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Petition to Save America has developed a petition to the Electoral College to vote based on the popular vote. Hillary Clinton beat the Chump by 2.2 million votes and counting (the article is wrong). This is the largest vote majority for a “losing” candidate in history.

You can sign this petition here.

Image result for electronic voting machine hacking

The above picture is from a site showing how almost every electronic voting machine in the country can be hacked in as little as 2 seconds by a single individual. It does not show the other ways the system can be easily hacked. We know that the system was hacked…Because the system remains un-audited – we don’t know how badly, or by whom.

Electoral College petition now largest in history

A petition urging the Electoral College to make Hillary Clinton the president of the United States is now the largest in history. The petition, started by social worker Daniel Brezenoff last month, has received more than 4.6 million signatures.

Millions of people have added their names to the online petition calling to block President-elect Donald Trump from taking the White House. The petition called on 149 electors to ignore their states’ votes and instead cast ballots for Clinton on Dec. 19.

“Donald Trump is a danger to the Constitution,” Brezenoff said, in a release, “and the electors have the power to stop him.” The petition argues that Clinton should be president because she won the popular vote.

The petition comes on top of a three-state recount effort launched by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. She filed a petition in Pennsylvania calling the Nov. 8 balloting illegal, claiming irregularities with electronic voting machines.

Stein raised more than $9 million in donations for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan — states critical to the 2016 election — an effort labeled by Trump as a “scam.”

While Clinton’s campaign offered its support for the recount effort in the three swing states, the Democratic candidate’s aides believe it to be a futile effort.

“Believe me if there was anything I could do to make Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States I would,” Clinton ally and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said, according to the Associated Press. “But this is a big waste of time.”

Of the 538 electors, 236 electors from 21 states are unbound from voting for their state’s choice and can cast their electoral ballot for whomever they choose. The other 302 are bound to vote for the candidate who won the state’s electoral votes. They come from 29 states, and Washington, D.C.

Clinton is currently 1,322,095 votes ahead of Trump on the popular vote, but lost the election by 306 to 232 Electoral College votes, pending the outcome of the Dec. 19 vote.

At least seven people have stated they will be “faithless electors,” calling themselves “Hamilton Electors.” These voters have pledged to block Trump from becoming president, and in the process defy the Electoral College’s voting norm and not vote for Clinton. Instead they would cast their votes for a “reasonable Republican who does not have Donald Trump’s questionable ethics.”

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Hillary Vote Lead now 2.2 million

Hillary won the popular vote by over 1.7%. Which actually is in line with a number of the polls prediction. Something which makes the Chumphs “win” in several key states even more questionable.

Clinton has registered 64,654,483 total votes, compared to 62,418,820 for Trump, according to a Cook Political Report analysis Monday. That represents a margin of 2,235,663 in the popular vote. Clinton garnered 48.2 percent of the popular vote, while Trump earned just 46.5 percent, good for a 1.7 point margin. Trump, however, picked up wins in key battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan, earning 306 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232.

What stands out is the Margin shift in the so-called swing states – massively in Trumps direction.

The Russians do good work.

State Clinton (D) Trump (R) Others Clinton % Trump % Others % Dem ’12 Margin Dem ’16 Margin Margin Shift Total ’12 Votes Total ’16 Votes Raw Votes vs. ’12
U.S. Total 64,680,874 62,437,545 7,235,983 48.1% 46.5% 5.4% 3.9% 1.7% -2.2% 129,075,630 134,354,402 4.1%
13 Swing States 21,356,299 22,183,644 2,298,207 46.6% 48.4% 5.0% 3.6% -1.8% -5.4% 43,939,918 45,838,150 4.3%
Non-Swing States 43,324,575 40,253,901 4,937,776 48.9% 45.5% 5.6% 4.0% 3.5% -0.5% 85,135,712 88,516,252 4.0%


‘Voting for Trump would dishonor God’: GOP Electoral College member resigns to avoid backing Trump

A Republican Electoral College member from Texas has decided to step down because his conscience will not allow him to back Donald Trump for president.

Politico reports that Art Sisneros, a GOP elector who has been critical of Trump in the past, has resigned his position in the Electoral College because he simply believes Trump is not fit for the presidency.

“If Trump is not qualified and my role, both morally and historically, as an elected official is to vote my conscience, then I can not and will not vote for Donald Trump for President,” Sisneros wrote in a blog post late last week. “I believe voting for Trump would bring dishonor to God.”

The now-former elector went on to say that he’s stepping down from his role because he did not want to violate his pledge to support whoever won the popular vote in his home state.

“The people will get their vote,” he wrote. “I will sleep well at night knowing I neither gave in to their demands nor caved to my convictions. I will also mourn the loss of our republic.”


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