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Al Jazeera Looks At the Nexus of White Supremacy and Conservatism

This is an outside look at from Al Jazeera’s People and Power program at the nexus between the extreme white supremacist organizations and conservatism in the United States. What’s important here is that this is a look at the relationships, and convergence of conservative groups such as the Tea Party with white power/supremacist movements – and how the white supremacist groups have been able to recruit heavily out of, infiltrate, and begin to control what has been described as the Republican “mainstream”.


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Tim Wise… Yeah, It IS About Race and Racism

Tim Wise, as usual – nails it.

The vehemence and vitrol of the anti-Health Care Reformers has nothing to do with the issue on the table.

It is all about race, racism,  fear on the part of the white middle class, and outright pandering to racism on the part of their leaders.


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Stop the Racial Politics

Senator Leahey slams Senator Session on the Republian Party’s racial politics –


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The New Jim Crow – Plessy vs. Ricci

Not groundbreaking Рbut a solid talk about race in America in view of the recent Ricci New Jim Crow, justifying racial discrimination, by the Supreme Court 5 РThugs in Robes. Professor Robert Jensen on The color of the race problem  is white.

If one was looking to hire a History Teacher, you could indeed design a test asking questions about certain events or figures in History. If such test included a requirement to name 5 Emperors of the Han Dynasty, or 5 Shoguns in feudal Japan – it would indeed test the knowledge of history beyond the standard Western European History taught in the US. A well studied American college graduate could answer the question – however, so could a Chinese born or Japanese born individual who had studied grade school or high school equivalent national history as part of their primary education in their native country. Ergo, if one were to pick a random group of 50 American born college graduates with History Degrees, and 50 Chinese or Japanese born people who had completed High school equivalent education in their birth countries – it is likely the Chinese or Japanese born applicants would test as more “qualified” than their higher educated American competitors. Despite the lack of college degrees. Read the rest of this entry »


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