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Cop Tases Man In Back Surrendering

Another day – another Cop abusing his power.  With the fact that a number of people die each year after being tased – it isn’t a weapon which should be used indiscriminately. Unless there is some significant evidence mitigating this, this officer needs to be out of police work as a career.

Fairfax Cop Uses Stun Gun On Man Who Does Not Appear To Be Resisting

Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, have opened an investigation into an officer caught on video using a stun gun on a suspect who does not appear to be resisting.

“He did not try to run or nothing,” an eyewitness told Fox 5 of the suspect. “That was wrong.”

A short clip posted on Facebook by Romario Hercules Lara shows the officer giving instructions to a man the Fairfax County Police Department said was suspected of theft.

What the officer and suspect say to each other as the video begins cannot be heard.

The suspect turns his back to the cop and puts his hands on the hood of the patrol car, as is common for someone about to be frisked. However, the officer then appears to shock the suspect with a stun gun, and the suspect falls to the ground.

At that point, the officer can be heard yelling “get on the ground” and ordering the suspect to “roll over.”

It’s not clear if the officer had ordered the man to the ground before using his weapon, but the person who recorded the footage told Fox 5 he didn’t see any reason for the officer to use the stun gun.

“As soon as he has his back turned toward him, he Tasers him,” the witness, who was not named, told the station. “He didn’t see it coming.”

WUSA reports that the suspect refused treatment and was charged with larceny. Neither he nor the officer have been publicly named.

On Sunday, the department released a statement on Facebook saying it had opened an internal affairs investigation into the incident. The department is asking anyone who has information to call (703) 246-2793.

“Realizing that the video is going to get a lot of attention… folks are working over the weekend to find out what happened and inform the community,” Fairfax police spokesman Capt. Ed O’Carroll told the Washington Post.

The incident comes weeks after prosecutors announced they would not press charges in the death of a mentally ill woman who was repeatedly shocked with a stun gun while being held in the county jail.

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More Police Violence in Chicago

Chicago cops beating people up is no big surprise,. The department has a long reputation of questionable tactics. Beating up one of their fellow Government employees? No Problem!

Police Investigator: Cops Beat Me Up

The dash-cam went dark as soon as officers saw his ID. Then an officer allegedly taunted him, “What are you going to tell me next? You can’t breathe?”

CHICAGO — A man who investigates the Chicago Police Department for a living was beaten by officers once they discovered what he did, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court.

George Roberts is a supervisor at the Independent Police Review Authority, the agency responsible for investigating claims of police misconduct and officer-involved shootings. On New Year’s Day 2015, Roberts was pulled over after he left a bar. One of six officers who stopped Roberts found his IPRA identification badge.

Immediately afterwards, the police dashcam recording the traffic stop cuts to black; Roberts alleges in his federal lawsuit against the police this is because another officer intentionally turned off the camera. Roberts’s attorney claims police paperwork did not even note any footage existed. In fact, police only admitted to its existence when Roberts’s criminal counsel discovered it during his trial for driving under the influence.

With no footage to contest their account of the incident, police told the media that Roberts was drunk and swerving his vehicle and that he refused to answer questions or to take a field-sobriety test. They arrested him for minor traffic violations and DUI. Police said he fell asleep in the back of the squad car and he soiled himself.

Roberts was acquitted on the DUI charge in a bench trial and he says police are lying about what really happened after the dashcam went dark—that he was thrown to the ground before he was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car.

At 6-foot-3 and 315 pounds, Roberts’s wrists were too large for the single pair of handcuffs police slapped on him, his lawyer says. When Roberts complained that even the slightest movement caused the cuffs to cut into his wrists Officer “R. Adams” allegedly taunted him with Eric Garner’s last words.

Former IRPA Investigator, Lorenzo Davis

“What are you going to tell me next, you can’t breathe?”

Roberts, who is black, claims he was pulled out of the car and thrown to the ground again—a collision so violent that it made him lose control of his bowels. From there Roberts was taken to the lock-up, where he stayed overnight in his soiled clothes.

The only visit from an officer that night was borne not of concern but jubilation, according to Roberts. A white-shirt officer, which denotes high rank, peered in on Roberts as he sat defeated on the cell floor, then pointed and laughed.

