects and fixes for both things I thought up (which a sometimes worked as intended) as well as nifty components to repair common electronic issues. Need to go from a Phono plug to RCA jacks to make that Mike Mixer work with a Stereo Receiver? Need an IC chip to form the basis of a controller for that Model Rocket? Radio Shack was the place. Generations of American Inventors, and to be Rocket Scientists and Engineers fed their inner geek, and not coincidentally built their skills  with parts supplied by “The Shack”…

No more.

It would seem that the dream of inventing and creating has died in America, and the once reliable institutions which supported that dream, whether Hobby Shops, Electronic Supply Houses – or Radio Shack…

Have gone down the toilet with it.

I Got Your Cell Phone - Right Here!

We now live in a country where stupidity is seen as an asset (the Sno’ Ho’ AKA Sarah Palin, George “Dumbya” Bush) and technology is increasingly invented elsewhere. Investment in technology has become increasingly scarce, as Venture firms stampede towards the newest re-utilization of antique technology in search of the newest Facebook or some software which is smarter than the humans and can replace them. A goal made simpler not by better systems, but the lowering of the bar of human intellect. By removing the responsibility to make decisions, and suffer their consequences – morals have been removed from the equation. Read the rest of this entry »


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