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NSA Exposer..The Right, or Wrong Thing?

Interesting group of polls…

Nothing like a real scandal to cut through the conservative artificial bullshit on Bengazi and the IRS going after conservative tax cheats. That hissing sound of a giant conservative yellow backed scandal rubber duck deflating in the harbor…

Issa Got a Boat With a Hole in it! King Got a Boat With a Hole in it! McCain got a Boat With a Hole in It!

And one of the interesting things abut a real scandal, that has to do with real rights, and the real Constitution, and real laws is…

It doesn’t break 90 Republican 90% Democrat anymore…Now does it?

Now… To be honest – I think this guy has done the country a lot of damage…

But then…So did the Patriot Act.


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Bill Kristol Discovers CALEA – or, Juan Williams Grows a Pair

Not sure what is happening with Juan Williams here, this is the second or third time he’s shown a spine in contradicting the Faux News talking head story line.

Now, Kristol was a full fledged supporter of the Patriot Act, which incorporated and expanded legislation passed back in the 90’s called CALEA, which required ISPs to save electronic communication for a period of 3 years – such that the Government could “wiretap” conversations going back for that time period.

In 2005, talking about the Mukasey confirmation –

Judging also by what Mukasey has written and said outside the courtroom about the Patriot Act and related matters, we can be confident he’ll be effective at making the case before Congress and the public for tough legislation and sound policies on national security issues.

Mukasey’s view of the Patriot Act can be found here – ‘The Spirit of Liberty’ – Before attacking the Patriot Act, try reading it.

Now isn’t it interesting that Mr. Kristol has suddenly found an issue with the Patriot Act/CALEA – now that his own private ox benefactor criminals are being gored?

Goof job, Juan – but if you keep this up you’ll have to find a job on another network!


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Glenn Beck Discovers the Patriot Act … Includes Him.

Here we go again, with Faux News stupidity as one of their brighter lights discovers…

The Patriot Act – Means You, Moron!

Now this was the closeted Glenda back when the Texas poopcicle resided in the White House and there was a debate over continuing the warrentless wiretapping provisions under FISA…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yeah dumbshit, that’s what those bills mean.

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