IPRA is used to getting beat up by Chicago’s cops.

Lorenzo Davis, who along with Roberts was one of just two black supervisors at IPRA, is also suing the city. Davis says he was fired after refusing to whitewash investigations of three fatal shootings carried out by Chicago police officers. While Davis remains unsure whether police targeted Roberts, he is sure that telling the truth about cops gets punished.

Detective Dante Servin, Rekia Boyd

“Some people seem to think that someone saw him and recognized him, saw him in a bar and saw him drinking,” Davis says of Roberts. “That was a theory initially—that this would be a way to get back at someone who worked at IPRA.”

The only time IPRA had the balls to suggest terminating a cop was after the state’s attorney already charged him in a homicide, which hadn’t happened to any other cops in IPRA’s lifetime.

In 2012, Detective Dante Servin fired his unregistered handgun from his car, killing Rekia Boyd. (Servin has maintained he saw a man with a gun near Boyd, but investigators revealed the man was holding only a cell phone.) Servin was charged with involuntary manslaughter but was acquitted by a Cook County judge in April on the novel basis that Servin should’ve been charged with first-degree murder…More…

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Texas Man Fakes Anti-Police BLM Vandalism to Pro-Police Truck

This is how things started, stirring up the right wing with a pleas for money. Of course this hit the right wing media such as Brietbart, who couldn’t resist throwing the right wings racial boogeyman, the New Black Panthers into the mix. Other white supremacist conservative rags followed suit to maximize the whiterage. Fox News 4 fell for the scam with a fluff piece about the man’s son dreaming of becoming a policeman, and playing up the “fact” the man is supposedly as disabled veteran.

After an investigation, police found the man vandalized his own truck, in a bid to scam the public… He had raised $6000 on Go Fund Me, as well as garnered support from local repair shops and dealerships who volunteered to fix his truck for free. He really wasn’t after getting the truck fixed though…

Playing to right wing racist hate in this country has become a box office business.



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The Mythical War on Police

That there is a “War on Police” is a claim fostered and sold to the public by Faux News and other conservative and racist outlets and rags. It is a popular defense when some bad cop accosts and beats some 80 year old black guy who can’t walk without a cane half to death in a fit of racist rage. It is a sign of just how far some folks will go to support criminal police actions as long as it is against minorities. And yeah…It is the cry of an embattled Police Chief in a smaller municipality that realizes that some bozo racist underling has just erased 10 years of hard work building trust and support in his community and given his department a black eye.

But other than the whackjob gun crazies on the right, it isn’t the citizen protester who is walking around with automatic and machine guns, throwing gas grenades and explosives at other Americans…

Or riding around in Tanks last seen on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Perhaps the reason so many people are confused about there being a war …Is the fact that many Police departments now look like the Army.

58% Think There’s A War on Police in America Today

With officers murdered in Texas and Illinois in just the last few days, most voters now believe the police are under attack in America and blame politicians critical of the cops for fanning the flames.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 58% of Likely U.S. Voters think there is a war on police in America today. Just 27% disagree, while 15% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Sixty percent (60%) believe comments critical of the police by some politicians make it more dangerous for police officers to do their jobs. Only 18% think those comments improve the quality of the police’s performance. Thirteen percent (13%) say the politicians’ comments have no impact.

While there is usually a wide racial difference of opinion on questions related to the police, most black voters (54%) agree with the majority of white (60%) and other minority voters (56%) that there is a war on police underway.

An Amphibious Assault Vehicle, converted to Police use by removing the cannon on top

Blacks (36%) are far less likely than whites (66%) and other minorities (55%), however, to say the comments of some politicians are making it more dangerous for the police. There’s very little belief in any of the groups, though, that the comments are improving police performance.

Protests against the police have been growing since the killing in August 2014 of a black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, although a grand jury did not indict the officer for any wrongdoing. That incident followed by several similar ones around the country led to the establishment of the “Black Lives Matter” movement to protest perceived racist behavior by many police officers.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of black voters think most black Americans receive unfair treatment from the police. White voters by a 56% to 30% margin disagree. Other minority voters are evenly divided.

