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Cosby’s Lawyers Play the Race Card

Admittedly with the number of white boys recently receiving a hand slap or a pat on the back for raping women – there is the opportunity to cloud the issue.

Cosby’s behind belongs in jail.

The fact that some of the courts have turned college campuses in America into “Free Rape Zones”, speaks more to that “white boy privilege” dysfunction in our courts system than our just and deep moral outrage.

Cosby’s case is rare in America, where money buts you out of almost any crime in the pay for play “Justice” system. I mean Roger Ailes cut to the chase and wrote a $20 million check to keep his as out of court, and possibly jail.

Despite the corruption of the system – Race isn’t the sole reason Cosby is being prosecuted, Our righteous indignation should be reserved for those who have corrupted the system of justice on the basis of race…Not just the likely guilty.

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Bill Cosby’s lawyers claim racism for first time

Bill Cosby has long preached the gospel of personal responsibility to fellow blacks, irritating those who fault racism for holding the community back.

But now lawyers for the 79-year-old comedian have suggested for the first time that racial bias is to blame as Cosby faces the prospect of 13 women testifying in court that he drugged and molested them. Twelve of them are white.

Cosby’s legal team raised the issue on the courthouse steps Tuesday after a hearing in his criminal sex assault case in suburban Philadelphia. Whether they intend to bring up race in the courtroom remains to be seen. At a minimum, some legal experts said the defense is trying to influence potential jurors.

“I think that you’ve always got to have in mind who’s your jury pool,” said Los Angeles lawyer Mark Geragos, whose clients have included Michael Jackson. “That’s probably the end game.”

Or the lawyers may have been dutifully carrying out Cosby’s instructions: “It could well be they are expressing the concerns of the client,” said Carl Douglas, who was on O.J. Simpson’s legal Dream Team.

Cosby is set to go on trial next June on charges he drugged and sexually violated Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his home in 2004. He could get 10 years in prison if convicted.

In bringing up race, his legal team took aim at celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents about half the women who have agreed to testify against Cosby.

Allred “calls herself a civil rights attorney, but her campaign against Mr. Cosby builds on racial bias and prejudice that can pollute the court of public opinion,” the lawyers said in a statement.

“Mr. Cosby is no stranger to discrimination and racial hatred. When the media repeats her accusations – with no evidence, no trial and no jury – we are moved backwards as a country and away from the America that our civil rights leaders sacrificed so much to create.”

Allred called the tactic “desperate.”

“It is ironic that a man who has chastised the black poor for making race an excuse would now have to lean upon that as part of his defense strategy,” said Georgetown University sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson, a black scholar and author of the book “Is Bill Cosby Right? Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?”

“If you’re more cynical, you might say, ‘What manipulation of racial rhetoric in defense of the indefensible,’” Dyson said Thursday….Read the rest here


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Crystal Valentine – “Questions for Fox News Regarding the Race Card”


A Few Burning Questions For Fox News Regarding The ‘Race Card’

“Will this race card give me health benefits?”

Poet Crystal Valentine has perfectly summed up the absurdity of the so-called “race card.”

The Bronx-born slam poet performed a poem titled “Questions for Fox News Regarding the Race Card,” in October at the Individual World Poetry Slam. She had some poignant things to ask of the network that often accuses black people of “playing the race card.”

“If in the event that I am stopped and frisked, can I pull out my race card? Will this race card increase my chances of survival?”

In a video of the performance, posted by Button Poetry earlier this month, Valentine goes on to emphasize the ways in which “pulling the race card” (i.e. calling attention to racism and oppression) often does nothing to actually help black people.

“Will this race card give me health benefits?” continues. “How about Obamacare? Will it reimburse me for my cousin’s casket? Will it unbury his body? Will it remove his name from a tombstone?”


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Chris Matthews Hammers Michael Steele’s Replacement

Chris Matthews leaves Reince Priebus wishing he still had Michael Steele around to buckdance up some race cover for his party…

I mean – they didn’t even invite their former Chairman to the convention in Tampa.


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Cain Plays the Race Card, and Does the Tommie Clarence

What’s pathetic here is that the folks who have set the situation up for the Sperminator to self destruct…

Aren’t liberals.

Never let anything like the truth get in the way of buckdancing that black conservative victim card though…

And it worked for Tommie Clarence!

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Ex Mayor Herenton Plays the Race Card in Tennessee

Former Mayor of Memphis, Herenton is playing the race card in the Democrat Primary, against Congressman Steve Cohen, a Jewish man – who represents a majority black district.

