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Looking to Put the Chumph’s Head on a Pike – The Intel Community

Olbermann gets the essence of the known facts…If not the reasons why.


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The Terrorists Have Won

Olbermann nails it…Again.



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Olbermann Lambastes Faux News

On Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” segment last night…

“The whorehouse that is Faux News!” between the segment on another Republican caught with his knickers down… and Herman Cain.


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What Occupy Wall Street is About

These a re pretty much core issues right now with a lot of folks…

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Olbermann Exits MSNBC

This one is a bit sudden. Apparently MSNBC management was still simmering over the incident after the election where Olbermann had donated to several Democrat candidates…

Bad move, MSNBC!

The other burning question is what role MSNBC’s new owner Comcast played in the firing? And does this mean that Liberal Cable has been bought out by the right wing to silence Liberal voices? Is MSNBC on the way to becoming a Faux News KKKlone?

I wouldn’t terribly be surprised if MSNBC picks up Michael Steele.


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WTF? MSNBC and Olbermann

They done lost their gourds over there at TV left!

MSNBC is about as UN-Partisan as Faux News. The difference being at least MSNBC requires their journalists adhere to a minimum standard of not making up the “news” out of the substance induced rantings of some whack job. Other than that, MSNBC’s slant is decidedly progressive – a great counter to the neo-nazi and racist frothings on Faux.

Does anyone seriously believe that MSNBC is going to come out with a positive article on the mind-numbing stupidity of future Republican Speaker Boner?

This is bulldiddle!



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Glenn Beck and the Innocence of Slavery in America

This is unbelievable!

Glenn Beck denies the history of slavery in America.

Let me paint you a picture here, Mr. Beck – here is a picture of two slave children for sale –

Slave Photo

This picture came from an estate sale in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was accompanied by a document detailing the sale of  “John” for $1,150 in 1854. An estimated 12 million slaves died in the “Middle Passage” on the way to the Americas…

Hardly an innocent business.

Slavery existed in Europe and the Americas for nearly 200 years before the English Colonies which became the United States were founded. The English, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Portuguese, and virtually all seagoing European powers participated in that trade – starting in the 1400’s. Even Queen Elizabeth participaed and profited frm the trade:

English participation in the lucrative slave trade seems to have begun when John Hawkins hijacked a Portuguese ship carrying Africans to Brazil in 1562. Hawkins traded the slaves at Hispaniola for ginger, pearls and sugar, making a huge profit which could not be ignored by his countrymen. One year later, Hawking sold a cargo of Black slaves in Hispaniola and the floodgates were opened. Though Queen Elizabeth spoke out against the dark business, she later took shares in Hawkins” ventures, even lending him one of her ships in the enterprise that pitted her adventurous navigators against those of Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands (It was Hawkins who introduced tobacco into England in 1565).

Somebody needs to put Mr. Beck back on his anti-psychotic medication.


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There is no Ground Zero Mosque…

Olbermann hammers it home!

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The Southern Myth and “Confederate History Month”

In this interview by Olbermann, Julian Bond gets into the background and structure of the Southern Myth which Southern Apologists have advanced for over a century.

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Indeed, here is a variation of that “Southern Myth” by a Sons of Confederate Veterans PR Chair –

He claims that the Northern states all had slavery by the time of the “War Between the States”.

That’s not true. These states abolished slavery prior to the Civil War  –

  • Vermont in 1777
  • Pennsylvania in 1780
  • Massachusetts in 1781
  • New Hampshire in 1783
  • Connecticut in 1784
  • New York in 1799
  • New Jersey in 1804

These new states never allowed slavery within their borders:

  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Illinois


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I Think He’s Pissed!

Olbermann on the abomination the SCUMUS 5 commuted last week –

Part II –


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Olbermann Hangs Size 13 in Drugbo/Robertson Tush!

Glad he said this on National TV…

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Olbermann: Ruined Senate Bill Unsupportable

Olbermann sums it up…

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Olbermann Makes the Case for Health Care


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