(Want a free daily e-mail update? If it’s in the news, it’s in our polls). Rasmussen Reports updates are also available on Twitter or Facebook.

The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on August 31-September 1, 2015 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of Americans have a favorable view of the police in the area where they live. Most (66%) also approve of the tactics used by their local police officers.

Those under 40 believe even more strongly than their elders that there is a war on police going on, but these younger voters are less likely to think politicians critical of the police are making it worse.

Seventy-eight percent (78%) of Republicans think there is a war on police now, compared to 48% of Democrats and 52% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

Once a mainstay of the US Army the M113

Yet another military APC, complete with roof gunner cupola

Twenty-six percent (26%) of Democrats believe political comments critical of the police are improving the officers’ performance, but just 12% of GOP voters and 15% of unaffiliateds agree. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Republicans and 62% of unaffiliated voters think these comments make it more dangerous for the police to do their jobs, a view shared by only 44% of voters in President Obama’s party.

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of voters who say there is now a war on police believe the critical comments by some politicians make it more dangerous for the cops. Among those who don’t think there is a war on police going on, 35% say the comments improve police performance; 30% say it makes things more dangerous, while 28% think the comments have no impact.

Only 17% of all voters believe politicians raise racial issues to address real problems. Seventy percent (70%) think they talk race just to get elected.

Americans are skeptical of the protests that followed white-on-black police incidents in Fergusonand in Baltimore, Maryland.

Just 13% think most deaths that involve the police are the fault of the policeman. Seventy percent (70%) of voters believe the level of crime in low-income inner city communities is a bigger problem in America today than police discrimination against minorities

Only 19% of black voters think the justice system is fair to blacks and Hispanics, however, compared to 50% of whites and 44% of other minority voters.

Some have countered the “black lives matter” slogan by saying, “all lives matter.” Voters overwhelmingly agree.




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Crooked Cops, Racism, and The Gaslamp Bar in Houston

It seems that even in this day and time – some folks can be racist and stupid. This one has been roiling the Houston News with daily revelations about the owner of a local “high end” club, the Gaslight. Three black Lawyers, dressed well hit up for a cover charge which wasn’t applied to white customers. This, from one of the Lawyer’s Facebook page:

My name is Brandon Ball. I am 32 years old. I am African American. Tonight I was with my friends Dan Scarbrough (42) and Ken Piggee (43). Both are also African American. We were in the Midtown area of Houston, TX tonight and tried to go into The Gaslamp. Both Dan and Ken had on blazers. I had on a button up and slacks. When we walked up the guy at the door told us $20 each. We didn’t want to pay that amount so we decided to go to the next bar down, The Dogwood, which was free. After about 30 minutes we left The Dogwood and were walking back. As we passed The Gaslamp we noticed folks walking into The Gaslamp without having to pay. Those folks who didn’t have to pay were white. I brought this to Dan’s attention a few minutes later and he said we should go back and just watch from across the street to see if there was some “funny business” going on. Ken, Dan, and I went back and watched from across the street as the guys who were working the front door of The Gaslamp allowed white people to come in one after the other. Every black person who we watched try to go in was told there was a $20 cover or that their attire was not proper. One black guy was told that he could not get in because he had on Polo Boots. Dan spoke to several people who were told there was a $20 cover and they pretty much all said the same thing. It was not just blacks they were charging. It was people of both Asian and Latin decent. I again tried to walk in and was told there was a $20 cover. This was right after I had just seen a group of white guys walk right in. I finally went and spoke to the cop who was working the door (who is a minority himself) and asked him if he was aware and comfortable with how the door guys were conducting business. His reply was basically… “I just work and do my job and those guys over there do their job.” I told him he was complicit but he blew me off. I then took pictures of the two main guys at the front door and both of them began to ask if I had a problem. The one in the short sleeved shirt went as far to tell me that he hoped I didn’t “run up on him in the streets because it would be a problem.” Why does this matter to me? Why is this important? If I have to answer that please just move along. This post is not meant for you. This event occurred in the late night of Sept. 11th. A day in which we as a country are supposed to come together. But events like this just tells us how far apart we are. Please share this. Please pass along. Please read this and understand what type of establishment The Gaslamp is. If you were at The Gaslamp on this night and had a similar experience please comment and share. Don’t let actions such as this continue with no recourse. If you know the guys working the door let them see this. Please let them. Remember, this is 2015.”