I think Herenton is way out of bounds with this – and hopefully the voters will agree. Cohen has done an outstanding job for his District by all reports, which is why he has the endorsement of both the Congressional Black Caucus and President Obama.

Seems to me that if Herenton was a great Mayor, and is so popular…

He could knock off a Republican in one of the other seats.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ex-mayor injects race into primary

Forty-two years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, while promoting the importance of the content of one’s character. Today, an African-American candidate who marched with King is hoping the voters in this Democratic primary race will look at the color of his skin.

Dr. Willie Herenton, who served as mayor of Memphis for almost two decades until he resigned in 2009, is making race a key part of his platform in his attempt to unseat incumbent Rep. Steve Cohen.

Herenton’s main campaign slogan on yard signs, flyers and T-shirts is phrase “Just One,” a reference to his belief that there should be at least one African- American representing Tennessee in Congress.

“I believe that it is very clear to the majority of the citizens of this community that we lack representation. And all we are seeking is just one, well-qualified, African-American to serve in an 11-member Tennessee delegation that is currently all white,” Herenton said. Read the rest of this entry »


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The HNIC’s House of Race Cards

Funny thing about black conservatives…

“Race and racism don’t exist in America anymore, and are not an impediment to anyone…”

Except black conservatives.

Case in point, the HNIC – Michael Steele. Yesterday, the first State Party Chairman sent a letter calling for Steele’s resignation –

North Carolina GOP leader calls for Steele’s resignation

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer on Thursday became the first state party leader to call publicly for the resignation of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele , saying the party has set “a poor example of the kind of leadership voters can expect if Republicans are elected.”

Mikkie has been on the defensive for quite a while, with criticisms of his leadership style, poor management, and outlandish spending on personal travel on the RNC’s dime. And while Mikkie got the RNC Chair job because of race…

He’s going to lose it because of incompetence. A level of incompetence, malfeasance, and paper-thin character anyone familiar with Mikkie’s track record in Maryland in office easily predicted. When Mikkie was running for, and later Lt. Governor of Maryland, he skimmed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state, and the campaign chest.

In the meantime – “It’s dem evil white folks!”

WHICH “evil white folks”?

Republicans. The same Republicans the HNIC shills for.

Michael Steele’s House of Race Cards

If the chairman of the Democratic National Committee had suggested that Republicans were being unfairly critical of their national chairman because he is black, Republican Party officials would swiftly demand an apology. Some surely would call for his resignation. But when their own chairman suggests precisely that, he is met with silence.

Asked by George Stephanopoulos on Monday if he felt he was held to a higher standard because he is black, Steele infamously responded, “The honest answer is, ‘yes.’ Barack Obama has a slimmer margin. A lot of folks do. It’s a different role for me to play and others to play and that’s just the reality of it. But you take that as part of the nature of it.” Read the rest of this entry »

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The HNIC Pick The Wrong Card!


The HNIC blames his troubles on race…

The White House counters it isn’t the race card…

It’s the credit card that is the problem!

The HNIC - Michael Steele... Soon to be Unemployed?

Michael Steele plays the race card

Michael Steele partly spoke the truth Monday, yet it probably further hurt his chances to continue leading the Republican National Committee.

Steele defended what he’s done to raise money for the organization, even while he has been on widely criticized spending sprees.

Then he played the race card: Being black, Steele said, is a problem for him with his GOP critics.

“Barack Obama has a slimmer margin,” Steele told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’ “We all — a lot of folks do. I mean, it’s a different role for me to play and others to play. And that’s just the reality of it.”

With those words, Steele probably irritated a lot of GOP members who just a year ago were all to happy to have a black face on top of the RNC organizational chart.

See, we don’t see color. We even let a black lead us.

But in recent months Steele has been a lightning rod for controversy, and it hasn’t had a lot to do with his race.

They include last week’s revelation that the national committee paid for a night out at a Hollywood night club to Steele’s use of private jets to his writing a book that surprised some in his own group.

So now top Republicans are publicly contemplating Steele’s future even as the GOP has to raise a lot of money to be successful in the 2010 elections.

Some conservatives have started their own fundraising for candidates. Other groups are telling their followers to stop contributing to the RNC and go elsewhere — including directly to the candidates they want to support.

In other words Steele — whether he’s black, white or polka-dotted — is on thin ice right now.

Oh, and you know Democrats love seeing the turmoil at the RNC.

As White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday, “Michael Steele’s problem isn’t the race card, it’s the credit card.”


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HNIC Michael Steele and His “Race Problem”

Uncle Mikkie may be telegenic, but when he opens his mouth…

Nobody is home.

