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Flash Mobs in the US… In France – Flash Cocktail Parties! Rachida Dati Announces 2012 Run for President

Rachida Dati Wearing Sash of Office

This also just in from Paris – Mayor (Paris 7th) Rachida Dati has announced her intention to run for President in 2012. Could Rachida be Europe’s Barack Obama?

Rachida Dati anuncia que será candidata a las presidenciales de 2010

On with the revely!

Paris tries to stop mass Eiffel Tower drinks party

Flash Cocktail Parties - Times They Have Changed!

Parisian authorities are trying to stop a mass cocktail party organised over the Internet and planned for the Eiffel Tower grounds, after a reveller died on Thursday at a gathering of 10,000 people in western France.

The death was the first on record as a result of “Facebook aperitifs” — giant outdoor drinking parties whose popularity has exploded across France in the last six months and which are organised over the online social network.

The phenomena emerged last November in the western city of Nantes and rapidly spread to other cities. In past weeks reports of these mass parties have sprung up across France.

The Parisian “aperitif” was due on May 23 with a Facebook group having 15,000 people subscribed to the event, the biggest planned in France to date, according to Le Parisien newspaper.

The event was pulled from the website after police warned the organiser of the consequences of staging such a party. The maximum penalty for organising illegal events in France is six months in prison and a fine of 7500 euros ($A10,482).

The parties often turn into mass drinking binges, and police said the man who died on Thursday in the western city of Nantes had been drunk when he plunged head first over a parapet.

Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said the parties risked spiralling out of control and were aimed at enticing a maximum number of people to drink alcohol in public places.

“We want to safeguard this site (Eiffel Tower)… It’s a great site, where more than 4 million tourists visit and we are protecting the residents,” Rachida Dati, mayor of Paris’s 7th district, location of the Eiffel Tower, told local television.

But the potential penalty hasn’t deterred partygoers. A new group entitled “All for the giant aperitif in Paris” administered by 30 people was up and running on Friday afternoon with more than 3800 already people signed up.


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France – Bus Fare for Rachida Dati

Could you imagine the uproar in the US if the next time Joe Biden sticks his foot in his mouth…

Obama would take away his perks of office?

Rachida Dati

I mean – back to riding Amtrak every day, Joe! On your own dime!

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Prime Minister, who apparently hasn’t met a good-looking French woman of color he couldn’t appoint to a cabinet position…

At least now that he is married.

And with Rachida Dati, Rama Yade, and newly appointed Jeannette Bougrab, Sarkozy has a lock on the most attractive women of color on the “continent”.

Such charm doesn’t come without a cost apparently – as Rachida has “stepped in it” –

Ex-French minister Dati loses perks: report

Jeannette Bougrab

France’s ex-justice minister Rachida Dati has lost her chauffeur-driven limousine and bodyguards after annoying President Nicolas Sarkozy with a recent TV appearance, reports said Wednesday.

Dati, who fell out of favour with Sarkozy last year and now serves as a member of the European parliament, turned up on national television this month to comment on regional elections in which Sarkozy’s party was roundly defeated.

After spotting Dati on the screen and complaining that she had been absent from the campaign trail, Sarkozy called the head of national police and asked that she be stripped of her limousine, chauffeur and security detail, the Canard Enchaine satirical weekly reported.

Rama Yummy..errrr...Yade

Aides to Dati confirmed some aspects of the report.

“We are talking essentially about three police officers who were told to end their assignment on March 14”, the night that Dati went on television, said the official.

“It’s not clear that it was a decision taken by the president,” he said. “What is certain is that it was a decision by the interior minister.”

The interior ministry said former ministers are allowed to keep their limousines and security detail for six months after they leave the government and that Dati’s time had expired.

The 44-year-old Dati became the first French Arab woman to hold a powerful post in government when she was named justice minister in 2007 after Sarkozy’s election.

A fixture of celebrity magazines, Dati has recently been seen once again in Sarkozy’s entourage, fuelling speculation that she could return from political exile in the Strasbourg assembly.

Damn… this is a hell of a lot more fun than ugly-assed Republicans…

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Illuminati Noir Reaches – 1,000 Comments

Been a while, but BTx3’s Illuminati Noir Blog has reached 1,000 visitor comments! Only about 1% of the visitors of the site leave a comment, which is interesting.

Top 10 viewed posts in order –

  1. “Burkini”??????
  2. You’re Worth It… Only of You are White
  3. Bill Clinton to Become a Sigma!
  4. Country/Bluegrass Night at the White Hou
  5. Orange Jumpsuit Award – Monica Conyers
  6. The New Face(s) of Jim Crow
  7. Dr Henry Louis Gates Arrested
  8. 5 of the Jena 6 Freed
  9. Boycotting the Haytas
  10. Revenge of the Nerds

Interestingly, one of the posts which continues to get regular visitors each day is the Country/Bluegrass post – so digitalsoulbrother AKA brotherbrown

I may have to consider switching station formats here! I mean, Hootie did it. 🙂

The first black-centric, Liberal, Country and Western site…

Hmmmmmmm… Move over Dixie Chicks!

Due to the Burkini post – I’ve also received official word from France that my chances of dating tall, anorexic, washed out, semi-attractive blonde runway fashion models is now zilch. Thinking back on my dating history, that seems to be about as much of a game changer as “Freedom Fries” – especially by the fact I’m not basketball material. And that Rachida Dati thing… It wasn’t me!

Anyway, I encourage my visitors to leave a comment – even if it’s just to say Hi!


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France – Rachida Dati Runs for Mayor of Paris

A new challenge for Rachida Dati – Mayor of Paris?

I’ll probably start in international war with this on the scale of Freedom Fries – but until recently I never conflated the words French Woman…

And hot. I guess I was too young for the Bridgette Bardot school.

Rachida Dati

Rachida Dati (left), French First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy (right)

Even when admiring the fairer skinned beauties. Up North, Yeah! Italy? Yeah! Paris? Hmmmmmm…

I mean Thomas Jefferson saw fit to bring Sally Hemmings.

And yeah, I’ve been to Paris, Marseilles, and Nice several times.

Then along comes their new President Sarkozy, who added …

Some tan to the situation, along with what had to have been one of the best looking Cabinets in the world – which apparently he’s already fired…

French Secretary of State for Sports, Rama Yade

French Secretary of State for Sports, Rama Yade

And then goes and marries quite possibly the second most attractive First Lady in the world (behind Michelle, of course). Read the rest of this entry »


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You’re Worth It… Only of You are White – Racism in France

Hat Tip to NewsOne on this one.

French cosmetics make L’Oreal is in trouble again. This time losing a lawsuit in the French Supreme Court over overtly ordering it’s sales management to hire only white women to work in the stores in France. In a landmark case, the Garnier division of the beauty empire, along with a recruitment agency it employed, were fined €30,000 (£20,300) each after they recruited women on the basis of race. The historic ruling – the first time a major company has been found guilty of systematic race discrimination in France – saw a senior figure at the agency given a three-month suspended prison sentence.

Racial discrimination in employment is a huge problem in France with a recent survey finding three out of four firms preferred white workers.

This is fresh on the heels of a scandal last year, where the company presented a “newly Nordic” Beyonce Knowles as their Cover Girl…

The American Beyonce left, and the "You're Worth It" Beyonce from L'Oreal

The American Beyonce left, and the "You're Worth It" Beyonce from L'Oreal

La Cour de Cassation, the French supreme court, heard that in 2000, Garnier, L’Oreal’s beauty division, was looking to recruit a sales team for the Fructis Style haircare range. Read the rest of this entry »

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