When Jose Valdes, of Boerne, walked up to the Gaslamp on September 5 to visit a friend tending bar inside the Midtown club, the bouncer asked for a $20 cover. Valdes had just seen a group of white men ahead of him enter for free. He explained that he was just going to go see his friend and come right back out. “If you don’t want to pay, then get the fuck out of here,” Valdes recalls the bouncer saying. Valdes says when he attempted to apologize, a uniformed Harris County Sheriff’s deputy named Eleazar Agrait began to shove him around.

Agrait handcuffed Valdes and shoved him into the back of a police car. At that point, Valdes says, another officer drove him around the block and parked slightly behind the Gaslamp where Agrait was waiting. Valdes says the deputy opened the back door of the vehicle, then threatened to take off his badge and “beat the fuck out of” him. Eventually Valdes was let go.

He approached an older officer on horseback to complain about being threatened while recording video on his phone. In the video, Agrait seems to get more frustrated as Valdes continues to record, points at the officer and describes to everyone around him what just happened. Eventually, Agrait slapped handcuffs on Valdes and formally arrested him. Valdes’s case is scheduled for a hearing on October 13.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t respond to repeated questions from the Houston Press, and instead simply responded with an email saying, “Harris County Sheriff’s Office personnel will no longer work at the Gaslamp establishment.” (The Houston Police Department had already banned off-duty officers from working there.)

This comes on the heels of a controversy surrounding three male African American attorneys who attempted to enter the Midtown club, located at 2400 Brazos, on Friday night. As we reported earlier this week, Brandon Ball, Dan Scarbrough and Ken Piggee were told there was a $20 cover charge. Later, they observed that white men were being let into the club at no charge while minority men were either refused on the basis of a dress code or were asked for the $20 cover fee.

 Tim Sutherland, an attorney representing Gaslamp, says the men were charged a cover not because of their race but because there were no women with them. “Our club doesn’t allow multiple males with no females, so our policy is to charge a cover for that group.” Sutherland says there is no specific defined ratio of females to males that would be needed to gain free entry, but “you’d want at least one for a group of three, and a one-to-one ratio is better.”

Michael Williams, however, says whether or not minority men will be allowed into the club without a cover fee has nothing to do with the ratio of women versus men. Although he’s no longer in the nightclub industry, Williams worked at Rebels Honky Tonk at 5002 Washington for about six months, from the early summer to the late fall of either 2011 or 2012, he says. The club was recently sold, but the owner was previously Reservoir, Inc. and the registered agent is Ayman Jarrah, the same registered agent of Land Guardian Incorporated, which owns the Gaslamp.

Interestingly, in the club scene, Jarrah doesn’t use his real name and insists he be called “Dave Yurman.” Sutherland confirmed by phone that Jarrah does also go by that alias and it is not his legal name.

The Facebook page for “Dave Yurman” is full of photos of him hanging out at the Gaslamp and cavorting with bouncer Mike Ross, one of the men that Brandon Ball and his friends claimed discriminated against them.

The complaints now facing Gaslamp echo much of what Williams says he saw when he worked at Jarrah’s other bar a few years ago. “The owner did not want people of color in the bar,” Williams alleged. “If there were more than a handful of black, Hispanic, Asian — you name it — then he, on more than one occasion, came up and said, ‘What are you guys doing? You can’t do that. That’s not what this is about. You need to turn these guys away.’ It’s not a matter of if there are women with guys coming in. It’s a matter of who he wants in the bar, period.” Williams said the policy strictly applied to minority men, not women.

To keep out minority men, Williams says, the bouncers would tell would-be patrons they had to pay a cover, say the club was at capacity or make up some other reason. “Dress code — a lot of times you’d say, ‘Well, your pants are too baggy’ or ‘Your shorts are too long’ or ‘You’re not wearing the right kind of shoes,’” Williams told the Press. “Even if there was someone in the bar wearing the exact same thing you were telling them they couldn’t come in wearing — it doesn’t matter.”

