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Flight Rage!

Stopped flying for business about 4 years ago. Can’t say I miss it. The US Airlines and TSA have conspired to make the whole process so unmitigatedly miserable, they force you damn near to root for the terrorists. The drop dead stupid neo-Nazi Bushit Administration in their creation of Homeland Security never really considered if there were less heavy handed and less civil rights violating methodologies to secure the airlines. And like all Government Agencies one that Brobdingnagian bureaucracy was created, the group IQ quotient dropped to the level of mindless robotic pig fornicators, and no intelligent solution ever will b found. The single solution of the Goose-stepping, jackboots is to utilize technology for ever more invasive means to spy on the citizenry.

And that doesn’t even get to trying to book a flight and finding out the only way you can get from here to there is to suffer contorting into a cramped overcrowded compartment to fly to three other places, because it is near impossible to go from Place A to Place B directly…

First-class cabin fuels ‘air rage’ among passengers flying coach, study says

If you’ve felt your blood pressure rise after seeing passengers being served champagne on the tarmac while you’re fighting for overhead space in coach, you are not alone.

A new study finds that class division in the skies can have a real and occasionally dangerous effect on passengers in both sections of a plane.

Researchers report that the simple presence of a first-class cabin on an airplane is correlated with a nearly fourfold increase in the chance of an air rage incident in economy class.

And when economy-class passengers are forced to pass through the luxurious first-class area on their way to the cramped economy seats, the rate of air rage incidents is more than seven times higher than if there were no first-class seats at all.

The study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is based on data collected by a large international airline over several years and many thousands of flights.

However, in order to get access to the data, the authors agreed not to reveal the name of the airline.

“These companies have a lot of fear about releasing this type of data to the public,” said lead study author Katherine DeCelles, an associate professor of organizational behavior at the University of Toronto. “People like to bash airlines whenever they can.”

To be clear, true air rage is actually quite rare. DeCelles said it might include an intoxicated passenger refusing to sit down, or a passenger who has just been told to turn her phone off making a verbal threat to an in-flight worker.

On average, these incidents occur in economy class just .14 times per 1,000 flights when there is no first class cabin, and 1.58 times per 1,000 flights when there is a first class cabin.

Among first class passengers, air rage incidents occur 0.31 times per 1,000 flights.

“The very definition of the air rage phenomenon is that it has to endanger the safety of the flight,” DeCelles said. “It has to be pretty extreme to warrant documentation.”

Still, with a large data set, certain patterns emerged. The authors found that the presence of a first-class cabin predicted the chances of air rage better than a number of other factors, including how much legroom there was on the plane, how wide the seats were, and even how long a plane had been delayed.

The authors report that the presence of first class was associated with greater odds of air rage similar to the effect of a nine-hour, 29-minute flight delay. 

And when economy passengers boarded the plane from the front, rather than the middle, and had to see the first-class luxury they were missing, the chances of air rage was similar to the effect of a 15-hour flight delay…Read More Here


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