Uncle Mikkie’s newest race card is that the RNC receives criticism not because of their hosed-up platform, not because of some of the incredibly stupid things said by it’s leadership (including Uncle Mikkie), and not because of their politics of destroying America through the misuse of powers such as the filibuster and “holds” of all 65 of President Obama’s nominations…

But because Uncle Mikkie is a KneeGrow!

The HNIC is One Sick Puppy

Michael Steele Suggests Racist Motives Behind RNC Criticism: ‘Because A Black Man Is Chairman’

RNC Chairman and designated GOP sparkplug Michael Steele finds himself the center of attention once again this week — this time for an interview published in February’s issue of Washingtonian magazine in which he charges his critics with racism.

Near the end of the story, called “Up In The Air” by Paul West, Steele implies that he and the RNC face more scrutiny because he is black:

Steele acknowledges that at times he has a tendency to take things too far. “And I get checked on that, just as when I was a young boy and I pushed the envelope too far and my Mama was there to check me.”

But there’s an edge to his voice when he talks about a double standard that he believes has been applied by his critics, and he posits racism as the cause: “I don’t see stories about the internal operations of the DNC that I see about this operation. Why? Is it because Michael Steele is the chairman, or is it because a black man is chairman?”

This is, of course, the same Michael Steele who had previously vowed not to play the race card. The GOP chairman said last October he didn’t take part in race politics in an interview with Univision, during which he declined to condemn Glenn Beck’s assertion that Obama is a “racist.”

Last September, Steele responded to statements by former President Jimmy Carter that a lot of Obama’s criticism was “based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American,” by accusing him of turning to “blind charges of racism, where none exist.

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Gov. David Paterson Plays the Race Card

Governor David Paterson of NY has had a tough ride as the Governor of New York for a number of reasons – not the least of which was the fumbled handoff after Hillary Clinton resigned as Senator to become Secretary of State resulting in the political crucifixion of Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the most beloved Democrat President in the last 60 years. And that was just one of a dozen missteps…

NY Governor David A. Paterson

NY Governor David A. Paterson

In a radio interview Friday

Gov. David A. Paterson lashed out on Friday at critics who say he should not run for election, and he suggested that he was being undermined by an orchestrated, racially biased effort by the media to force him to step aside.

The governor, on a morning radio talk show, said that Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, the only other African-American governor, was suffering similar treatment, and he predicted that President Obama would, too.

“We’re not in the postracial period,” he told Errol Louis, a columnist for The Daily News and the host of the radio program, on WWRL-AM. “My feeling is it’s being orchestrated, it’s a game, and people who pay attention know that,” he added.

“We don’t have the kind of forces in the community that we had before,” he said. “In other words, our black media outlets, save your program and a few others, are the only ways we have access, and even our own reporters from our own community buy the public line, which is, ‘We’re going to get rid of David Paterson.’ ”

“The reality is that the next victim on the list is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than try to reform a health care system” that, he said, constitutes 10 percent of the gross domestic product. It is “only because he’s trying to make change,” Mr. Paterson said.

The governor declined to be interviewed by The New York Times about his remarks. But several people who had spoken to him said that he and his aides saw racial overtones in everything from the searing depictions of him on Saturday Night Live to small turns of phrase, like New York magazine’s reference to his freewheeling style as “jazz government.”

Well, I don’t mean to be cold blooded here, Governor Paterson, but when you screw over the only living descendant of what is effectively America’s Royalty – folks aren’t really looking at whether you are black or white.

When you fail to control your own Party in the State Senate and House resulting in a 6 week gridlock, making the state the laughing stock of the whole nation – it ain’t about whether you are black or white.

Yes, there are going to be a percentage of people, including those in the media who can’t get past your race. However, every single successful black person in the media, government, or corporate world in America deals with that – and dealing with that is an integral part of why they are successful.

And yes, there are unreconstructed confederate racists who didn’t get the message in 1964, of which we see ample evidence in the conservative sphere in Town Halls, Militias, and right wing publications and think tanks…

But as a politician, specifically a black politician – that’s the war you signed on for.

Some of us out here, including this blog cheered your efforts to drop the hammer on the dysfunctional NY Senate and appointment of a Lt. Governor (which didn’t work out). NY politics has been a bruising exercise in hand-to-hand combat since the days of Tammany Hall. Not much different than Chicago’s infamous politics.

Governor Paterson – not even a majority of black people in your state support you anymore, and the hallways are noticeably empty of folks willing to rally behind your race card.

You want to whine – go becme a professional-victim black conservative. Whining about their perceived mistreatment is, after all, their stock in trade.

Otherwise, STFU and get the job done – and those poll numbers will take care of themselves.

And so will President Obama and Deval Patrick.


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