When asked why the owner didn’t want more than a “handful” of minority men in Rebels, Williams says, “It wasn’t the look he was going for. He wanted a predominantly white crowd. It’s what he wanted at the bar. He felt the people who would come in and spend money at the bar would not enjoy it if, as he would put it, it was a ‘dark crowd.’ His words.”

Sutherland declined to comment on the former employee’s claims that he received deliberate instructions from management to discriminate at Jarrah’s bar.

Williams says he quit working at Rebels because he disagreed with the actions of the ownership, including the discrimination issue. Afterward, he worked at The Dogwood, which is directly next door to Gaslamp. There, he says, he witnessed Gaslamp bouncers getting aggressive with patrons. “I saw with my own two eyes them getting physical with customers. It’s kind of like the Wild West.”

Customers like Robert Blasio, who says that in July 2014, a bouncer aggressively threw him out of the bar, resulting in a torn bicep and other injuries. He’s now suing Land Guardian Inc. and Ayman Jarrah for damages of more than a million dollars for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, lost wages, damages “resulting from the physical and mental impairment that Robert Blasio has suffered and will continue to suffer” and disfigurement. The case is scheduled to go to trial on November 9.

In fact, Jarrah has been sued several times in Harris County. Each time, however, those cases were either settled or dismissed before trial.

Jarrah was also charged with assault of a family member in 2001. The case was dismissed because the complaining witness “has moved out of the country (Demascus) [sic] and is not scheduled to return,” according to Harris County District Clerk records.

According to court records, in 2006 a man named Salim Zantout filed charges against Jarrah after finding him “breaking items behind the bar with his hands” at the now-closed Copa Cabana bar at 114 Main. Another witness says Jarrah “grabbed the front door with both hands and swung it open into the building twice breaking the window.” Other damaged items listed were the front door and a bar stool. Jarrah pled guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct in January 2007.

Jarrah used to run another nightclub called Fix Lounge under a corporation called Reservoir, Inc. In 2009, the club’s landlord, UR Properties, filed for a restraining order and injunction, saying Jarrah had trespassed onto an adjacent parking lot he had no right to use. While there, UR Properties claimed, Jarrah was caught on video “breaking the security gate and gluing the ticket machine.” The club’s landlord also claimed he “threw rocks and shot out the windows at the UR Properties office.”

Reservoir, Inc. filed a counterclaim, alleging that UR Properties had “remorse” about the amount it charged for the lease and engaged in a campaign of harassment including “making repeated false accusations to police,” “interfering with access to the premises,” “alleging violations of the lease” and “making threats against Reservoir calculated to compel payment of additional money.” The warring parties settled before the case went to trial.

It’s not just allegations in civil and criminal court that continue to plague Gaslamp and its owner. The bar also has to answer to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which recently imposed a $2,400 fine against the bar for serving a patron who was already intoxicated.

It’s likely the club will have to ante up for private security, too, as the employees of the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office will no longer be available to drive protesting would-be patrons around the block.


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Seattle Cop Arrests 70 Year Old Man For Using Golf Club as a Cane

Elderly and Walking While Black with a non-traditional cane.

This one is crazy overboard.The officer stops the older man as he is about to cross the street, and then falsely accuses him of trying to hit her with the golf club he uses as a cane despite the entire event being on video.

Police Officer Fired For Racial Bias After Falsely Claiming Black Man Attacked Her With Golf Club

In fact, video reveals William Wingate was merely leaning on the club, which he used as a cane.

Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch was fired Tuesday for showing racial bias and a lack of remorse when she improperly arrested a 69-year-old black man who was using a golf club as a cane.

“I was disappointed by your failure during your Loudermill hearing to take any responsibility, or show any understanding that your conduct at issue here was inappropriate,” Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole wrote in her decision to fire Whitlatch. “In particular, when I asked you what if anything you would do differently in retrospect, you stated that you would do nothingdifferently.”

In July 2014, Whitlatch arrested William Wingate, then 69, claiming he had swung a golf club at her patrol car. He was convicted of unlawful use of a weapon, under a plea deal in which the charge would be dismissed if Wingate had no other offenses for two years.

