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The Van Jones Lynching

Here is one more shot at Van Jones taken by Krauthammer –

The issue now is that Van Jones apparently at one point a believer in the 9-11 “Truthers” – agroup of people who believe the Bushit Administration was complicit in the 9-11 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon.

In a country where conspiracy theories are nearly as numerous as Republican assholes, you’ll have to excuse me in believing this latest attack on the Obama Administration seems much more than the usual conservative racial politics.

But then, I also believe the Bushit Administration failed the country in it’s inaction leading up to the events of 9-11, through ignoring the numerous warnings from our Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement people…

And – in looking at an Administration which lied us into the Iraq War on manufactured and made up “evidence” of WMDs, promptly devolved into savage torture in contravention to every American principle and law, and established a private army operating as death squads through Blackwater, reporting to the Vice President of the United States…

Do I believe that the Bushit Administration was populated by folks capable of murdering 3,000 Americans for political gain?

You betcha.

They’ve already killed 4,000 Americans on a lie.

Hopefully the Obama Administration has the cajones to stand up to this latest round of conservative racial politics.

There quite simply, is no bipartisanship with a rabid dog.

UPDATE – 57 Advertisers have now dropped Genn Beck’s TV Show on Faux News…


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Beck’s Wreck

The Beck-wreck continues…

Going to be an interesting two weeks. With Obama finally figuring out that the Republicans aren’t interested in bipartisanship, the Dems – if they develop the cajones – can move into steamroller mode.

The attempt at working with these rabid dogs has given them a platform completely out of proportion with their importance and numbers, and provided undeserved traction for Rethugs in the mid-term election cycle.

Way past time to drop the hammer, and move forward without them.

Once President and the Democrats do that, the public howling recedes back down to the background noise level.


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