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I’m Not Touching That Scumbag – Polish First Lady Lets the CHumph Know What She Thinks of Him

Visiting Poland before the G20 Meeting in Germany, the Chumph got a clue as to how little respect Europeans have for him,

After abrogating leadership in the free world and deciding unilaterally to ignore our Treaty Agreements – the Chumph is in for a rough time at in Merkel’s Germany.

He is stupid enough to believe his pal and master Putin will save him.

They have a word in Russian for that…Nyet.


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The Chumph in Poland

Things were so bad for the Chumph’s visit in Poland, they had to go back to the time when the communists ran the country and hire people to cheer him!

A few protesters were allowed on the route…

The ladies in red are taking a cue from the Handmaiden’s Tale to protest the Chumph’s war on women’s rights.

My personal favorite?

Can’t wait for the fool to step foot in Germany!


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Profound Sympathies To Our Polish Brothers

One of the events I have been remiss in posting on is the air crash which killed the President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and a number of key members of their government.

I would like to express my personal sympathies to the Polish people for this tragic loss.

Many years ago, I worked for a company which lost a number of people in the Air Florida crash – some of whom were co-workers and friends – so I understand fully the loss, and sadness of the Polish people.

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