However, the Seattle Police Department released video of the incident in January 2015 that showed Whitlatch’s claims to be false. The video indicates that Wingate was merely leaning on the club, which he claims to have used as a cane for years. The police department apologized to Wingate and worked with the city attorney’s office to get the charges against him dismissed early.

Whitlatch was reassigned to desk duty and given counseling, and the department deemed the case resolved. Later in the year, though, O’Toole was made aware of troubling racial comments that Whitlatch made on her Facebook page in the aftermath of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. She said she was tired of “black peoples paranoia” and wrote of “chronic black racism that far exceeds any white racism in this country.”

In response, the Seattle Office of Professional Accountability launched a probe against Whitlatch, eventually finding that she had violated department policy in her arrest of Wingate. O’Toole signed off on that decision and filed the termination order Tuesday.

The police chief wrote in her decision that Whitlatch refused to take accountability for her actions in hearings on the incident.

“Considerable circumstantial evidence indicates that these deviations and your approach to the civilian were motivated by bias,” O’Toole wrote.

“Your inability to understand, even in hindsight, that your behavior was unnecessarily aggressive, an abuse of discretion, and negatively impacted the community’s confidence in this police service, offers me no pathway to confidence that your behavior will improve or change,” the decision continued. “Without this ability to learn from your mistakes, understand how you can improve and do better, and recognize your own errors, you are unable to effectively function as an officer.”

O’Toole also slammed the officer for assuming that officials mistreated her based on her race, noting that Whitlatch believed a black judge and black deputy chief dropped Wingate’s charges because she was white.

After Wingate’s arrest and during the hearings, Whitlatch denied any racial bias or misconduct.

The Seattle Police Department declined to comment further, telling The Huffington Post that Tuesday’s termination order “speaks for itself.”


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Fox Lake — Police Officer Suicide?

This one burst onto the news scene about a week ago, I blogged on it in “A Good Officer Falls“. It seemed at the time to be the case of a murder of a Police Officer.

Turns out that the policeman in question may not have been shot by the “three suspects he was pursuing”…

He may not have been murdered at all. Other sources are reporting that Lt Gliniewicz was only shot once, and that the coroner has refused to state where.

There is still more evidence to process, which may definitively prove things one way or another.

Illinois officer’s death may have been a suicide, evidence suggests

Illinois police are looking into the possibility that a Fox Lake officer’s death was a suicide, according to reports.

Fox Lake Lt. Charles (Joe) Gliniewicz, 52, was found mortally wounded after reporting he was chasing down three suspects with vague descriptions on Sept. 1. His death sparked a massive manhunt with 400 officers, but no arrests have been made and the suspects have not been found.

Authorities said they are investigating the case as a homicide. The Lake County Coroner, Thomas Rudd, said he couldn’t say whether it was a suicide, an accident or a homicide without further evidence.

“Every theory is being looked at,” Lake County Sheriff’s detective Chris Covelli told the Chicago Tribune. “Nothing has been eliminated at this point.”

Unnamed sources close to the investigation said evidence is mounting that the fatal shot was self-inflicted, according to the Chicago Tribune and Fox News.

Gliniewicz was shot twice, with one bullet hitting his Kevlar vest and the other bullet piercing his chest from a downward trajectory, sources told Fox News. Shell casings were found about 100 feet apart from each other near the body, which was found face-down.

His service weapon was found close to his body, which appeared to have no self-defense wounds, sources said. Ballistics and gun residue test results are expected to determine whether Gliniewicz was shot with his own weapon.

Police are also awaiting DNA tests to see if some found at the scene matches that in a criminal database.

Authorities discounted some of the reports claiming suicide was a possibility, claiming a disgraced retired cop served as one of the anonymous sources. They said Joseph A. Battaglia, 54, threatened police to rule the death a suicide and may have given reporters false tips.

But investigators have been clashing, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Detectives, who have been tight-lipped throughout, called out Rudd for releasing information that could jeopardize the investigation last week. On Monday, they held a meeting with one of his employees without Rudd’s knowledge.


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