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Racist Clowns – Don’t Start That Crap in NYC

Here is one of the boys, obviously drunk, who somehow believes he is going to toss racial slurs and curses at the folks on a NYC Subway Train…

Gets his ass kicked by the other passengers, and a free bowl of soup in the face,

Drunk ‘legal scholar’ gets thrown off NYC subway car for yelling racial slurs

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Black Passengers Kicked Off Spirit Airline Plane at LAX

This is one of those where the truth of what has happened is clouded. However, the six passengers kicked off an overbooked Spirit Airlines flight to Dallas were black. They believe they were discriminated against.  The most damning bit of evidence in their favor is the fact the Airline has neither rebooked them, and refuses to seek accommodation. Used to fly several hundred thousand miles a year – so I have seen a lot of things happen on airplanes, including fistfights, drunk passengers, shoving matches over overhead space,  and in one case a Flight Attendant who actually threatened physical violence because a passenger hadn’t put their cell phone away quickly enough to suit her (polite conversation with Head FA – the FA in question spent the rest of the flight in the jumpseat in the crew area). I have been bumped dozens of times on overbooked flights, usually voluntarily if the offer for mileage or a free ticket is good enough, and I had the time. And, 99.99% of the time, if the FA takes the action to have the police board the plane…The FA is right. To have to call the police twice…

I don’t know about how the low-cost carriers handle their business, but in the majors, such a call triggers an investigation of the incident.

Now…As to the Airline not rebooking the passengers…

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Arline Security Incident in Flight to NYC

This one is strange. I am a frequent flyer, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend a moment longer than necessary in one of those tiny on-board bathrooms on a commercial airliner. They aren’t designed to be comfortable intentionally – to encourage passengers to spend as little time as possible – instead of taking a magazine to read half the flight preventing other passengers from having access.

So if 3 passengers lock themselves in, and refuse to come out – there’s a problem. a BIG problem. And with airplane food being confined to a bag of chips and a stale cookie anymore…

It wasn’t something they ate.

Definitely no room for a Jacuzzi...

Military jets safely escort flight to NYC

Two fighter jets escorted a New York-bound American Airlines flight from Los Angeles after three passengers locked themselves in the bathroom Sunday, the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, officials said.

A law enforcement official said it wasn’t thought to be terrorism, and American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said, “In our eyes, it’s a big nothing.”

The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled two F-16 jets to shadow Flight 34 until it landed safely at New York’s Kennedy Airport at 4:10 p.m. Sunday, the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement.

The nature of the incident was unclear, but the passengers locked themselves in the bathroom and were still inside when the plane landed, the law enforcement official said. The official was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Law enforcement met the flight and will interview passengers, the TSA statement said. The FBI responded to the airport.

The jets intercepted the flight about 100 miles west of New York and shadowed it until it landed, said John Cornelio, spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command. He described the measure as precautionary.

Smith said a “security concern” was brought to the airline’s attention but the plane’s captain never declared any sort of security threat and never requested law enforcement help.

He said the crew used “normal procedures” to assess the circumstances and the plane landed as planned.

New York has been in a heightened state of security after federal officials received a credible but uncorroborated tip of a car bomb plot on the anniversary in either New York or Washington.

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